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  1. TopJobROd

    Salt deposits around pool

    Does anyone have any experience cleaning tile around salt water pools? (indoors). I have a large pool area with salt deposits (looks just like lime deposits) on the edges of the tile. I cleaned it all with tilemaster which was not cutting it so before I went to the "busy" side of the pool I...
  2. TopJobROd

    Does anybody "pull" their machines?

    We are going to "quit" a customer for non-payment. Does it seem rude or unreasonable to pull out the paper and soap machines?? Most "new" jobs I get I have to tear out the old ones to install our new ones but if I remember correctly there weren't any there when we got this account.
  3. TopJobROd

    "Angies list" for customers.

    Sometimes I wonder if there shouldn't be a list of people NOT to work for? I was visiting with a gentleman who runs a large company who asked me the name of the client I was talking about, not wanting to be unprofessional I was witholding, Please, as a professional courtesy, "So I don't inherit...
  4. TopJobROd

    Can someone identify this tool?

    I have had this tool forever and have NO idea who made it or what.
  5. TopJobROd

    One step away,

    From taking the high pressure fuel pump off my engine and mounting it away from the heat! On my unit the engine is injected and the fuel system has more components bolted directly to the engine block, = more heat. Sent from my SPH-L710 using TMF Forums mobile app
  6. TopJobROd

    Has anyone worked with stained concreted?

    I have a job where some of my employees squirted some pine-sol (already cut 50%) on some stained concrete before they mopped in an office we clean and left it looking like, well, like it shouldn't. My thought is that it wasn't properly sealed after it was stained but we now have a problem...