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  1. itmc_bg

    Drip pan?

    Anyone knows from where I can order Truckmount Drip Pan? I've been searching online, but couldn't find any. Thanks
  2. itmc_bg

    So excited of my new Sprinter

    Finally got it the new 2014 extended model, 4 cylinders 25GPM You won't believe how much power that beast had for 4 cylinders.. It's huge insight! Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums
  3. itmc_bg

    Truck mount with diesel engine- who makes it?

    I am getting a new Sprinter van and want to install a diesel TM to eliminate dual fuel system. Do you guys know who manufactures TM with diesel engine? Thanks
  4. itmc_bg

    My Rotovac 360i Modifications - Must see!

    I got tired of spending extra time to clean the corners, after I've done cleaning with my RV. I have install a extra jet on front. Trial pending. Hope you guys like my extra vacuum slots as well, I haven't try them yet either. Just install them . Will try soon to post some more pics or video. :)
  5. itmc_bg


    Magic impossible - You MUST watch that one. Unbelievable!!!! :eek:
  6. itmc_bg

    Question to John from Mytee about Lint Hog filter

    I bought new Lint Hog about 6 months ago, is used with portable only. Few jobs ago I saw the filter itself start coming apart. Was a very little and after few jobs got like what you see in the picture. Do you have the filter separately, because I don't see it on your website? Thanks
  7. itmc_bg

    Blower oil change question

    I need to change the blower oil soon. What kind of oil I have to use, is it need to be some specific brand or not? How much I have put on 47 blower? Also has few lubrication ports, any specific grease I need to use? Thanks in advance!
  8. itmc_bg

    Blower problem ! How to fix it?

    I got 47 roots blower, it was making 14 hg lift. Suddenly drop to 7 hg! Does not having any bad noises. I check my system for air leak and looks good. Is it the blower is broken and I will need to replace it, or the kanckue valve is bad? My valve is with spring. Thanks
  9. itmc_bg

    Has anyone using Oreck LowBoy LB9000?

    I was browsing online to get a Oreck Orbiter and I saw the Oreck LowBoy LB9000 . Looks interesting machine, has 19" orbital path and can be used for sanding hardwood floors with less dust as well. Has anyone have that machine and what the feedbacks are? Thanks
  10. itmc_bg

    Blood on carpet, how to proceed?

    I got a call last night from lady having 2 pit-bulls and after a bloody fight insight the house, has blood over the carpet in one of the rooms. How do you guys proceed with jobs like that one, what chems need to use? Thanks
  11. itmc_bg

    Waste tank question

    I want to exchange my TM waste tank. I look two different ones. The one is SS, the other is marine aluminum. Experience of most of you which one is better pick? Thanks
  12. itmc_bg

    Recent Concrete cleaning pictures

    I got yesterday concrete cleaning job around 1500 Sq.Ft. Take me an hour to finish it. Turns pretty good I think.
  13. itmc_bg

    Lets see some Box truck setup pictures

    I just bought a 2003 14 Ft. Ford E450 box truck with new engine ( 10000 ml). I love it, I think it will fit a lots of my staff. The only thing is that does not have the side door to put my truckmount. I search local to get it install but no luck at all. So, I am thinking to place it with rear...
  14. itmc_bg

    Mytee C359A Pump - 1200 PSI Question

    Did somebody know what is the amperage withdraw of C359A Pump - 1200 PSI. Thanks in advance.
  15. itmc_bg

    Love the smell of cooked carpet ! watch

    Greasy pub carpet. Lets do some pressure cooking then! :bigsmiley: If somebody says that the heat is not that much important, is dead wrong! Enjoy
  16. itmc_bg

    Steamway burner coil leaking

    I got Steamway TM 2001. Yesterday when I started the water start leaking from the burner. New coil will cost me $1400. Is anyone knows how I can fix it. Is it possible to weld it. Or if someone know where to get it cheaper. Thanks in advance.
  17. itmc_bg

    How good is the color sealing for maintenance?

    I am new into that color sealing. I done it couple of times. Now I start having questions like: How good it that to maintenance it, is it stand on hot water and high pressure cleaning, or will start peeling off ? Is it good on chemical and brush agitation applications (like daily cleaning...
  18. itmc_bg


    Hi, I just want to show you a video for those who are interested of concrete-sidewalk cleaning. My will be helpfully to some of you. Thanks YouTube - 101016
  19. itmc_bg

    Tile and Grout cleaning 1

    EnglishWatch Now!
  20. itmc_bg

    Tile and Grout cleaning

    EnglishWatch Now!
  21. itmc_bg


    EnglishWatch Now!
  22. itmc_bg

    I need some help with contract

    I have negotiate to get one place for regular janitorial service monthly. Now they approve it and have to do the contract. Is anybody have a semple of cleaning contract which I can use in that case? Please e-mail it to me at : Thanks in advance!
  23. itmc_bg

    Painted floor

    What is the best way to clean Painted floor without damage the paint? Thanks