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    Dang Pro Wand

    Used maybe 5 times. Bought 2 at the same time and thought I would use this one as a back up, but it just sits in my garage. Feature the newest upgrades available by Tony Dang. $1100 plus shipping. Located in Glendora Ca. 91740
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    Dang Pro Wand

    Looking for jet manifolds for my swivel wand, I usually just swing by Tony’s place and purchase directly from him, but he’s still not back to work. Talked to his sister about a week ago and she said he’s getting better just not ready to get back to work.
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    Water Softener

    Found this in the back of somebodies warehouse, picked it up super cheap. Anybody know where I can get info on how to recharge this type of unit? Only used softener from a monthly exchange service. Thanks.
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    I’m Human After All!!

    So I’m one of those members that always lurks in the shadows, but I thought it was important to post this! It’s been two weeks since I’ve had cervical disc replacement surgery on two levels. Basically I had to have two of my disks replaced in my neck. The reason why am writing this is because...
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    Ordered my new machine today. After all my research and countless hours talking on the phone with the different makers I ordered the new Dragon from Ben at Amtex. Can't wait to get it.
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    Amtex vs. El Diablo/Steamway

    Been cleaning carpets for over 20 years and pretty much only used diesel burners. Looking to buy a new mount and have been impressed with Ben at Amtex. What I need to know is will I be unhappy with a heat exchanger? I do use a rotovac and a RX-20 at times and also do tile cleaning. I also do...
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    I an looking for a waste tank that fit onto a Steamway 2100 truckmount. The bottom is toast on mine and there are signs of cancer in other areas. They want $3300 for a new one so I thought I would look for used first.
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    Seattle area Carpet Cleaners!!

    Hey everyone, long time reader first time poster. I do work for a small cruise line that goes back and forth to Catalina Island here in So. Cal. They are sending one of their ships up to Seattle to be leased by the Navy and it needs to be cleaned before they put it into service. It would be best...