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  1. Robert86

    Watch out cleaning around these types of heaters

    Wall mounted gas heaters such as this can cause problem when cleaning with equipment that has a strong vacuum as the force of your TM, portable, or even high powered vacuum cleaners, can actually cause the flow of air through the vent to reverse, and pull CO back into the home.
  2. Robert86

    Time to make a change

    Commercial work has been 90% of my business for about 5 years now. It's not bad, it's steady, a lot of the time I am home by 10pm, not bad. But every month there's a couple late night jobs that have me out till 4 - 5am. Aside from needing most the day to sleep after, in the last few months these...
  3. Robert86

    Travertine hone and polish, what do you charge?

    I'm getting ready to do 2,000 sq ft travertine that needs to be honed an polished. I've already got my pricing worked out I'm just wondering how it compares. Starting at 200 grit DIP and progressing through 400, 800, 1500, 3000 grits and then penetrating sealer applied. 19 steps need to be done...
  4. Robert86

    Ceiling cleaning product advise

    So I'm looking at cleaning the ceiling in a bar and grill later this month. It's one of those stamped tin ceilings that's been painted, lots of texture so that should be a fun pain in my neck... I'm looking for some advice on a good product to use for this though. Need a good degreaser that...
  5. Robert86

    Grout repair pricing and advice

    Bidding a commercial restroom cleaning, grout looks good except for a lot of places at the corner of the floor/wall. Going to give them a price to regrout just these edges but not really sure how to price this out.
  6. Robert86

    Lost my UV light, need a cheap replacement until I can afford a better one.

    As the title says. And I'm talking like $30 or less cheap. I know they don't work very well but I need something to get a couple jobs done and then I can buy a better one. Whats the best dirt cheap light you've used and where'd you get it?
  7. Robert86

    Got asked about rug doctors today. Think I handled it well.

    So I received a call today where the guy asked me about the equipment I am using. I told him I use the Nautilus MXE500 Portable Extractor and gave him my 30 - 45 second spiel about it and how it compares with the TM units to produce quality results. Part of that is mentioning the CRI Platinum...
  8. Robert86

    Circuit indicator light doesn't always work?

    What causes the light that comes on to indicate both cords are on separate circuits to fail to come on despite both cords being plugging into separate 20a circuits?
  9. Robert86

    CO exposures, keep yourself safe!

    Recently I've read about a half dozen issues of CO exposure in just the last week. 2 were from carpet cleaners who had thought they were set up in a way to prevent it. It can happen easier than I think most people realize. I've been telling people to use a clip on CO monitor. I'd say for anyone...
  10. Robert86

    Questions about cleaning pet urine spots

    So a UV light will illuminate where pets have urinated. Recent stains may be removed to the point that they no longer show under a UV light but older ones may still be visible even after treating with something like Unchained and sub surface extraction. So then how do you know, going into a...
  11. Robert86

    A little help for an odor issue in MY basement

    90 year old basement, concrete walls and floor. Musty as all get out down there. Doesn't seem to be an issue of mold though I wouldn't be surprised if there was once a mold problem. The floor seems to be the primary culprit here. Old, unsealed concrete slab. I'm thinking it needs a good deep...
  12. Robert86

    This is like Zen for me

    Gundlach sealer. Water sat on there for about 10 minutes while we tried to get a good picture.
  13. Robert86

    99 E150 starter just keeps cranking

    Turn the key, van starts right up but the starter just keeps turning. Turn the van off, remove the key, starter still cranking. I have to disconnect the battery (ground) to stop it. Seems to only happen if something has drawn from the battery without the engine running. Left my headlights on for...
  14. Robert86

    Question about Black Label

    @rob allen a few things on the label brought up some questions, hoping for clarification. "Dries to a Chrystal" - Like an encap product would? It's free rinsing so whats the added bonus of a product that dries to a crystal form? "99% Green @ RTU" - What prevents it from being 100% green? I...
  15. Robert86

    Kick Acid, am I doing something wrong?

    Pee stained grout under a urinal, I sprayed a bit of kick acid on it, expected to see some fizzing but nothing. Scrubbed it a bit and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Then rinsed and extracted. Zero improvement. Rinsed the floor more, extracted it so it was a dry clean surface, a little more kick...
  16. Robert86

    Help with gunlach sealer

    Did a tile and grout job last night, commercial restroom. Client just contacted me and said they're leaving footprints on the floor. I used Gundlach sealer, first time. My understanding was you spray it on and you're done. Should I have gone back and wiped off the excess? I'll be over there...
  17. Robert86

    Color seal commercial restroom cons

    Did a tile and grout job on a commercial restroom. Used to be a staples, now it's a restaurant supply wholesaler. The grout is as clean as it's going to get, huge improvement, but a little blotchy. They are asking is color sealing it is an option, I told them it's not advised but I'd look into...
  18. Robert86

    Wood finish practice

    A little practice at rolling out finish today. Never used a roller before, always a T-Bar. A little tricky to get it right but I'm almost there. Anyone familiar with that technique have any tips? Also, really liking this product. Whether I drag it out with a T-Bar or roll it I'm looking forward...
  19. Robert86

    E150 Flex Plate knocking

    Anyone ever deal with this? Doesn't really look like there's a way to replace the part without taking the transmission out.
  20. Robert86

    90 year old hardwood floors

    Haven't looked at it yet, these are the pictures sent to me by the customer. They don't look bad from what I can see in the pictures, wondering what you all think. How would you approach this?
  21. Robert86

    A wonderful person lost, please help support the family.

    Erin Howk, 15 years old, was killed around 2am this morning when a drunk driver drove his truck through her bedroom. I got to know Erin initially when she was 4 years old. I've never known a little kid with so much sass, but also compassion, and smart as a whip. As a young woman she was funny...
  22. Robert86

    Nasty urinals.

    Only place I've ever had a problem with the urinal completely clogging as a result of cleaning. Now when I show up the first thing I do is pour a cup of muriatic acid in the urinal and let it soak for 45 minutes while I do the womens bathroom. This isn't even the worst it's ever been.
  23. Robert86

    How well will this pump run a spinner?

    It's 2.1 gpm, and 800psi. I'm looking at a Turbo Force Hybrid, 12" spinner. I know 800psi is low for tile and grout but mostly we clean epoxy floors in commercial restrooms and 1200psi...
  24. Robert86

    Epoxy floor help!

    Ok guys. Commercial restrooms the other night with epoxy floors. Used grout master, 10 minute dwell time, scrubbed with green pad on the 175. Rinsed at 800psi (above that and we've had trouble with it removing the epoxy coating). A lot of the dirt wouldn't budge. Black foot print in the doorway...
  25. Robert86

    ISSA cleaning times help

    A little confusion with the ISSA cleaning times. I few tasks I'm not sure the difference of and so not sure what time they give is more accurate. For instance, There is damp mopping with a 16oz head and single bucket - 1,000 sq ft takes 14.40 minutes. Then further down we have Wet Mop & Rinse...