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  1. BayouCitySteam

    Vacuum inlet

    Can anyone tell me the function of the vacuum inlet on the 570SS? It seems to me it is just convenience? So there is a 2 and a 2-1/2” starter. Why isn’t it like shown....
  2. BayouCitySteam

    Auto pump-out

    Ok. Been lurking on DIY auto pump-out posts and finally building one this coming week. Anyone have suggestions? Also, if anyone in houston is interested in joining the crap show, lemme know!
  3. BayouCitySteam

    Rotovac 360i

    Have a brand new, never used (not a demo) rotovac360i for sale. Located in houston. Make offer. Will work out trades, shipping, etc if anyone is interested. For those needing a picture: it’s a rotovac360. No mods or anything, it just happens to be inaccessible at this moment of posting. Can...
  4. BayouCitySteam

    Amazon home services anyone?

    So I got my first appointment last night from Amazon home services… Has anyone else used this? There were a few things that I had to work out with Amazon in regards to tax and our bank account, but other than that it went great. They list the services as a 20% lead fee, but for carpet cleaning...
  5. BayouCitySteam

    Apartment etiquette

    THIS is why I don't like low rent apts. I rolled out solution line to door. Said hello to customer So... 90 seconds later, this happened. Sent from my iPad using TMF Forums
  6. BayouCitySteam

    Locked thread?

    Not sure why... why would a thread by locked all of the sudden? I'm trying to reply. Sent from my iPad using TMF Forums