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    Looking for average time to strip vct with the aid of an auto scrubber.

    I'm asking about a 2 person crew. one stripping with a swing machine and the other sucking up slurry with the auto scrubber. Doing an outstanding job., no furniture to move. So yes baseboards cleaned and stripped, 6 coats of finish. I would be looking for maybe 3 levels of production rates. 1...
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    Looking for average time to strip vct with the aid of an auto scrubber.

    I'm trying to figure out some costs for strip and wax and i'm looking to see how many square feet of vct tile you can strip per hour using an auto scrubber to pick up the slurry and rinse with. This would include edging and cleaning the vinyl base.
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    2011 Chevy 1 Ton- 12' Box/ Hydramaster CDS 4.8 Salsa

    Just reduced to $28,000 79,800 Miles and 4746 Hours. Great condition, professionally maintained with maintenance records to prove it. 6.2 litre V8 Salsa Package maintains 220+ degrees with Rotovac 360i 6' Clearance inside cube, with translucent roof so you can see what your doing. This truck...
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    Where is Turbo Man

    I didn't see the how to videos? Do I need to buy the cd?
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    How should we color seal small tiles?

    We have a client with a huge bathroom with tiny tiles. She has a steam shower that has had some grout repair that doesn't match very well. She wants us to color seal that shower and maybe the huge floor if we can't get the floor clean and even. She doesn't seem concerned with the price because...
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    Where is Turbo Man

    I just bought that kit, but it's not too helpful. The brushes are all the same width, too wide for most grout joints. And the Brass fittings on top are straight and short so you can't get up to the edges. When I watch Turbo Man his are on a 45 degree angle and i think a little longer so you get...
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    Searching for truckmount/van

    I have one but it is a Hydra master CDS in a box truck. 2011 Chevy, 78,000 miles, and 4700 hours. Fully equipped and ready to clean. I will have it on Jondons site in a few days.
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    2002 Chevy Express 3500 Misfire

    Have you replaced plugs, wires, & checked coil packs. Since our trucks run all day without moving there isn't enough air flow and the heat kills these parts quickly. The wires are toast after 1 or 2 years, plugs make it to about 50,000 miles, and Coil packs go periodically after 4-5 years. Not...
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    Where is Turbo Man

    I see a lot of you tube videos with him using his color seal applicator but his website isn't working. Does anyone know where to buy his applicator or know of some really good quality color seal applicators. A good applicator will have a 45 degree angle spout, so we can get up to the walls and...
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    Why online training? What's included? (Video)

    Is there some kind of testing for the technician's?
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    These new fancy hose connectors?

    We use cool cuffs, they sell a starter set, everything you need from your truckmount to the wand. We put them on with silicone bathtub caulk to prevent them form loosening. They dont leak and are easy to put together and remove in cold weather. We've tried others they aren't as user friendly...
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    vac hose in winter?

    We take about 50' (enough for the average house) off the reel in a figure eight pattern over our arm ( with practice it doesn't touch the ground and it uncoils easily) and carefully drag the rest up to the house. Another hint if you don't have hose cuffs yet get them, regular hose cuffs are...
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    diarrhea removal???

    The most imortant thing is to thoroughly extract first. We then apply enzyme "pet stain odor remover or molecular modifier" spray and extract- we repeat this until we are sure as much has been removed as possible. Then we rinse, extra dry strokes, if any stain remains use stain magic, same...
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    I can't say enough about how valuable SFS has been to my comapany and my life. I was at one of the first strategies classes. And the information we received then is just as relevant now. We have not advertised in over 15 years, charge .65 foot + protection and havethe best clientele in the...
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    Operations Manager needed

    :welcome: We need an experienced individual with great people skills. We're located in Metro Detroit. The economy in Michigan might be terrible but our premium service business is still very strong. This is due to our uncompromising approach to how we handle our clientele. We have built...
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    Customer wants wool rugs cleaned. Help!

    We clean a lot of wool and we always check to see if it is a woven carpet or non woven. Woven carpets can shrink away from the walls and present a negetive moment with the client. Look at the backing at a heat vent or disingage and pull a corner slightly back. If you see jute or action back...
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    RDM for sale

    I still have several Rotary Dry Masters for sale. They're in excellent conditon. Great tool for olefin carpets, and most carpets unless they're completely trashed out. Call me cell #248-506-1013 work #800-404-0017 or email me $1700.00 includes shipping continental US
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    RDM for sale

    Sorry about the delay in getting pictures, as you can see it's in great shape. We have several more in the same condition.
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    RDM for sale

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    RDM for sale

    We have several RDM's for sale. They're in excellent condition. I'm asking $1,500 each. We used to use them on every truck, now we keep them as back up for Rx20's and use one in the rug dept. They're great tools for many styles of rugs that we don't pit wash. I can be reached at...
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    Upholstery Cleaning

    We pre-spray with Prochem upholstery prespray, agitate lightly with a towel. Then use a VonSchrader upholstery machine to to agitate with dry foam (their shampoo). We then rinse with a cfr dry tool, and speed dry with air movers.