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  1. Six Figure Solo Cleaner

    Facebook, Facebook, Facebook... you dirty bastards prove 6figga right yet again.

    Filip Struhárik Journalist at @dennikn. Former project manager at @denniksme. Interested in digital media, future of news and innovations in journalism Oct 21 Biggest drop in Facebook organic reach we have ever seen Facebook is testing radically different Explore Feed in six countries than in...
  2. Six Figure Solo Cleaner

    What a Bloody mess!!!

    We had to rush this Hand-woven Heriz to the trauma unit. Before pic were the effects of pet soiling. Took us a minute but we saved this darling of a treasure for our client. All smiles.
  3. Six Figure Solo Cleaner

    Black Men are truly works of art....

    Wasn't trying to embarrass the yung homie, but the resemblance was simply uncanny
  4. Six Figure Solo Cleaner

    HE IS RISEN!!! ... cleanfax that is

    I must've missed the Resurrection memo. How fitting that on Easter Sunday I check My mailbox only to find cleanfax isn't dead after all. Praise God, Allah, Buddha, Amun Ra, Hotep & the rest of em I'm a proponent of M&A so I do hope ISSA has the right team in place to profit off of this asset.
  5. Six Figure Solo Cleaner

    {{{{ DAMMIT }}}} Ryan Kettering...

    we dunn did it again boi
  6. Six Figure Solo Cleaner

    6figga says - Love Is In The Air

    February's Themed postcard to My house list has been a blockbuster success. Instead of a $25 off coupon we did a valentine's promotion with $25 gift cards to a hella popular cake shop here in Atlanta (they have multiple locations throughout the city) Needless to say referrals have been pouring...
  7. Six Figure Solo Cleaner

    Look At These Shoes That Vacuume Carpets

    Are carpet cleaning shoes next???
  8. Six Figure Solo Cleaner

    Thank You IICRC

    Couldn't have done this without you
  9. Six Figure Solo Cleaner

    UFC 207 Cody Garbrandt

    In case you missed it, he basically looked like a reincarnation of 'Sweet Pea' #theREALghost #StrikersRULE
  10. Six Figure Solo Cleaner

    PRAYERS for Rhonda Rousey { UFC 207}

    She'll be dead by Monday. Cause of death? Suicide. #andSTILL!!! #WrestleDeezNutz #allHandsBaby #Strikers
  11. Six Figure Solo Cleaner

    Rug Repair/Restoration {side binding & fringe } by 6 Figga

    Her fully Restored Heriz Masterpiece has been returned just in time for her Holiday Activities #teamAFRC
  12. Six Figure Solo Cleaner

    Is 6-figga making a Ho-ho-horrible Mistake???

    *I rarely share My marketing pieces on TMF due to restrictions from My biz partner but was given an exception in this case* The last week of this year we are doing free cleanings to any past or present client and strategic partner that wants it. Campaign went as such 1. Mailed out a 9x12...
  13. Six Figure Solo Cleaner

    Shower Restoration by 6figga - before & after

    Services Rendered Resurface floor grout Caulk Restoration Clear Silicone Restoration $806.25 Time - little over 3hrs with piss & snack breaks MY TOOLS
  14. Six Figure Solo Cleaner

    Chimney Cleaning - anybody doing/tried it???

    Pros & Cons please...
  15. Six Figure Solo Cleaner

    Direct Mail EDDM EDDM Scam EXPOSED!!! Secret {video} by CNN shows USPS Postal Worker Dumping Mail

    ... haven't I been telling TMF this for years?o_O Is it systemic? Yes. Has been for decades. Does it happen frequently? More than you could EVER imagine. Why won't it stop? Because they're unionized. Carry on chaps, 6'
  16. Six Figure Solo Cleaner

    Facebook caught lying

    I've been the canary in the coal mine for some years now. But where there's smoke, there's fire gents
  17. Six Figure Solo Cleaner

    Funny Sh*t

  18. Six Figure Solo Cleaner

    18 Words That (if you do them) Will Guarantee Your Business Success FOREVER

    "Dumb businesses get a customer to make a sale. Smart businesses make a sale to get a customer."
  19. Six Figure Solo Cleaner

    So why aren’t customers referring as much as they say they would?

    Full article here Happy customers who say they’ll refer you… often won’t. When it comes to building a successful business, having a strong product and happy customers are critical– but they’re still not quite enough. They might love your product, buy it often, and even say they will refer you...
  20. Six Figure Solo Cleaner


    I stomach turned after the fight card for UFC 205 was announced and they officially lost Me a follower. I knew in My gut that there was some serious fukery and BS going on. Personally I felt that by the UFC allowing Connor McGregor to fight for the 155lb title was an insult to My intelligence...
  21. Six Figure Solo Cleaner

    "ORGANIC" SEO is dying... brace yourself

    Talked to one of Georgia's top SEO specialist last night. He's a friend. He's never worked for Me though. His focus is on national companies & large local brands. Long story short, because of recent & soon to come changes (that outsiders aren't aware of) he and many of his contemporaries...
  22. Six Figure Solo Cleaner

    Networking Swag - Dress 4 Success {pics} - Aztec flow

    How I dressed yesterday to give a presentation to a room of 20 mega successful Home Stagers here in Atlanta. Thoughts?