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  1. Sabyl Nate

    Weird Air Leak - Performer 405

    Welp, the hits just keep coming. Here's the latest debacle. Yesterday I lost water pressure at the wand. Went out and checked the waterbox and noticed it was really low. Fresh water was coming in, but kind of sputtering. I went to the front of the machine, disconnected the water supply and...
  2. Sabyl Nate

    Performer 405 - Engine turning but doesn't want to fire up

    Hey guys, I have a bit of a situation with my Performer 405 (A-12). For the last few days I'm having a hard time getting it to fire up. It cranks and cranks, and occasionally it will fire up but only for a split second and then immediately dies. I'm occasionally able to get it going if it...
  3. Sabyl Nate

    Performer 405 Pressure Regulator Replacement

    Hello Hello, Just wondering if anybody has ever swapped out the original Pressure Regulator on a 405 with one of the newer replacements. With no obvious way to connect it into the manifold, I'm stumped. It seems in would be water pump, out would be to vacuum exhaust heat exchanger, but with...