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  1. Rick F

    Turbo Force Hybrid Tile & Grout Cleaning Tool, 12 Inch

    I would buy but already have 2. great deal looks brand new
  2. Rick F

    Need a hydraulic Hose

    Napa auto parts make them on the spot for me. average cost around $60.
  3. Rick F

    well I guess I cant be on Amazon Home Services...

    4 rooms for $98 i would rather stay home anyway! LOL
  4. Rick F

    Cimex R38 in good condition

    I see he also has a hand truck for rent! LOL
  5. Rick F

    Winterization Truckmount

    What Thermal blankets do you guys use? I now have a heated garage but should get one when my van is out on a job. I also keep washer fluid with me.
  6. Rick F

    New Stanley Steemer Scam

    its funny you posted this on a thread about scams!
  7. Rick F

    Grout haze on ceramic tile

    Acid for haze i mix it 50/50. I use easy etch from modern stone but lowes has stone acid cleaner that works.
  8. Rick F

    Estimate for cleaning walls carpeted?

    I will check out the good ones. I usually charge .14 to .20 a sqft with my cimex, i would have to charge a little more. Thanks
  9. Rick F

    Estimate for cleaning walls carpeted?

    Thanks for all the advice! I have done plenty of encapping with my cimex and i have the chemical. What is a good hand buffer for walls? Thanks
  10. Rick F

    Estimate for cleaning walls carpeted?

    I have a estimate in a big dance studio with carpet on the walls. I have cleaned the wood floors there 7 years ago there is a lot of carpet. If i get it i would probaly spray with hydro force then use a stair tool to steam clean. What price per sqft should i be at ? a ladder might be needed in...
  11. Rick F

    30 years ago today! Pics

    Awesome i was there from 86-89 in the Nurenburg military community. I was a 19 delta calvary scout and we did border patrol on the czech border!
  12. Rick F

    Portable that can do carpets & tile??

    Mytee m-12 i have 2 of them from when i started out. They dont make them anymore. Mine still work i use them when TM brakes
  13. Rick F

    First job ever today......

    I use moving pads from harbor freight to protect ledges like that! Good luck!
  14. Rick F

    Can you work around the movers?

    I hate that! Also painters working! Once i was cleaning tile and grout and the customer was getting new carpet installed. The carpet guys kept walking over the tile i had to stop the job!
  15. Rick F

    inexpensive vacuum for church i clean carpets!

    Thanks someone from the church is going to wallmart to buy it!
  16. Rick F

    inexpensive vacuum for church i clean carpets!

    I clean a churchs one room of carpet and they asked me to find a vacuum. Theres broke and its not that big a room. I looked online just wondering if anyone has a cheap one they know of? Thanks
  17. Rick F

    What's the different about alkaline tile&grout cleaner or acid tile&grout cleaner?

    Acid removes a thin layer off the top of the grout,alkalines are degreasers. Rinse of acid good they do not mix well. I almost always use alkaline first. Hope this helps
  18. Rick F

    Oreck orbitor problem, motor might be done

    Yes! Amazon is letting me send back getting $250.00 pretty nice of them
  19. Rick F

    Oreck orbitor problem, motor might be done

    when oreck is on the carpet it wont viberate, i lift it off the ground it runs. Then i have to lower to the ground to scrub. I callled oreck tech all they did was give me a repair mans number. Its a year and a half old i called amazon its the only thing i didnt get the extra insurance. Just...
  20. Rick F

    Mold in shower

    Mean green mold and midew destroyer work great! Dollar genral sells it
  21. Rick F

    Grout issues

    When grout is bad it takes long to dry!
  22. Rick F

    Magic Wand Company

    I go there too! They are both very nice. Taf taught my advanced upholstery class! He knows his stuff. Free carpet cleaning cert there friday! I dont need it now.
  23. Rick F

    Grout on Ceramic Tile

    This is what i use they are burgandy pads tougher then black!