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  1. Hallsy86

    Microfiber Bonnets Heating Up Buffer

    Just used my 21" microfibers for the first time and after about 2 minutes the plastic on the outside of the buffer started melting and the pad wore down in that area. Anyone else ever have this issue? I've never had a pad of any kind do this before.
  2. Hallsy86

    New Van

    I've been working out of the back of my truck for the last few months and finally decided to sell it and get something more professional looking. Picked up a 2000 Dodge Ram 3500 today. It has a 167k miles on it which is more than I wanted but it's pretty clean and best part only $1,400. I also...
  3. Hallsy86

    Faux Leather Sectional with Cat Pee

    I had a job the other day and the lady had a sectional with quite a bit of cat pee on it. It looked like faux leather. She didn't know what material it was and I couldn't find any tags identifying it. Anyone have any experience with cat pee on upholstery? Is there any way to save it? Thanks, Eric
  4. Hallsy86

    Still Struggling with Traffic Lanes

    I need some advice from VLM guys on getting rid of traffic lanes. Did this job tonight and the property manager wasn't too happy with the results. I vacuumed, presprayed the traffic lanes with 50/50 water and Grease Hawg, then the rest with GH, 4oz a gallon. Agitated with a red pad and then...
  5. Hallsy86

    Removing CGD Glue?

    A local animal rescue here bought a new building and is remodeling it. They've pulled up the CGD but there is still a ton of the dried glue on the floor. They were hoping to just polish the cement underneath instead of buying new flooring. Anyone know of a good method/chemical to get the glue...
  6. Hallsy86

    Got a new toy!

    I went to the local thrift store yesterday and found a Pacific Tsunami (Steamin Demon). I'd never seen one or heard of them before but it was super cheap so I bought it. I looked it up when I got home and was suprised to read it's actually a decent machine! It's pretty dirty all around but I...
  7. Hallsy86

    Would You Have Gone Cheaper?

    I cleaned carpets in a house the other day and at the end the customer asked me to do a tile sample and to give her a quote for cleaning and sealing. She is also a client at my wife's job and my wife asked me to "hook her up" like I did on the carpet cleaning. The tile is 12" x 12" ceramic and...
  8. Hallsy86

    What Else Could I Have Done?

    I did this carpet yesterday. Carpet is 4 year old polyester that's never been cleaned. The rest of the carpet was pretty clean except for this high traffic area. Here is the process I used: -4 oz Vacaway Grease Hawg and 4 oz Sally V40 Peroxide per gallon. -Prespray. I sprayed this area heavier...
  9. Hallsy86

    Excess Chemical

    Hey guys, I have another noob question. I did a search but couldn't find any info. What do you guys do with your excess chemicals left over from a job? Save them for the next job? If the next job isn't until the next day will they still be as effective? How do you dispose of excess chemical if...
  10. Hallsy86

    Vacaway Red Vanish Turned Carpet Yellow?

    I cleaned my first carpet today for someone other than myself or friends/family. There were a few red spots and I used some Vacaway Red Vanish on them. I followed the directions on the label and after about 20 minutes the red went away but the carpets now have a yellow stain. What did I do...
  11. Hallsy86

    First Time Carpet Cleaning

    Got my Vacaway samples in the mail and picked up a cotton bonnet yesterday and cleaned my carpet for the first time today. I'm kind of disappointed in the result. I don't know if it's the color of the carpet (brown berber) or what but I can't tell much of a difference before and after other than...
  12. Hallsy86

    Got my first 175. Have a few questions.

    Hey guys, New member here. I'm planning on starting a carpet cleaning company and have been doing a ton of reading here. This forum is a great resource and I've learned a ton! I picked up my first 175 yesterday at a pawn shop. It's a Nacecare NS17. It seems to be in good shape and was pretty...