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  1. Sterling

    Mailing FREE Samples of RAW PreSpray. Get 1 B4 Gone.

    I've been using Raw for over a year and always get great results. Here's a little vid using a 150 porty, tap water heat, pre scrubbed Any plans on an enzyme based product, RawZyme (I called it) or something for urine? Encap?
  2. Sterling

    Cleanco PTO expert in toronto area needed

    Call Ross at KleenKuip They deal with Cleanco.
  3. Sterling

    How and how much to pay employee?

    If you find a good worker pay them well. $150 plus incentives. Make sure they are hungry for money. They will become selling machines. If you go the cheap route your business will suffer. You may have to pay a larger percent depending on your pricing.
  4. Sterling

    LR + stairs...

    I like your style and yeah you need some large stinkin hairy ones to pull that off. Would you recommend a new company to try charging your prices or is this a result of years of hard work, branding, building relationships and establishing a good name?
  5. Sterling

    Groupon is Dead! ... & I told you so

    For some reason people think that Groupon subscribers are the scum of the earth. Sure some are but the amount of people in the professional field that I have come across may surprise you. Once they find a great company to deal with they will use them again even if the price is increased. I...
  6. Sterling

    Groupon is Dead! ... & I told you so

    Nice, I'm not on the beach yet. To me stupid is not taking advantage of free services and branding your business while doing so.
  7. Sterling

    Groupon is Dead! ... & I told you so

    W You can call me stupid then. This stupid guy is doing 100+ in my 4th year solo with very minimal advertising. I could care less about the deal and what I get. Imagine that, a company that has millions of subscribers lets them all know about your business and gets you into the door for free...
  8. Sterling

    Best way to clean dryer vents

    You have a link to the mini? Google isn't helping at the moment.
  9. Sterling


    Totally agree. But like you said, it can get you on your feet.
  10. Sterling


    The easiest way, definitely not the best way, but the easiest way is Groupon and any deal site you can get in with. You can get tons of customers instantly. Not the best customers in general but your phone will ring off the hook. Now it's up to yourself to make $300+. You would be pretty much...
  11. Sterling

    Little things that make life easier... The one I bought plays songs through the radio but that's junk unless you can find a station with 0 interference. I just hook up an aux cable and get perfect sound (as good as it...
  12. Sterling

    Anyone have a RamAir System They'd Like to Sell?

    What you're saying this isn't professional? Yeah, I think I need one also.
  13. Sterling

    Anyone have a RamAir System They'd Like to Sell?

    Man, $800 for a piece of plastic. Painful. I'm looking too. I'm just using a cut out Tupperware container when I need this kind if reverse clean.
  14. Sterling

    Little things that make life easier...

    These are great. Charge your phone, play good quality sounding music with an AUX cable, gps on your cell without holding it and so on. Huge finds for driving with any handheld device in my area. If you choose to text while driving (seems like everyone does) it's safer than holding it.
  15. Sterling

    Carpet cleaning from a trailer, pros/cons?

    Good for all you trailer guys. I couldnt even imagine getting a trailer into some of the places I squeeze into. Or the long country driveways covered in trees so you can't really see if you have a spot to turn around. Or just going for a coffee.
  16. Sterling

    So you dont prevac huh?

    I never thought about opening it right in front of them. That's gold.
  17. Sterling

    So you dont prevac huh?

    How long on an average sized house with 3 rooms of carpet would your 3 step dry soil removal take?
  18. Sterling

    Best Titanium Wand

    I can't compare to many but my Devpro is awesome. You never realize how often you need a swivel until you have one. Custys eyes light up when you bring it inside also. Looks, feels and performs like a million bucks. I did have a problem with one of the pressure hoses that leads to the jets...
  19. Sterling

    How far ahead do you book

    That would be ideal if I had enough work for 2 crews. I would like to have a nice big TM, hose real, waste and water tank and not have to pull a thousand things out of the van to do a job. But setting up camp and doing the windows, ducts and carpets at one house out of one van is nice. As you...
  20. Sterling

    How far ahead do you book

    Yeah. The time has come I guess. I have to slow things down a bit. What better way than to raise my prices. I'll have to make that transition from the cheap guy to what I really deserve and can get. If I lose a few cheap asses, I won't cry too hard.
  21. Sterling


    If your hungry $300 is easy.
  22. Sterling

    How far ahead do you book

    My biggest problem is I started out as the cheaper guy. Now I've got an avalanche of penny pinchers trying to book an appointment. I can still make a good living from them but trying to sub it out or hire a good quality cleaner, I wouldn't make very much. Not worth the risk.
  23. Sterling

    How far ahead do you book

    Yes and no. Great to have new business rolling in but I'm losing some good coin and easy jobs from repeat customers.