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    Quick books report help

    How can I get a list of customers and address with actual jobs (invoiced or theoretically payment made) and not just everyone entered as a customer?
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    Happy Chanukah!

    Happy Chanukah to all my Jewish colleagues!
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    Wax on LVT in Salon

    Anyone have any ideas for this one?
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    Northern New Jersey meetup?

    Going to be visiting family in Morristown. Anyone in the area?
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    Masterblend TM4 CRB for sale

    Anyone want to buy a Masterblend TM4 CRB housing/motor? No handle, brushes, or axles included. Located in Pikesville, MD. Make offer.
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    Getting better setup for VLM work.

    Picked up a few things today off of craigslist.
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    Wall to wall wool carpet with urine.

    Going to a repeat clients home on Friday with wall to wall wool carpeting. Housekeeper called and scheduled saying the homeowner wanted to clean the hallway to knock down urine odor from her little dogs. If I remember correctly from when I was there in October the carpet is a light colored...
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    Little money maker just delivered.

    This little money maker was just delivered. Minuteman port a scrub 14 to be used at a restaurant on their weekly LVT dining area and concrete kitchen floor cleaning. Anyone have one (or something similar)? What else can I use it for?
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    Is my pump damaged?

    I was cleaning a restaurant kitchen floor last night using my butler with my turbo hybrid at 1500 psi and pressure the dropped significantly as I was finishing. Went outside and tried adjusting the pressure and realized that water was flowing even with the pump switch off. Water level on the...
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    Ceramic or stone?

    Is this ceramic tile?
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    Good wood floor for Bridgepoint system?

    I have a customer that is moving into a condo next week. I just cleaned the carpet and there was a note asking if I should clean the hardwood floor. I have never done any hardwood but I think this would be a perfect opportunity for a first time.
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    Help me ID these tiles please.

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    Greasy restarant vinyl flooring

    Anyone have advice on cleaning greasy vinyl restaurant flooring? It's wood floor lookalike vinyl and disgusting.
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    Cleaning up my garage - Items for sale.

    I am cleaning up my garage and have a few items for sale. Some came off of my used van when I bought it a year ago, some came from a recent package deal when I bought a portable extractor and some is from allowing myself to believe I needed things that I didn't. Older inline sprayer Inline...
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    Call back- What went wrong

    Got a call from a client that I cleaned for last week. Light colored wool carpet with what look like water marks all over it. We used Bridgepoint's Wool Perfect prespray and Magic Wand's crystal rinse. It was the last room in the house and only had fans on it for 20-30 minutes.
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    Picking up a portable tomorrow!

    I'm picking up my first portable tomorrow morning along with some other tools (that I may end up selling). I am used to working with a truckmount. Anything I should be aware of working with a portable? The equipment is barely used (the business was only around for a month or two). Here is...
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    Outdoor patio umbrella

    Anyone have any tips for cleaning outdoor furniture in general and umbrellas and canopies in particular?
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    Family fun day table

    Thinking about getting a table at a family fun day at the Jewish Community Center. They are estimating there will be approximately 2000 participants, live music, food venders, etc. The tables are $50 and I am pretty sure I am going to register for one. What is the best way to do this? I was...
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    How much of the tip goes to helper?

    I have done a few jobs for a particular client of mine. She always pays cash and tips well. The last time I was there about a month ago she left cash for the job $175 and an additional $30 (gave a $20 to my helper when we left) with a note that it was a tip for me. She showed up as we were...
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    Anyone in Sullivan County, NY?

    I'm up in Woodridge for a few more days. Anyone interested in meeting up and taking shop?
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    Anyone in Sullivan County, NY?

    I'm up in Woodridge for a few more days. Anyone interested in meeting up and taking shop?
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    Cat vomit on white wool rug

    What is the best way to deal with this? Customer doesn't want the rug to leave the house.
  23. Responder

    White grout after seal?!

    Here are a few pictures that a customer sent me. We cleaned and sealed yesterday and she said there are lots of areas where the grout looks like it should (how she remembers it when it was installed a few years back) and other areas where it is white. We used Stonepro pro sealer and I am...
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    Large commercial estimate - help with tools

    I was just out taking some measurements for a commercial estimate and can use some help. Job is in a synagogue that is about a year and a half old. ~5300 square feet of open space carpet (after moving 70 tables and who knows how many chairs). There are some steps going up to a raised section...
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    Chocolate milk on upholstery couch

    Heading to a good customer of mine to clean a sectional next week. Her son accidentally spilled what she thinks was 4-8 ounces of chocolate milk on it this morning. I don't know what the fabric is (doubt it is synthetic) but it is lighter in color and she said she took off the covers and the...