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  1. Benk

    VCT Floor "Washing"

    Just got off the phone with the maintenance supervisor of a local college. He wants a quote to "wash" the vct in their daycare. They don't want any buffing or stripping etc. 7000sqft every other week. Says they're having a problem with dirty mop water etc drying and they're having a hard time...
  2. Benk

    Dye Entire Carpet

    Does anyone here do whole carpet dyeing? I used to do this service for apartments using a hydroforce and was wondering if anyone could share some common recipes they use. For example, on a tan carpet we wanted to go a few shades of tan darker, so we would add Gray and Tan in the mix to darken...
  3. Benk

    VCT Stripping Help

    Dealt with this yesterday. They're not sure when they've had this breakroom floor stripped before. I used sledgehammer rinse free stripper from jondon mixed at 24oz per gallon. Sprayed on and let dwell for a good 20 minutes and then used a black strip pad on my 175. Then rinsed/extracted with a...
  4. Benk

    Oil Leak On My Lancer

    I'm getting oil leaking/spraying onto both of my blower belts and pulleys. There is also oil in that area on the frame especially underneath, although nothing on the protection cover. The other 2 belts are completely dry. The oil is not coming from the blower or pump. With everything so compact...
  5. Benk

    Bridgepoint Lancer (Prochem Legend) Problem

    Having a problem with my Lancer. The Heat Exchange knob is getting stuck in the "on" position. It's been happening for a month or so, but have always been able to turn it off- eventually. Until yesterday. After my last job, I could not turn the darn thing off! What could be causing this? I did...