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  1. Timothy

    Current Sprinter/Escape/ T Rex Van Setup

    Doing pretty good guy's, the grandkids are doing good
  2. Timothy

    Current Sprinter/Escape/ T Rex Van Setup

    I have been using tankless heater for over a year with my Mytee Escape and it gets about 120 degrees...the pump can take up to 140...I have not had any problems with it to date, I have pics and web link somewhere on TMF of it.
  3. Timothy

    Does your mate or family work with you?

    My wife helps me on her days off her regular job.....I love it when she helps me!
  4. Timothy

    Best encap macine for commercial and residential?

    I have been using a 175 with pads for about a year and have had great results in commercial and residential with releasit encap-clean ds2 and bonnets, If there are stairs involved then I use the ETM
  5. Timothy

    Happy Easter !

    Happy Easter to all
  6. Timothy

    How many gallons to prespray 5-10 areas?

    I use more TLC with my hydroforce but it's fast and I get a good amount of prespray down, I only use the pump up for encap and tile & grout
  7. Timothy

    Mytee escape etm issues...

    Your welcome. I off to see my Grandkids for the rest of the week down south, I hope you get her going alright.
  8. Timothy

    Here's an interesting way to carry your hoses (pic)

    I thought that was how we all did it?;)
  9. Timothy

    Mytee escape etm issues...

    I have only had to deal with the pump once on the 2 vac Escape and it had frozen and cracked the seals, had to replace that one When I first got my 4 vac ETM I had to prime it and it still wouldn't work...took me a few to realize the chemical jug was empty and needed water, also the prime tube...
  10. Timothy

    Mytee escape etm issues...

    On your pressure not working I would make sure you have water or rinse in the chemical injection jug Prime it and use the vacs on the primer hose. I would make sure your vac sensors are not stuck on the pump out problem.
  11. Timothy

    On the spot rug cleaning?

    Same here, I have been doing area rugs on site for over a decade and not one problem.....with a wand.
  12. Timothy

    How do i use a fels bar to get out ink

    I like to wet the area with my wand then rub in the soap, seems to work well on most all spots. I have been using encap spotter for the last 5-6 months that I like from Excellent supply.
  13. Timothy

    Official Facebook LIKE Pages from TMF & Members

    If I have missed anyone just let me know
  14. Timothy

    Show & Tell for 1k contest! Win prizes!

    This was a very dirty residential that I used Pro's choice Extreme boosted with Pro's Choice Energy Presprayed and let dwell for 10 minutes and agitated it in with a rake.
  15. Timothy

    Pump out suggestions for my Escape ETM?

    On my first 2 vac Escape it came with a 70 GPM pump out, It would not activate untill the water tripped the sensors Same on my 4 vac Escape, it has 90 GPM and will not run until the sensors are tripped by the water
  16. Timothy

    Has anyone here ran a succesful "PORTY ONLY" operation ?

    I'm only 44...will be 45 in April lol
  17. Timothy

    Has anyone here ran a succesful "PORTY ONLY" operation ?

    Yeah about 75 miles east of here they have to go deeper like your neck of the woods.
  18. Timothy

    Has anyone here ran a succesful "PORTY ONLY" operation ?

    I have a 1 1/2 HP motor on my well which is a shallow 25 - 30 feet well and I have never been able run out of water with the water hose on full blast in the garden and the normal house hold use.
  19. Timothy

    What is your personal vehicle?

    2000 Dodge Caravan that my wife drives, I only get out to work so I'm always in my work van
  20. Timothy

    Has anyone here ran a succesful "PORTY ONLY" operation ?

    There are not very many wells where I work, I do have a well at my house, I just feel better not having to hook up to a water source, one less thing I have to do. I have a brother that lives in the city where I service and I use his water to fill my fresh tank.
  21. Timothy

    flex powder with citrus solve any good?????

    I splipped into a depression after my wife had medical problems and I lost my Grandmother who I have took care of in my home for the last 3 years and lost my Uncle the next month. Never gave much thought to depression until it hit me like a ton of bricks, just work and keep my mind busy...
  22. Timothy

    My first truck mount be honest with me thanks

    Nice, I ran Steamway TM for over a decade and loved them! You will do good, no doubt Congrats
  23. Timothy

    Has anyone here ran a succesful "PORTY ONLY" operation ?

    I run the Mytee Escape 4 vac ETM, I have onboard water and hose reels, I run generator about 50% and dryer plug about 50% I don't take but 2 jobs per day and more than likely one will be an apartment. I can see anybody taking on 5-6 jobs per day with my setup with no problems, as I have...