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  1. license2Clean


    Are You using the 20 or 40 volt battery?
  2. license2Clean

    Our Industry's Loss

    I would say the word GENIUS was intimidated by him.. I swear he was related to Einstein.
  3. license2Clean

    Clean free from biobreak

    Why no? Is it a bad combo?
  4. license2Clean

    Searching for an exhaust heatexchanger

    Anybody have one for sale? Hydramaster Boxxer 427
  5. license2Clean

    Anybody have a Mytee eco-17 orbital 4 sale

    In the state of Calif or Nevada
  6. license2Clean

    Saigers Sauce

    Todd, what three presprays are you using?
  7. license2Clean

    BBQ Cleaning

    WEBSTAURANTSTORE.COM Knockout- degrease/carbon remover
  8. license2Clean

    mytee orbital?

    Consider Robs recommendation
  9. license2Clean

    Tilemaster vs Groutmaster

    I think Interlink tried to make GroutMaster their version and screwed up the formulation. GroutMaster would be my first choice...
  10. license2Clean

    mytee orbital?

    I was told the first batch of machines sold out. You can place a order at your nearest Mytee dealer.
  11. license2Clean

    Krud kutter

    Are you aware this stuff is like a tile floor stripper product? PH is near 13.. Test on a trashed carpet for results. Side note* [trying to rinse that stuff out of the carpet will be another story]
  12. license2Clean

    Formula 90, white lighting, dry slurry, hydradri, or?

    Check out Clean-It.. by Genicare- I use it on medium soil without a prespray.
  13. license2Clean

    Who is interested in a Hydramaster rx20 rotary for $1700

    Surprisingly, Interlink in So Cali sell them often. A guy bought two last month...
  14. license2Clean

    911, How do u remove dye transfer from

    A white leather couch? What product can I use to remove blue jean dye? Thxs for help....
  15. license2Clean

    Trade New RX20 Glides For Wand

    Glides are made by Green Glides. The value of these were $180 at the time. Will take whatever is handed to me. lol
  16. license2Clean

    Trade New RX20 Glides For Wand

    Looking to trade for a good used or new 2 jet wand..
  17. license2Clean

    carpet stretching

    Try this Small rooms-85/125 Large rooms-up to 200 Hallway-175 Pricing here is just a starting point..
  18. license2Clean

  19. license2Clean


    2112 -PH 12 Manufactured by CSN cleaning supply network I think INTERLINK bought them. Call and ask if they still sell 2112. 888 848-0627