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  1. idahocarpetcare

    Hardwood discolering with carpet cleaning.

    My tech sent this pic and im not sure if we caused this or not... Any help is appreciated. Never had this happen in 7 yrs.
  2. idahocarpetcare

    Chevy misfire...need help

    As always, thank you in advance... Here's the situation: 08 chevy express 2500 It's reading misfire on #7. I have taken it to 4 different places and have none of them are quite sure what's going on. Some of them think it's got to do with the fuel system others say the heads need to be...
  3. idahocarpetcare

    Strange lines in carpet 4 mo's later

    SO I did a guys house who was not initially pleased. After we returned and cleaned it, he was very happy. However, I just got a call from him (4 months later) telling me that there were strange lines showing up in the carpet that look like spill marks but he knows he has not spilled anything...
  4. idahocarpetcare

    White Magic 1200HP shutting down/overheating

    I have a White Magic 1200HP (2008) direct drive. The last 2 days it keeps shutting down on me. It works for about the first 30mins to and hour and then it shuts down. I let it cool for 5-15 mins and try again. It will work for 10-20 mins and then shut down again. It just keeps doing that the...