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  1. Joey J.

    Van Wraps Finally got my Promaster wrapped.

    Actually I went with a partial wrap. My wrap guy screwed up and made the logo a little too big. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  2. Joey J.

    Need some Logo feedback

    Hey guys need some thoughts on these potential new logos Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  3. Joey J.

    My new Promaster/Judson TNT rig

    Hey guys just thought I show a short video of my Promaster with the TNT installed. I've still got some things I'm going to do to it very soon regarding shelves and such but it's very usable at this point. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  4. Joey J.

    My new rig. Thanks for the great install Les Judson

    Here are a couple of pics of my new rig. Les, Joyce and Jack worked very hard to make my install perfect. I'll be adding some shelves and storage in the near future to make use of the space but might take me a bit because I'm swamped the next few weeks.
  5. Joey J.

    Local mentor/possible joint marketing

    I have a good customer who owns a very successful local pest control business, must be in the 30-40 truck range and has an excellent reputation around town. I've thought many times about seeing if this guy would be willing to share his wisdom but have never had the balls to approach him about...
  6. Joey J.

    Following up with people who did NOT schedule

    I've never followed up with people who called and didn't schedule because if they didn't schedule I didn't get any of their info and I feel I've been missing out on potential work. Now I've got an answering service answering my phones and they do an excellent job of recording the name, phone...
  7. Joey J.

    T-rex for bonnet cleaning

    Hey guys, I've got a question for you. I'm primarily a crb, truckmount extract guy, however, I get a handful of high rise condos to clean every month that can't be reached with the truckmount and those are my concern right now. I had been scrubbing with my 175 and then extracting with my...
  8. Joey J.

    Not happy...

    So last year i stupidly signed up for a service called $299 per month for them to send emails with surveys and asking for reviews and then to auto send reminder emails at 6 month intervals. I have no idea what was in my head to make me think this was worth that kind of money but...
  9. Joey J.

    I've got a meeting scheduled with Yodle

    Like the title says, Monday a Yodle saleslady is supposed to call me and give me a demo of what it is that they do. I just got finished checking out their site and reading some reviews I found on Google and I'm intrigued. It's funny the site I was reading the reviews on almost every one was...
  10. Joey J.

    Video of Crb

    There has been a lot of talk lately about the value of crb's. I'm absolutely convinced that they are great tools for pre-scrubbing but I'm sceptical about their usefulness for encap cleaning and 2k is just too much money for something I would only use as a pre-scrubber when I already have a...
  11. Joey J.

    Need a good Atlanta cleaner

    I have a customer who I've been cleaning her beach house for a few years now. Actually I just met her for the first time this week (I usually clean it before she comes down and she mails me a check) and she volunteered that she's not been able to find a good cleaner for her main house. The guy...
  12. Joey J.

    Help me improve my response

    Hey guys, 2400 of these cards hit the mail boxes on June 7th using eddm. I've gotten 2 jobs so far, one of those jobs just came in today so I know that its possible more will come before the expiration of June 30 but I think it can be improved. I plan to hit the same homes again in July so...
  13. Joey J.

    Fingers are crossed

    Sending these out with eddm. I've picked three routes and plan to stagger them a couple of days apart to limit the chances of them all hitting on a bad day. Plan to drop off the first batch tomorrow if I can get to the post office before they close. I've got my fingers crossed for 10-12 jobs...
  14. Joey J.

    Carpet cleaning videos

    I had an interesting call today. A lady from Kansas says she has a carpet cleaning video made and already ranked on the first page of Google for "carpet cleaning panama city fl" and sure enough I checked and its there, listed after the places listings. She wants to sell the video for $147, she...
  15. Joey J.

    Cleaned my first value meal today :)

    Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  16. Joey J.

    Laminate floor job Friday

    I've never pursued any kind of laminate or hard wood floor cleaning but I'm doing a small tile job Friday and the lady asked me if i had a special vacuum that would be good for removing drywall/construction dust from her laminate floor. I have no local supplier so no time to order any special...
  17. Joey J.

    I think there's a lesson here...

    This was my second time cleaning for this customer. The first time was back in August. As we're doing our initial walk through he says he has a "repeat customer story" for me. He says he was hanging with a friend a couple of weeks ago and he mentioned he needed to get his carpets cleaned. The...
  18. Joey J.

    My first B on AngiesList :(

    I just received my 12th review on AngiesList. The other 11 have all been A's accompanied with glowing reviews. This is my first B and it's making me sick. I feel like I should respond either on the site or by calling her but I'm not sure what to say. So the question is would you respond and if...
  19. Joey J.

    ASA Need a cleaner in Athens, GA

    Hey guys, A few weeks ago I cleaned for a lady down here at Panama City Beach and now she wants "someone who cleans like me" to clean her sons carpet in Athens, GA. If anyone is interested let me know and I'll pass the info along to her. Thanks Joey PS I didn't do anything special, her carpet...
  20. Joey J.

    Got a 1 star review on Google today...

    I'm still out working so I haven't responded yet. She's upset that I don't service her area. Now the truth is I have no idea if I service her area or not because she didn't call but even if I don't that seems like a crappy reason to give somebody a bad review. Especially when I do service a...
  21. Joey J.

    How does government make it harder to succeed?

    Someone on this board asked in another thread how the government makes it harder for people to succeed and by pure chance I come across this great article by John Stossel, that I think gives a little insight...
  22. Joey J.

    Health care bill

    Surprise, Surprise. I never would have guessed that the cost of Obamacare would end up being double the cost that Obama told us it would be (insert sarcasm here). The CBO released that it will cost 1.7 trillion dollars by 2022 instead of the 900 billion we were told. Who could have ever seen...
  23. Joey J.

    Angies List

    I know we have some Angieslist advertisers here so I thought you might be able to offer me some perspective. I just got my second report on there, both A's and now the AL sales reps are calling. I finally spoke to him today and got some info from him. In my service area they have...
  24. Joey J.

    ASA I'm flattered.

    You named your forum after my company. :)
  25. Joey J.

    Scenes from the nanny state Sent from my Transformer TF101 using Tapatalk