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  1. Ken Raddon

    Do some presprays scrub better than others?

    Is it just me or do other get better suponification when scrubbing one prespray over another?
  2. Ken Raddon

    I've narrowed it down to Air Hog VS The CFX5 help me decide...

    Similarities: Both have two vacs, two cords, the option to pump out or suck to mother ship (thanks for that term Dex) both weigh less than 45 lbs Differences: The color if that matters, the CFX has a handle and can be carried up stairs with one hand the Mytee does not and cannot be carried...
  3. Ken Raddon

    Anybody have an Airhog for sale?

    I need a vac booster so if you know of one for sale let me know.
  4. Ken Raddon

    Selling my stuff/parts.

    As I have said before I am getting out (still going to keep a porty for my friends and family cleanings) of the carpet cleaning business. I have a bunch of stuff like half empty jars of everything from deodorizers to spot removers. I also have hose parts like cuffs and attachments. I also...
  5. Ken Raddon

    Thinking about getting a Cub any thoughts?

    You might know I sold my TM and I didn't think I'd miss it but I have family (daughters, mother) and friends I'd like to do and the rare customer. So I am going to buy a porty... Whatchall think of the 300 psi cross american cub? I read some old threads but wasn't sold or turned off...
  6. Ken Raddon

    I got out and I'm selling off my gear and chemicals.

    I have a bunch of Name brand unopened presprays, spotters and rinses. I have a couple wands, inline sprayers (for prespraying), hose cuffs and miscellaneous parts like glides and wand trigger rebuild parts. I will not ship and am only taking cash so if you're interested pm me.
  7. Ken Raddon

    I would like to practically give some stuff away.

    I have vac and solution hose. I have more chems than I will ever use. I have some equipment like a cx 15 (I think that's what it's called it's the spinning one for carpet). I have a quad jet prochem wand and a inch and a half no name wand and a bunch of parts for inline sprayers. I will sell...
  8. Ken Raddon

    Some recent discoveries (for labels and cards) go there and click on (it's really just hover your mouse pointer) "products" then click on "labels" then click on "personal printing service." From there you can pick and design from a large selection of labels. They will ship to your home/biz in just a few days. Second discovery...
  9. Ken Raddon

    CET winner...

    Thanks for the new name/catagory Rob. My CET tool of the day was a CX15. I did a day care in 2.5 hours and thought it would take up to 6 hours. That thing takes a little getting used to but after the second area I was flying. The first area was almost dry when I was done too. BTW I...
  10. Ken Raddon

    I got a new kickazz chemical combo...

    I have been using Flex powder with Citrasolv and just this last week started using Flex Fire as my rinse. They are a great combo or synergistic couple of chemicals. I was impressed with Flex powder but when I added Flex Fire to the arsenal I am even more impressed.
  11. Ken Raddon

    What are my risks in volunteering in a flood

    So this area near my house had a flash flood. I know I could help suck up/out some water. If I do that as a volunteer am I liable for any subsequent damage i.e. mold? If so am I covered under my insurance because I was not getting paid? Any thing I am not asking that I should know please...
  12. Ken Raddon

    Anyone use or even know what "Spray Vanish" is?

    I heard rob talking about it on a video and I have never heard of it.
  13. Ken Raddon

    Teach me your OSR Jedi ways

    Which OSR type product do you use/like most? How much per gallon? How hot of water do you mix it with? Now the most important question of all. How far do you spread it? Or how much area would you pour a gallon on?
  14. Ken Raddon

    Post a funny story.

    The "post a funny picture" thread is so successful I thought we should have a funny or ridiculous story thread. I'll start with a short one... I had a lady that wanted me to come back and re-attach her hose because I took it off to attach my hose. This lady was about 35 years old and had a...
  15. Ken Raddon

    Question for install guys...

    So my daughter is getting new carpet installed and I need to know what to look for so I look smart. I did take a carpet repair class over ten years ago and all I remember is enough to come here and ask your opinions. Like should they bring the carpet a day early to acclimate it? Do even small...
  16. Ken Raddon

    Tile/Grout... carpet prespray VS grout prespray

    I was on a job today and ran out of tile master (nobody panic I have a jar back at the shop) so the second half of this job I used up some old prespray and it cleaned just as good as the tile master. Anyone else use carpet prespay for tile/grout? I mean if you think about it it's the same...
  17. Ken Raddon

    What's that mirror called that you mount on your bumper?

    I have seen mirrors mounted on the front left bumper so a guy can see how close he is to something with his front right bumper but I can't find it online anywhere. Does anyone know what it is called exactly or maybe even have a link? Thanks.
  18. Ken Raddon

    What is this set up worth?

    I am selling this set up and need help pricing it. Give me your opinions please. 110,000 miles on the truck and 3,800 hours on the Mount.
  19. Ken Raddon

    I owe TCS and apology

    So a while back I had a bad experience with a man I shall not name, and I erroneously thought he owned and operated TCS. I was corrected and all of the malice I had and expressed towards TCS is what I am publicly apologizing for. Please forgive me if I mislead any of you and gave cause for...
  20. Ken Raddon

    Let's talk about heat exchangers

    A while ago I posted about getting a heat exchanger TM because I was sick of paying the kerosene mafia every month. Well I got one (a Prochem Apex GTX) and I love it. However it takes a lot getting used to waiting so long for hot water. My questions for you all is what heat x TM do you have...
  21. Ken Raddon

    I got a new prochem and thought I'd come on here and ask a few questions...

    First of many... how do you guys keep the exhaust from blowing right at you (and stinking up your clothes) while you're in front of the machine. Some pictures would help.
  22. Ken Raddon

    What bolts for hose reel through van floor?

    I am putting an electric reel in my new van. The bolts I had it bolted down with in my old van were rusted nearly solid. I had to grind them off. That took a lot of extra time. Any way does anyone know what bolts to use? i.e. grade and size?
  23. Ken Raddon

    Report on two new products. New to me anyway.

    So I know I like it when you guys get new stuff and come on here and tell about it so I thought I would do just that. I got a sample of Preload 5 from the TMF booth. I use a 7 qt. inline sprayer that draws 4-1. In that I put one cup of Preload and I got to say it works great. I got a big...
  24. Ken Raddon

    How many times have you changed your favorite prespray?

    List them in order... First Step EnzAll S&O I am really liking the samples of Preload 5, I got at the show and just got a sample of Flex W/ Citrisolv and I expect one of those will become my new fave.