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    3x 8.4’s crushing drums

    Trying to make an interceptor tank to collect debris with my gutter vac. Looks like I’m gunna need something stronger!
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    240 volt LX motors

    I've just finished retrofitting lx motors into 2 portables..All I can say is Wow! I cant wait to get some hours on them and see how it goes. It's so hard to believe these tiny motors have so much suction. Thanks to Mytee for the hassle free international shipping.
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    Orbot lifespan?

    I'm considering purchasing a second hand orbot here in NZ, it looks reasonably tidy however is it wise to pay just under 50% of its new retail price for something that old ?..any thoughts ? Price: $3000 + GST Hos Orbot (No Sprayborg) With Weights Approx 5 ½ Years Old RRP New $5900 + GST...