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  1. Kevin Lietz

    Advice for "new to me" portable

    Okay so my truck just went the way of the fishes, and I'm up shit's creek without a paddle..... So going into wintertime, I am going to get a portable to get me by until we can afford to get another truck mounted system... Here's the options that I have found locally, that are within budget...
  2. Kevin Lietz

    Very Odd Problem on a call back

    Okay so I cleaned for a customer of ours a week ago, and ended up getting a call back yesterday because one of the hallways were "soaked" in the basement. Upon arrival, Sure enough one of the back hallways in the basement was damp... to the point that there were a quite a few visably wet spots...
  3. Kevin Lietz

    New to Stone Polishing - questions

    Hey everyone! So We are going to be expanding into stone polishing and I have a couple of customers that are going to let me do some "practice work" on their flooring and countertops. I have been looking at some of the posts here and doing some research, and I think I've got the "gist" of it...
  4. Kevin Lietz

    Need help on a Bid. Competitive Gov Pricing

    Hey everyone. I have a bid that I need to put in for a government building contract that I needed some input on... Here's the basics... Vinyl Tile: 6700 sq ft... Spray and Buff 2x annually, and 1 more time strip and wax Tile: 2000 sq ft. 1x Annually Carpet: 28000 sq ft. 1x annually. I would...
  5. Kevin Lietz

    Slightly Freaking out. Bubbles in carpet that is NOT CGD

    Okay so Saturday I did a flood extraction for some urine stains for a client. Left one of my Studebakers as a courtesy over the weekend to get thier carpets dry quick. Went to pick it up today, and found out she has several bubbles in the carpet. They've been "growing" (progressively getting...
  6. Kevin Lietz

    Low Vacuum - No Clue what's going on

    Hey Everyone! I would have put this under a specific Truckmount system but mine is a custom unit so it's a bit of a mess. :( Roots URAI 68 blower with dual "smokestack" silencers. Today, I fired it up and found that I was running WAY low vacuum. Checked the filters, and now I'm on to tearing the...
  7. Kevin Lietz

    Rinses and Presprays

    Hey Everyone! Sorry about not being able to post too much over the last little while! Been busy trying to get our business model set up and get things really rolling. Question about rinses... For the last year I have been primarily working with Flex Ice as my Acid Rinse. It's effective, but I...
  8. Kevin Lietz

    Commercial Accounts and Late Fees

    Hey everyone, Been busy trying to grow the business lately, so I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. Just out of curiosity, how does everyone work out terms with commercial accounts, due dates, and late fees for past due accounts? Trying to get an idea of what is reasonable?
  9. Kevin Lietz

    Water Pressure and Heat Issues - Understanding Flow

    Okay so before I post my issue and question, here's a picture of my Water flow on my truck mount... It's a custom made unit so who knows if I even have all the right parts ha ha... Sorry that it's upside down... I don't know how to flip it on here. Okay so Last week, I lost water pressure...
  10. Kevin Lietz

    Zerorez Question

    So I ran into a customer a few days ago that said that they used Zerorez and that they apparently shredded the protectant off their fairly new carpet. They were leaving (I was out flyering at the time) so I didn't get much other information at the time. . . Has any one else run into this claim...
  11. Kevin Lietz

    Dumping - Commercial Night Jobs

    Hey everyone, quick morning question.... I have been looking around and couldn't find a good answer on jow to deal with dumping during a BIG tile job at night. It's a restaurant specifically that I am talking about. Ran into the problem last night, where I was the only person at the job site and...
  12. Kevin Lietz

    Door to Door Flyers and the definition of "Soliciting"

    Hey everyone. . . So I ran into a bit of a road block today on our advertising strategy.... Our original plan was to flyer the hell out of our counties. Between my kiddos and me, we can get about 200 flyers an hour out... and its a TON of fun... not to mention I've booked a few jobs already...
  13. Kevin Lietz

    Insights on Truck Wraps

    So... as you all should know by now, I am fairly new to the CC industry. Most of my posts have been greenhorn questions, which the community has given me a TON of info... But now.. finally... I have something to be able to give BACK to the international TMF group! I am hoping that this thread...
  14. Kevin Lietz

    Not your normal "Rubber Flooring HELP!" Thread

    Okay... so unlike most, I've done a bit of research on Rubber Floor Cleaning before posting this... I have a bid to get in for a 11k sq ft Gym... Planning on using either Viper 7, or Profii Wiiwax as the cleaner with my Turbo for rinse extraction.... Just had a couple of questions on this... 1...
  15. Kevin Lietz

    Upholstery Protectant

    Hey everyone, quick questions this morning... how much do you charge for protectant on Upholstery? How often should a customer redo it? Any "disclaimers" that go along with it? I know one model out there for carpets is Free stain removal if protectant doesnt bring up the stain... do you do...
  16. Kevin Lietz

    Maxim S.O.S.

    Hey @Scott Warrington, whats the difference in Advanced, and S.O.S? I would of sent you a message but i figured I'd drop it here in case others had the same question. When would you choose one over the other?
  17. Kevin Lietz

    The Rookie Needs Help ;)

    Okay... so this Tile job has been kicking my tail... Let me get the backstory in and process here, and see if I am missing something... This little shop used to be a hole in the wall pizzeria (drive thru - VERY small). The guy who took over turned it into a Soda shop, but needs the floors...
  18. Kevin Lietz


    Microfiber couch that had a lamp with mineral oil spilled on it.... EEEK! Is it on the way to to Couch Morgue? Or is there a miracle drug out there?
  19. Kevin Lietz

    Bad day. :( (Heat Exchanger went bye bye)

    Well... I had a feeling this was going to happen... a month or so ago we went to AZ to train with a good family friend and forgot to plug in the truck... it got cold... and we know the rest of the story... I had a sneaking suspicion I was having HX problems, but today the coolant exchanger...
  20. Kevin Lietz

    Linoleum Stains

    Hey everyone. Had a customer today request a cleaning on the following pictures. Linoleum floors (bathroom by the toilet looks like tile but I haven't been there yet. Said that there are stains that have been there since he moved in and he's tried "everything" to get them out... Wanted me to...
  21. Kevin Lietz

    Last Step Chemical Injection DIY

    I've gotta get a breath of fresh air and get out of the Trump Debate room and talk business lol. Question! I have a custom truck mount system, and am looking to install a last step chemical/solution system. Not really fond of going to service route, as it looks like I can save a few hundred...
  22. Kevin Lietz

    Where is the Hot Rod?

    Hey anyone know what happened to them? Website is down, no info on where the company disappeared to.. i was really hoping to get my hands on a Hot Rod Pro :-( THE HORROR!!! Sent from my SM-G900P using TMF Forums mobile app
  23. Kevin Lietz

    Revolution Cleaning!!! The Beginning of a Journey!

    Well... All of the months of planning and getting organized are finally hitting the pavement this weekend, both physically and metaphorically. With funding now secured, business license in place, and Revolution Cleaning now semi-officially operational, my wife and kids and I are taking a brief...
  24. Kevin Lietz

    I know we all "love" apartments buuuutttt...

    So I wanted to run this by the forum and get some feedback on something I have been considering. I've mentioned it before on other threads, but I am VERY new to the cleaning industry. Once Revolution Cleaning gets rolling, I would like to focus a majority of my efforts on apartment complexes...
  25. Kevin Lietz

    Let's Talk about Yelp and Google Reviews

    So as re roll out on our new business here in Utah, getting reviews is going to be a big push with our marketing strategy. After doing a little competitor analysis, I've found that almost ALL companies in the area either have ZERO reviews on both sites... or they have nearly perfect reviews (one...