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  1. Buster123

    Upholstered Chair wonkyness

    Hey guys, Need a little help. We cleaned these chairs on Tuesday and the customer sent me these pics. How do I correct this? Thanks for your help!
  2. Buster123

    Butler Belts

    Hey Guys, Just ordered new front end belts for my 2015 GMC. They came with ridges/teeth. Is that right?
  3. Buster123

    I was a Hero today!!!

    So an old buddy from HS called me today said he had an emergency, that his 3 year old son pushed a gallon of RED paint down the stairs, and was there anything I could do about it? I told him to put wet towels down on the paint to keep it moist until I could get there 2 hours later. I got there...
  4. Buster123

    Bad Dog

    Just ordered a gallon of bad dog from Jon Don. I opened it up, had no smell at all. I pored a little in a glass and it looks just like water!! No smell at all. Am I freaking out about this or is that what this product looks like? Here's a pic.. Any one use this product?
  5. Buster123

    Referral on the spot

  6. Buster123

    Facebooking jobs

    Anyone else booking jobs through Facebook? I was looking at the history of my inbox today and realized I have booked around 20 or so jobs in the last year alone. I'm just talking about through my personal friend list. Social networking has really made it easier for small businesses to reach...
  7. Buster123

    After 10 years I finally did it!

    Hey fellas I just want to tell you that I have now finally grew into a 2 truck company. After 10 years of the blood, sweat and tears, im now seeing the fruits of my labor. Just purchased 06 Chevy Express Butler system to add to my 04 Butler. I have a great 2 man crew trained and ready to hit...
  8. Buster123

    Morning Aches & Pains

    Just curious, Does anyone else wake up in the morning feeling like an 80 year old man with the sore back, stiff knees and crackeling ankels? Im 30 years elderly cleaning carpets for 10 years. I love this job and couldnt imagine doing anything else. I just cant can help but wonder how if I...
  9. Buster123

    Water Damage Question

    I have just purchased my first water claw and this is my question..In a category 1 or 2 flood, after extracting with the water from the carpet/pad, should I still pull the carpet back and spray down antimicrobial onto the surface of the pad and backing of the carpet? Second question..since I...
  10. Buster123

    Where do you DUMP?

    Just curious about where you guys dump at the end of every day and what your state laws require you to do with your dirty water. I go out every night around ten or so down the road from my house to this grassy area where no ones around and let loose. Its funny in the summertime when the temp...
  11. Buster123

    Uniforms/What do you wear to work?

    When I leave for work in the morning, I look like Im heading to the Gym. My uniform... -company tee shirt(blue,white,black,navy) -matching Adidas(athletic wear)pants -BRIGHT white New Balance shoes -Big smile(very important):bigsmiley: What about you guys?
  12. Buster123

    The Pit Crew : Uniforms/What do you wear to work?

    This is what Im wearing when I leave for work.. My uniform.. -company tee shirt(blue,white,black,navy) -adidas pants(always matching shirt) -BRIGHT WHITE New Balance shoes -Big smile(very important):bigsmiley:
  13. Buster123

    Do you accept credit card?

    I have been in business for a good while and I have always accepted check or cash. Its seems that just recently, more and more customers are asking if they can pay with plastic and its a little embarrassing to say "sorry I only accept check or cash" Is anyone else noticing this new trend. I...
  14. Buster123

    Need employee for carpet cleaning jobs in Northern VA area

    I'm looking for one hard working carpet cleaning tech who is in the Northern VA area. Must be an American citizen, have good driving record, have there own transportation, good attitude, age between 19-28, experience is a plus(I will train if not) If this is you, my name is Joe owner of JCB...