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    Opinions on push pull wands

    So I found out that both of my shoulders are shot may need surgery in one of them So I'm thinking of trying a push pull style wand. I had a bonzer it was stolen lol I did like it but wasn't in love didn't get to try it very much. Never have touched a zipper I really like the look of the Bentley...
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    Going down the rabbit hole!!!!

    Just think about what we do. At its simplest form we suck dirt from carpet!! But is that really all we're doing?!! really break down the act of of per vacuuming alone. can actually be broken down into the complexity of its parts. look at how many times there's discussions on how to apply...
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    Water filtration/deionization

    Before we went to EMT we used to have a water softener and water pre-filter are truck And honestly I kind of miss it. I want to keep my mytee escape lite flexible so I would like to have something that would be easy to unload with the van I found this I was wondering if anybody else has...
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    Zx come on give some real info!!!

    Has anybody gotten real world numbers on the Zx? Is it really new? Or is it just a pre-existing 6.6 two stage that has been relabeled. can anybody show a sticker on their ZX showing what the numbers are like for example model number production number or etc. Cuz I haven't seen a sticker on one...
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    Curious about boosters

    Hey there guys this is just I'm curious about everyone's experience with their different boosters So how was your experience with the Cross American booster Cross American Jaguar cub Mytee Air Hog Kleenrite booster Viking booster And any other someone can think of What was its features what...
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    Wow kittens are dangerous

    My daughter got bit buy a kitten and has been in the hospital for 5 days with an infection on her finger!!! The doctors are acting like she could use lose use of her hand. She's been on IV antibiotics the whole time that she got there!! The thing is when you look at it it looks like nothing like...
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    Looking for a new machine what should the guts look like

    Unfortunately I had a machine that didn't work out for me oh well such as life I was wondering if you guys could send me some pics of the insides of your machines yes I'm looking for an EMT / portableI'm am looking to avoid things that are poorly made
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    Heat exchanger for sale!!!!

    I'm accepting reasonable offers on this heat exchanger from a power clean Genesis It is a exhaust to water heat exchanger has been pressure tested no leaks. Please feel free to make a reasonable offer I am happy to put it in someone's hands that can use new heat exchanger
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    Cat 3 pump

    Here's a cat 3 pumps for sale open to reasonable offers
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    56 blower for sale

    Is the number 56 blower for sale I'm open to reasonable offers I just want it out of my garage lol
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    Is it worth keeping a crazy customer with impossible expectations

    I have a client that I've had for well over 20 years they always pay their bills but they take up the majority of my time for my janitorial business. I don't know what to do with themit's to the point where I can't even hire staff to clean the facility there so picky any advice would be greatly...
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    How to make a little giant hot water heater

    Here's a video of a super safe awesome hot water heater you guys could make yourself and keep in your van Please make sure that you're my local competition lol
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    Little Giant repair

    Here's another Little Giant did I repaired if we'll make number three for the year lol Guys don't let them freeze!!!!
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    Rotovac New motors

    So rotovac just came out with these new ZX motors just throwing it out there
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    Grout master!!!!

    That stupidly amazing grout Master commercial my son and I were at work and a customer came up and asked us do you have something that I can use to take out------ It was out skipping a beat we both said grout master Seriously one of the funniest forms of promotion I've seen Grout master!!!!!
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    Swivel or no swivel

    So here's my dilemma I have a match 15 titanium top handle. That I have cut down to my heights and put a wander side handle on it. It is a very comfortable wand the only thing it doesn't have is swivel. Is there a swivel kit that anyone is aware of? Is swivel beneficial or do you guys not care...
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    Swivel or no swivel

    I have a titanium pmf match 15 top handle that I cut down to my heights and put a wander handle on it the only thing I don't like about it is no swivel. Does anybody know of a swivel kit? Or is swivel not all that beneficial? Should I just sell it and go with a TMF? For the most part I use...
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    Biggest job you've ever done without help!!!

    Well I feel like I'm going to die. I just got done at a 40,000 square foot building I started early and it late everybody else had the day off because it was a holiday
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    Mytee and John LaBarbera superhero or supervillain

    I'm just putting this out there I think of mytee is a hero!!! as well as John LaBarbera!!! I hear a lot of negativity but let's face it they started lot of people in the businesses. Some people rag on them and they might not always have the best stuff but they always an option whether it's good...
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    You don't always need to pre spray!!!!!

    Yep I'm going there guys you don't always need a pre spray sometimes you just need a nice mild detergent in your extractor tank and have at it on those lightly soiled jobs. So go ahead and start ripping a new one
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    Making a new truckmount out of junk

    So here's the long and the short of a guys I have a lot of leftover parts from truck mounts over the years I'm going to be fabric cobbling one together I have a good working number 56 blower And a great cat 3 pump with electric clutch that also works I also have a couple of nasty old heat...