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  1. MD'z Floors & More

    Home advisor

    Anybody using this for business/advertising? If so how is your experience with it??
  2. MD'z Floors & More

    Tile & grout

    What psi are you running regularly when cleaning tile & grout??
  3. MD'z Floors & More

    Tile and grout cleaning tool

    Anyone know where I can get a good used SX-12 or 15 or another good tile & grout cleaning tool?
  4. MD'z Floors & More

    Pay system

    What kind of system are you guys using to pay your self? Do you pay yourself weekly, do deposit or put $ up and pay your self every week or two, or are you just paying yourself everyday??? & how are you calculating your monthly & weekly gross?
  5. MD'z Floors & More

    Waste Tank Odor

    In the fall & winter it's not to bad, but spring & summer the odor from waste tank is very strong! [emoji123] and its right behind my seat, so everyday after I finish I pour splash less bleach in it; I've messed a few uniform shirts up not using splash less bleach! & When truck sits for a day or...
  6. MD'z Floors & More

    Bane Clene

    Anyone use these machines or have experience with them? I've only seen one company using them in my area and was just curious on how they perform.
  7. MD'z Floors & More

    Full Time or Part Time

    How many of you out there are full time with cc'ing & how long did it take to make the transition?
  8. MD'z Floors & More

    Slow season gain

    It seems like every time the slow season rolls around & I quit slinging the wand as much I put on a little weight! Lol... Anyone else experience this? Being lazy, eating holiday food and not hitting gym much as usual plays a part also! I hate Toledo winters, can't wait to move to Charlotte! I'm...
  9. MD'z Floors & More

    Avenge Pro

    Just got these items in mail today... What are your experiences with them, do they live up to the hype?? I will see tomorrow had customer call and said her husband came home & track up their carpet with some small stains she believe to be grease from the bottom of his work boots.
  10. MD'z Floors & More

    North Carolina

    Any cleaners on TMF located in NC??... Me, my wife & family are moving there 2016 & I want to know how the market is there for cc. Thanks in advance!!
  11. MD'z Floors & More

    Stair Cleaning

    What psi do you clean stairs? Do you leave it same as carpet or you turn pressure down??
  12. MD'z Floors & More

    High heat damage

    What kind of damage can high heat cause? Reason I ask is today I was at a job and came out to truck to put my stair tool up & I seen water sprinkling from heat exchanger. But no water coming out of exhaust and no lost in pressure and water still is getting hot! So I'm thinking heat may have did...
  13. MD'z Floors & More

    Janitorial/Maid Services

    I'm getting ready to add on maid and janitorial services to my business in the near future... Any tips from those who have already done so?? Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums
  14. MD'z Floors & More


    I'm getting ready to add on maid services & janitorial to my business in the near future... Any tips from those who have already done so?? Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums
  15. MD'z Floors & More

    First time in long time

    It's been along time since I seen temps like this at night! And it's been a long time since I haven't had to run my heater over night!! Hopefully spring is on it's way!! Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums mobile app
  16. MD'z Floors & More


    What type of TM/equipment does SS "Stanley Steemer" use? Just curious Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums mobile app
  17. MD'z Floors & More

    Prochem or HydraMaster, Peak gtx or boxxer 423

    Just want some opinions on which u prefer, because they both look like good machines. Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums mobile app
  18. MD'z Floors & More

    Frozen pump "I so hate the winter"

    I took my van to get transmission rebuilt & when I picked it up I found out they left it outside longer than expected... So I picked it up everything looked ok. So later I was @ a job site set everything up and my solution line busted! So fixed that came back to finish job couldn't get any water...
  19. MD'z Floors & More

    Holy Toledo!!

    It's going to be -16 tonight!! This weather is killing my pockets, my phone is also negative... Negative for business calls!! Gotta love Ohio weather right! (Sarcastic comment) Spring where are you!!!!???
  20. MD'z Floors & More

    Quick Books

    Anyone use quick books if so how do you like it??
  21. MD'z Floors & More

    Chemical meter injection

    Maybe a question I should already know the answer to... But what is the exact purpose of this?? To keep chemical from damaging and out of pump right? & How much of a priority is to you??