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  1. mrcarpet

    Advanced Carpet Stretching class- Omaha, NE April 26-29

    Have you attended the IICRC Repair and Re-Install Class, but are still uncomfortable actually performing a stretch? Can you stretch a simple room, but large rooms or hallways you pass up? Can you stretch a set of stairs? I am holding a four day stretching and repair class in Omaha, Nebraska...
  2. mrcarpet

    A step by step video for carpet repairs

    I have uploaded a Low Level Loop Bonded Insert video on YouTube for any aspiring repair artist to view free. It can be seen (in two parts) on my channel: mrcarpetmissouri. I hope it can help anyone who wants to offer repairs, or even performs repairs but wants to offer more.
  3. mrcarpet

    How to sell your own spotter to customers

    Craig Jasper was online talking the other night, and had an awesome idea how to motivate your customers to buy your spotter. First, speak to them about supporting local business, and how important keeping local dollars local really is. Then, mention that Resolve sold $3.7 B-B-billion worth of...
  4. mrcarpet

    Facebook Group for Carpet Repair Artists

    This is a place to share pictures of repairs and network with other like minded professionals. The Group is called "Fix My Carpet". I would invite any repair or installation professionals to join. You first need to send me a friend request, and tell me you'd like to join the carpet repair...
  5. mrcarpet

    Who is frying turkey this year?

    I am such a huge fan of fried turkey!! I inject them myself with secret recipe spices and I am so exited!! I've been doing my turkeys this way for four years now, and I just can't have it any other way. Who's with me?
  6. mrcarpet

    A New Facebook Group for Rug Washers

    Just created, a Facebook Group called "Wash My Rug" It is for rug washers to post pictures of washing, drying, stain removal, and all other things associated with washing rugs. Hope to build a great community, come on down!
  7. mrcarpet

    Does anyone re-carpet cat trees?

    I have found myself from time to time re-carpeting cat trees, and I am wondering if anyone else does. I do not market it, nor even mention it, but it does come my way.
  8. mrcarpet

    A big salute to our Veterans

    Today, I had the pleasure of cleaning carpet for a Purple Heart recipient from WWII. He is 89 years old, and to this day mows his own grass and does his own weed eating and trimming on what looked like to me a 20 acre lot. Of course I took the time to visit a while with him, and found out why...
  9. mrcarpet

    Informed Consent for Microban or simillar treatment

    While restoring a customer's home, the need arises from time to time to apply an anti-microbial (ie Microban, Benefect, Sporicidin, etc.) to be confident that any growth is being controlled. Anytime I am unsure about the moisture content and length of contamination, I will ask for consent from...
  10. mrcarpet

    Took the day off, Worlds of Fun in KC, MO today

    The family and I are at Worlds of Fun as I write, standing in line for Go Carts. Nice cool day for it! We also saw the Titanic Artifacts Exhibit at Union Station today. This is the 100th Anniversary of the doomed maiden voyage. It was really a fantastic exhibit! I will load pictures from my...
  11. mrcarpet

    Downs Carpet- Unconditional staining guarantee

    Did you guys know that Downs carpet is now being sold with an unconditional stain guarantee? If cleaned every 18 months, and EVERY stain does not come out, they will replace it. Even pet stains, furniture stains, etc.:AddEmoticons04259: For you TV junkies- It's the "Stevie can't stain it"...
  12. mrcarpet

    Does anyone use this upholstery tool?

    I was searching around, and found this tool. I am intrigued. Anybody using this? :AddEmoticons04259:
  13. mrcarpet

    7% Ammonium Hydroxide

    I need to know how to mix a 7% Ammonium Hydroxide solution, as I have just had a brush with a chair bleeding. I have some chemistry background. From what I understand, Ammonium Hydroxide is simply ammonia and water. I also understand shelf life of the mixture can be an issue, so I am asking...
  14. mrcarpet

    My latest repair on patterned carpet

    The largest and most upscale golf course in my area had a waitress burn their carpet with a heated tray when she set it down. So, I cut out the damaged area, and got a good dry fit from a donor piece, then sealed all edges and applied flooring adhesive, and allowed for open time. As...
  15. mrcarpet

    Steam Iron to remove paint?

    Recently I was cleaning a clubhouse for an apartment community, and there was paint on the carpet that did not respond to POG, Paint Thinner, Mineral Spirits, or Goof-Off. The only way removal seemed possible was a gelled POG product, then a steam iron for 20-30 seconds, then HWE to rinse...
  16. mrcarpet

    My Customer makes rugs from Alpaca fibers

    I have a customer who raises Alpaca, and they make custom rugs from the coat by felting the fibers with a burlap backing. They are incredible, and very soft. We talked for an hour about fibers and such, they are very knowledgeable. Interesting tidbits about fiber simillarity of Alpaca to...
  17. mrcarpet

    Do you run a TV Commercial?

    We run a TV commercial in April and November, twice each day. We do a trade-out with the station, and clean two long hallways and bathrooms quarterly. We see a pretty good return, but I am wondering who out there runs commercials more often, and if you feel it brings the customers in. Is...
  18. mrcarpet

    Upholstered Chair- Dodged a bullet!

    As I may have mentioned before, I am an old cleaner with new certifications, trying to add book knowledge to my experience to end up being among the best. This particular story that I hope anyone learns from, is about cleaning a chair. I pre-inspected, performed a clorofastness test (hot water...
  19. mrcarpet

    For Scott W- New Bridgepoint wool products

    Do these have WOOLSAFE and WOOLS OF NEW ZEALAND labels, or one or the other? Instructor once told me that helps with liability issues if the situation arises.
  20. mrcarpet

    Wool Woven rug with Urine

    I get this woven wool rug from a customer who swears his dog urinated on it. Problem is, I don't see any reaction to a blackilght- I mean absolutely none. Anybody run into this or have an explanation?
  21. mrcarpet

    Getting a Zip Wall- Where is best price/performance sheeting?

    Zip Wall is on it's way. May I request ideas at good performing and not overpriced 12' sheeting to be used for containment areas for Water Damage Restoration while drying carpet, cushion, structure, etc. I am really only interested at this point in 12' wide by at least 50' long roll, but not...
  22. mrcarpet

    Carpet Cosmetics (Crayons to spot dye)

    I just last week got these, priced 22.95 from my distributor for 6 bars, made by CTI. I had really good luck with them on a test run. Covered up a blue stain that didn't come out with Stain1 treatment. Just thought I'd share this. You apply a small amount of solvent to the area, then rub...
  23. mrcarpet

    New Product "Dinge Away from CTI...Anyone used it?

    I bought two quarts of Dinge Away from Pro's Choice- I have yet to try it. Apparently, it is Titanium Oxide based (which is the primary ingredient in paint), and intended to help with abrased areas in carpet. Has anyone tried it? I am waiting for an opportunity What I hear is that you apply...
  24. mrcarpet

    Anyone have a list of substances (besides urine) that react to UV light?

    I use a UV light to detect urine, and I am wondering if anyone has a good list of other substances that react to the light? What I know reacts is: Urine// Sputum(as in cat "hairball" spit up type spots) // Any body fluid from human or animal // Optical Brighteners Can anyone...
  25. mrcarpet