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  1. Jim Ellis

    All Mytee Airhog 7300-S Users Read This

    Notice near hose cuff the vac hose is crushed impeding air flow - this end connects to the bottom of the recovery tank. Read post below Sent from my SGH-T679 using TMF Forums mobile app
  2. Jim Ellis

    Argosheen - Thanks Paul Brown!

    After reading Paul's comments on argosheen I decided to order and try it. I sprayed some of it on my cgd in my office building for shits & giggles - diluted 10-1 then wiped with a damp towel - OMG - it literally cleaned it (at least cosmetically) as well as one of my TM's! I'm going to put...
  3. Jim Ellis

    Protecting TM From Over Night Freeze

    This is the first year I've had 3 TM's - I have room for 2 TM's in my warehouse garage but #3 - the HTM will have to stay out. I've wrapped the equipment with blankets to try and prevent a freeze of the equipment (will get down to about 30 tonight). Has anyone ever plugged in a small forced...
  4. Jim Ellis

    Vac Motor CFM Increase in Series Config

    As usual there is no exact formula's / specs / studies to follow on this subject available but here is what I've managed to put together based on limited observations and my own experiments: The average cfm increase is about 15-20% when 2 vac motors are put into a series Previous...
  5. Jim Ellis

    Sucking Up Post Contruction Slurry / Dust With A TM Spinner

    There's a laundry mat that wants me to send a truck with a spinner today - they have a bunch of dust - slurry (I think it may be from the plumbers) etc on the floor. Besides clogging up filters is it possible this would stick to the walls of my vac hose? Anybody every use a spinner for this?
  6. Jim Ellis

    Mytee Air Hog Design Problems Final Summary - FOAMING

    After further testing and reading posts across the board I've concluded that the Air Hog has foaming issues because the lint hog + piglet create foam initially (added turbulence of piglet I guess) - then the foam blows into the tank - and even if you have an elbow to direct the foam downward it...
  7. Jim Ellis

    Air Hog Plus Design Issues - FOAMING

    There have been several posts on this board about our foamy friend, the Air Hog. Many have concluded that piglets have been the main cause of this. I'm thinking that this is a design issue. The more you crank up the cfm's going through the AH (I have it cranked to 300) the more foaming issues...
  8. Jim Ellis

    Air Hog 7300-S Glitches - Nathan?? Anybody Home? John?

    I've sent emails to Nathan at Mytee waiting on him to respond (I won't hold my breath) but here is another glitch I've found with the Air Hog 7300-S under heavy use: Air Hog 7300-S Stand Alone - I doubt there is the problem I'm listing below but most people buy this as a booster with apo and...
  9. Jim Ellis

    RotoVac 360i on CGD

    Just bought some equipment from a competitor that's going out of biz - one thing was the Rotovac 360i - how is this on nasty cgd? I'm thinking about using it tomorrow on 10,000 square feet of it...
  10. Jim Ellis

    Does putting a 1/4 QD on the inlet port of a pump reduce flow?

    Recently I ordered a low amp pumptec pump to replace my water hog in my HTM to reduce the load on the generator to allow more powerful vac motors. Ray at Cobb carpet added QD's to the pump including the inlet port - I plan to pressure feed it with a transfer pump (the same setup I had with the...
  11. Jim Ellis

    The High Lift vs High CFM debate - Cutting Through The BS

    While I have both - high cfm and high lift with my TM's I know that some ETM guys (that have to plug into a custy's house) and porty guys don't have the luxury of having the best of both worlds. Both is always better but I've done some research and have included a chart from Ametek (they use...
  12. Jim Ellis


    I have a huge client that the janitorial division of my company takes care of and not too long ago they asked us to clean their cgd - about 10,000 square feet of it. The first attempt a heated porty was used so we didn't have to run 400' of 2" hose from a TM and we didn't have to jam their...
  13. Jim Ellis

    Water Hog = Watt / Amp Hog when used on generators

    Tested 2 generators and multiple devices amp/watt draw as the generators where put under increased loads. Here's something interesting I found: Air Hogs: - watt consumption drops about 10 watts when the generator is under about a 90% load - not unusual or a concern Other vac motors - same...
  14. Jim Ellis

    To All The DYI Guys

    For phase III on my HTM (currently have 2 Air Hog 7300-S's chained together hooked into generator) I plan to add 2 more 3 stage 302la vac motors giving my 6 vac motors and about 400 cfm. Instead of buying yet another Air Hog I plan to buy the vac motors separately and mount them on a plate...
  15. Jim Ellis

    Hybrid Truck Mount Phase 2b Report

    Current Configuration: 2 Air Hog 7300-S - Using 4300 watts combined (one has apo enabled) 1 Water Hog - Using 1040 watts at 400-500 psi (carpet mode) 8000 Running Watt / 10,000 peak Generac Generator Total Watts: 5340 - 66% of running watts of generator New Configuration (phase b): 2 Air...
  16. Jim Ellis

    Actual Air Hog 7300-S stats

    After further testing this is the official stat report for the AH7300-S from my tests: Actual power consumption: 2250 watts for both cords combined + apo on Actual lift: between 200-210 Actual cfm: 132 Mytee's stats on their website for the 7300-S reflect using the 3 stage HP motors which...
  17. Jim Ellis

    HTM Phase 2b - Latest Mod idea

    Ok, here's the latest thing I'm going to try with my 2 Air Hog 7300-S vacuum chain (4 vacs 2 in series + 2 in series): - Add some 2 stage Ametek motors I have lying around - each gives 100" of lift. - Add the 2 stage vacuum motors to the exhaust port of each Air Hog 7300-S (the 7300-S only has...
  18. Jim Ellis

    Carpet Extractor Standards Draft - Both Truck Mount & Portable

    Truck Mount Forum is a great board with a ton of great info and characters including the guy from Australia who cleans with a Bissel Big Green. I'm going to start a "draft" for carpet extractor standards that I hope many of the members can help complete. The "draft" is below and is raw info...
  19. Jim Ellis

    2" Wand Tubing

    I've always used cheap Westpak knock off wands for my TM's - all 1.5" tubing. Anybody ever switch from 1.5" to 2" and notice a difference in air flow and lift? I'm assuming that if I switch to 2" Bentley's I might get better air flow and as long as I'm using a glide (like I always do) to...
  20. Jim Ellis

    Saw An Example Of How The "Total Package" Makes A Huge Difference

    I don't ever think about competitors and spend all my time focused on my company and what I can control. I learned this from 10 years of being a Director in Corporate America. However, I was amazed and pleasantly surprised when I ran into a competitor while I was having some tires replaced on...
  21. Jim Ellis

    Bonnet Cleaning

    Going to hit some nasty commercial carpet at a large newspaper in town next week. Usually I use a 175 with a carpet brush then hwe it. However, I'm thinking about using HWE then using a 175 with a carpet bonnet to absorb the extra crap in the carpet and to reduce dry times so I don't have...
  22. Jim Ellis

    Funny Thing I Encountered During "Turn"

    During the summer I usually clean about 1000 (give or take) apartments (3 TM's out balls to the wall). We did lose an account, however, to a lower price competitor (a competitor that I never heard of) - called High Tech Steam. Anyway - no big deal as I had too many apartments to clean as it...
  23. Jim Ellis

    HTM Phase 2 - Tripple Hog Log

    I officially moved the Eclipse out of the chain and put the new config live today in production. 2 Air Hog 7300-S & a Water Hog for the pump tied to a 40 gallon tank + 8000 watt gen. Seemed like I gained some cfm over the old config but the max I went today was 125ft so I really wont know...
  24. Jim Ellis

    Portable Upholstery Machine

    I'm thinking about adding Upholstery porties to my trucks. This way on upholstery only jobs my guys don't have to fire up the TM and drag hoses in... Anybody else doing this? Sent from my SGH-T679 using TMF Forums mobile app
  25. Jim Ellis

    Vacuum Motors In Series

    One thing I've noticed is there is a great deal of contradicting statements on the internet and this board on vacuum motors in a series. Here's what I've read and learned: - 2 Vacuum motors in a series reduce cfm: Obviously this is false unless they are just put together in a shitty config...