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  1. JeremyB

    Devpro, swivel life

    Hey all, So looking at pulling the trigger (pun intended) on a devpro 6 jet swivel. Question being, how well do the swivels last? Regular greasing is essential I believe but as swivel wands are near non existent is Aus I come here for advice. Not interested in the current politics regarding...
  2. JeremyB

    TMF stone experts, Confirm my ID

    Ran into this bad boy when quoting other work, never seen the like before. Marble though, yes? Customer asked about refinishing, local stonemason was supposed to put them in contact with someone to do it. That was 12 months ago.
  3. JeremyB

    One for the 'on the side' starters.

    Hey all, a feedback thread for those that started a carpet cleaning (or mixed service business) on the side to maintaining a full time employed position elsewhere. At what point did you decide to go 'all in'? Was it a revenue based decision? Redundancy from employment tip the scales? Share...
  4. JeremyB

    Anybody here served on this vessel?

    Anybody? Figured there were a few veteran turned carpet cleaners and it's 12 years old and no longer in service with the US.
  5. JeremyB

    Cleaning hard wood floors

    Hey all. Away from laptop and just looked at a timber floor that a customer would like cleaned. Wanted to run my approach by those who have done it more than I. Mostly builders grime after renovations so was thinking vacuum through twice, slightly damp flat mop to get anything vacuum missed...
  6. JeremyB

    Expansion by acquisition or organic, what would you do?

    Hey all, so I am looking at purchasing an existing carpet cleaning business that is predominantly residential and employing a tech to run it. I hold down a full time job elsewhere and am trying to build a business not just employ myself I shop out employees on most general cleaning work now...
  7. JeremyB

    Quick ID needed

    On this tile, its about half an inch thick no discernible layers. Gut tells me terrazzo but would like to be 100% Thank you
  8. JeremyB

    Amtex dimensions

    Hi all, a while ago I emailed Amtex equipment enquiring about unit dimensions and weights but never heard anything back. Is anyone able to post up some dimension of their units along with a note on which waste tank it has? Weights would be awesome too if anyone knows. Given we are looking to...
  9. JeremyB

    Used Steamway 4100lx, anyhing I should know?

    Hi all, So for months and years (in fact I joined this site whilst pondering the same question) I have been looking for a second hand truckmount to buy. Being in Aus they dont come up all that regularly and very rarely without being in a vehicle, anyway I have come across a 4100lx unit for sale...
  10. JeremyB

    Which way to swing? CRB, Cimex, OP?

    Hoping for some input from those that have done this before. I currently use a 175 for all VLM cleaning but have a job coming up which could net me a marked increase in commercial work. If this work comes my way then I will need to speed things up as the work is after hours and hours working...
  11. JeremyB

    Who here has renamed/re-branded their existing business?

    Hi all, so after getting into this gig via general commercial cleaning and adding on carpet cleaning, tile and grout services. I am toying with the idea to rename and re-brand the business to reflect the changes that have taken place since starting. Main reason being that the current name 'Clean...
  12. JeremyB

    Help me help my customer

    Hi all, So I am trying to woo a rather large (for me) client who is the facility manager for an aged care home close to where I live. I performed a demo last week with just a straight encap clean with a locally available and Aus made chemical. (Research Products All Round) but whilst the client...
  13. JeremyB

    How does everyone work out consumable costs for bids?

    Hi all, working through a proposal for a Govt. site and part of it is providing toilet consumables and this figure is included in the bid total. How do I tackle it? Everything I have done thus far has been billed as it has been required but it doesn't work that way for Govt. work. Any help...
  14. JeremyB

    unsealed VCT and ingrained concrete/plaster dust

    Hey all, so I got a phone call yesterday from an Indian guy wanting me to clean the floor in his about to be opened restaurant. Checked it out and from what I could see (there was stuff all over the place) it looked relatively straight forward, asked him if he wanted a finis applied and he said...
  15. JeremyB

    Help on tender needed

    Hi all, I am looking to lodge a tender for an upcoming opportunity providing janitorial cleaning for a Government department and was hoping to pick some brains on here for information relating to required workforce based on the area to be cleaned. Area is 1217sq mt (4000sq ft) across four...
  16. JeremyB

    Would you seal this?

    Small arcade I have recently acquired has asked for a quote to scrub this textured floor and possibly seal it as well. My initial thought is sealing may be a poor idea but I have a feeling is they may insist, thought? Sent from my GT-P3110 using TMF Forums mobile app