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  1. Bexiesbruv

    Proximity Marketing Beacons

    I just heard about these things. Anyone use it with success in their business. My first impression is they are better served in retail environments but I'm certainly interested to know more (I couldnt really know less than I do right now).
  2. Bexiesbruv

    A year to get a resi customer

    Yep, I spoke to this person last year apparently, funny, I dont remember her. She booked, then went on to say that even though I was the most helpful, honest sounding mid priced person she spoke to last year, she went with a competitor. When he arrived, he started to criticize me and the other...
  3. Bexiesbruv

    Best price on Super Zorbs and SZ Mini?

    Cant find any dealers in Canada. One doesnt do business with HOS anymore and the other cant be bothered to get a price. Anyone have a dealer I can go to with decent pricing please? Cheers Bex
  4. Bexiesbruv

    Boxxer 421 diverter operates but............

    only when vacuum is dead headed. It was just a process of trial and error really. I noticed we were getting way to hot and bypassing a lot of water. Then I noticed the diverter was not functioning as it should. When the switch is put on the diverter piston, reluctantly operates and we are in...
  5. Bexiesbruv

    Help with VCT and client not wanting to maintain it.

    My friend owns a Gym. It has VCT in the entrance, reception, child care and the spin class room. Totals about 2k sqft. Only gets it scrubbed and waxed once a year in December or January so its pretty much toast because of the salt and grit walked in from sanding the car park for snow and ice...
  6. Bexiesbruv

    Water softeners...a hidden danger?

    I recently went back to my Doctor for a cholesterol test and electrolytes. While I was there he checked my blood pressure and it was really high again (like 170/98) We were both really surprised because of the weight I have lost and my physical activity. When I got home it occured to me that the...
  7. Bexiesbruv

    Grumpy Vs any of the others on the Trinity site

    I am a little disappointed by the Trinity renewal systems web site. Info about each machine is poor at best. It would be nice to compare the machines but that facility is not available on the site. I get the invite to join their live stuff but rarely do the times work for me. So can some one...
  8. Bexiesbruv

    Here is a question for the ORACLE we like to call...

    .......@owenscott o_O Wasp extract. What do you know about it? I listened to a podcast featuring the General Manager at Very interesting. But, and its a big but. do we really have any documented scientific peer reviewed proof that the stuff actually helps with fat metabolisation...
  9. Bexiesbruv

    I could kick myself

    Just realised yesterday when a client called and asked why I never responded to her request for an appointment via the contact form on my web site that its because the "catch all" I though was set up, isnt. Got it set up now and have already had two inquiries and booked one of them. Still...
  10. Bexiesbruv

    Cimex Vs OP Machines, I changed my opinion

    I just bought a couple of Cimex machines after using OP's for the last 6 years. The only criteria for my decision in the first place was a head to head I did with a buddy of mine. We did a Bank and he had to go back and redo the areas he used his Cimex on. So I always went with OP machines and...
  11. Bexiesbruv

    Question to those with TM and porty

    There are a few buildings that I clean apts in that might be better done (quicker, not better perhaps) with a portable. I am going to look at a used Mytee LTD 5. I have read a couple of threads concerning Mytee about how good or bad they are and this is less about that and more about how long...
  12. Bexiesbruv

    What % of gross does your advertising run at?

    Just checking my adwords status and getting ready for my meeting with the YP rep. Can't believe it that time again. My month to date for adwords is running at 6% of gross sales for August. Of course some of the jobs booked came from referrals, previous clients etc but as I cannot be completely...
  13. Bexiesbruv

    Help me buy a steamer

    She who obeyed (aka "The Wife") wants to steam the walls, floor and anything else that takes her fancy. I dont even know if this is the right thread to post. Moderators please move the post if there is a more appropriate thread. So, whats a make that I need to be looking at? I know...
  14. Bexiesbruv

    Carpet brush clutch plate needed, cant find one.

    I just bought a couple of 16 inch 175's used. Each comes with a pad driver for hard surface and a carpet brush. One of the brush drivers has no clutch plate and the other is split so only a matter of time before its of no use. Problem is they are inset into 3.75 inch dia holes and the smallest I...
  15. Bexiesbruv

    2000 Dodge 2500 CDS replace belt tensioner or get shorter belt?

    I just replaced the Alternator and now, when I bring the CDS revs up to working speed I get a squeel from the clutch belt. I hope its the belt and not the clutch. The belt doesnt appear to be quite so tight as it was and I am wondering if its slipping. If I go get another belt, should I get one...
  16. Bexiesbruv

    How would you handle this

    I got a call to clean an apartment from a tenant. Referred to me by the manager of the building. I booked it not having quoted a price (which is usually what happens) Manager usually lets them know what to expect for billing which I am OK with Manager just emailed and told me the one bedroom has...
  17. Bexiesbruv

    Please leave a message after the tone or text me

    I have been making use of texting recently. It really is the best. I changed my voicemail message to ask folks to leave a message or for a more immediate response, text me. I get so many texts now, and invariably I quote and book the enquiry without even talking in person to the client. Just...
  18. Bexiesbruv

    Boxxer 421 will not run for more than a few minutes

    Oil is good Tank is not full and the cut off float switch is free Its getting fuel Starting is often difficult but once running it never misses a beat, until today. Could it be the air filter? Its pretty dirty.
  19. Bexiesbruv

    Noobs, know when to run away......very, very fast

    I got a call to "freshen up" a living room and half set of stairs in a marina, lake front holiday/weekend home. Home is in the 1.2/1.5 million range I would guess. I quoted her about $150 to freshen it up. Alarm bell number 1. Can I 'Just" flick over a cushion, it had a small spill on it for the...
  20. Bexiesbruv

    Canadian corp pre tax profit and taxation question

    My tax liability last year was too high. I just spoke with a local CC'er and he had the same issue last year and told me that, rather than paying out tax, he bought another TM. I am pretty sure he is a sole proprietor. My questions 1. How does this work for new equipment? Say his tax liability...
  21. Bexiesbruv

    year 2000 4.6 CDS water box stopped filling.

    I thought it was the pump then realised that I have good flow upto the item in the pic. The TM ran pretty hard today, and hot and I wonder if this little gizmo is stuck open or closed. It is whats stopping the water box from filling but I dont know what its called to order another one. Or is it...
  22. Bexiesbruv

    QR Codes. Who uses them and how?

    I am in the process of re-designing my van decals. I have thought about putting a QR code in place that directs to the web site. Then I thought about creating a "hidden" page on the web site for the QR code to direct to with some sort of offer. Anyone done similar? Pros & cons for this? Thanks Bex
  23. Bexiesbruv

    Clarke 1500 polisher, are there motor brushes?

    I have looked online and found a parts diagram: I cannot locate brushes. The issue is that there is no longer enough power generated to spin the polisher. It will spin when there is zero resistance but as...
  24. Bexiesbruv

    Helping your rental owner and yourself

    I get asked what will it cost to clean......... because its been trashed by the tenant. What I have found is that many times we establish a budget and I clean upto that value. Are the carpets completely cleaned? Well, sometimes yes, most often they are acceptably clean, for a rental. I got to...
  25. Bexiesbruv

    Anyone use one of these? Hexpin plate, Pearl Abrasives

    I bought one a few years ago to use on my 175 to pull paint off the concrete floor in my basement. I burned out my motor though, put it in the shed and forgot about it. My son just asked if he could refinsh the deck and can I go get a sander for it. Then I thought about this and now I have 2 x...