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  1. Nick Miladinov

    Flex Ice

    I used Flex Ice for the first time and is it me or does it smell like a homeless guy?? Nasty smell. I also learned not to use 2 scoops for 10 gallons.. Leaves a slight white look.
  2. Nick Miladinov

    Back to school

    I'm really slow the last 2 weeks or so and I'm assuming it's back to school crap. How busy are you? Nick
  3. Nick Miladinov

    Cash Jobs

    I'm not sure if it's just me but i'm doing a crazy amount of cash jobs. At first I was eager for them suggesting it but now I don't even bring payment up and i'm still getting 85-90% cash jobs!! Keep in mind that i'm part-time doing roughly 8-12 jobs per month currently. What are you guys doing?
  4. Nick Miladinov

    Local Magazine Advertising

    I'm really looking to do some print advertising.I wanted to get ideas on the page size of the ads. Keep in mind that I'm a part time cleaner so I don't need 20 jobs a week to fill. I'd like 3-7 jobs per week. There's a special with my local penny saver that's $395 for 10 weeks(once a week...
  5. Nick Miladinov

    Encap with RV 360

    I know this tool isn't for Encap but I was wondering if it will work. Kind of like a 175. I'm not talking about with the brush attachment(wish I had it). Has anyone ever tried this?
  6. Nick Miladinov

    Commercial Office Jobs

    I'm looking for the best way to get office jobs. Please don't tell me pounding the pavement because I work full-time and that's not an option right now. I'm thinking of Office buildings that have multiple tenants where I can walk down the halls and put business cards in their mail or under their...
  7. Nick Miladinov

    First Adwords Ad

    So, I've started my first adwords campain and I would like some advice. I have 124 keywords that I selected and i've bid for max of $7 per click. I initially started with $3 per click then didn't see that many impressions so then bumped it up to $5 and then finally $7. I have over 450...
  8. Nick Miladinov

    Commercial Van

    So right now I drive a Windstar with a porty setup. I eventually would like to have a work van. The problem is that in CT you're not allowed to park your commercial van on your residential property. Crazy I know!! I'm thinking that Ford's Econoline or Chevy Express 2500 Passenger van will bypass...
  9. Nick Miladinov

    First Ever Job

    So I've spent all of 2014 setting up my business buying equipment, business cards, fliers etc. Just to give you a background I have 2 full jobs while helping remodel my mom's house and spending time with my wife and son. Life has been pretty busy lately. Anyways, I have been testing my...
  10. Nick Miladinov

    Residential CC/Commercial CC/Janitorial Accounts

    So I first wanted to say how I have thoroughly enjoyed reading on this forum for the past year or so. My situation is unique in a sense but I see that most of the experienced cleaners would recommend my situation. I currently have 2 jobs. I have a 9-5 office job and I also work 4 nights a week...
  11. Nick Miladinov

    Mytee LTD 12

    So I just got my brand new LTD 12!!! The first thing I thought of when I saw the package was a famous line from Jaws. "We're gonna need a bigger boat..." This thing is no Joke. I'm a newbie but it's bigger and Heavier than what I was thinking. I've been reading about this unit specifically and...