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  1. rob allen

    What do you do to retain clients?

    What are some things you do to retain clients?
  2. rob allen

    New Stanley Steemer Scam

    Look how this moron's boss views things and how his moron emplyee parked his truck. SMDH
  3. rob allen

    Making 20 TMF Swivel Wands-Color requests?

    Made 12 wands last week and they sold out in 72 hours. Making 20 now. What’s your color preference? Pics/Video/Options click here...
  4. rob allen

    Average sq ft per hr doing HWE?

    On average, how many sq ft can you clean per hour?
  5. rob allen

    Carpet cleaners before glides

    Most these days can’t relate. [emoji28]
  6. rob allen

    The new TMF Profire and Starfire Truckmounts! (Vids included)

    I’ve always dreamed of building my perfect truck mount, two truck mounts actually, a 1-Wand and 2-Wand system. But why? Because I was tired of stinky, unreliable, and under-powered machines that rotted out in a few years. As a cleaner of 40 years, I know how damaging downtime can be. Most todays...
  7. rob allen

    I’d like to apologize to everyone here

    After growing the TMF brand I have become insensitive and over controlling. I did not realize this until a few members brought it to my attention. Feel free to discuss whatever you like with only 3 rules; No racism No sexism No violence I realize this forum was started by me but it was...
  8. rob allen

    What's your thoughts on door hose reels?

    Trying to maximize space in my new Nissan NV. Thinking about using door reels. Anyone run door reels, have pics and any suggestions of how to run them? I am a fan of live solution reels also.
  9. rob allen

    Wine party went wrong

    Wine party went wrong. Would you pre treat the wine and then clean or clean then treat? PS:Both those Prochem’s are for sale. Both have brand new non leaking engines. .
  10. rob allen

    Tech dropped his tile wand on hardwood floor

    One my long time techs dropped his tool on a clients handmade hardwood floors. He let her know and now she wants us to repair it. Rightfully so. Any suggestions?
  11. rob allen

    Did you "spin-off" or were you a "start-up" company?

    Did you “spin-off” from another CC company or were you a “start-up” with no experience? If you were a “spin-off” do you ever bad mouth them?
  12. rob allen

    Client had all furniture on skidders...

    Do you charge extra? 3 of the 4 rooms everything piled into one corner room. What would you say or do?
  13. rob allen

    Goodbye Prochem, forever...

    Goodbye Prochem, forever. This is difficult for me to write as we’ve been together so long but it’s time for us to break off our toxic relationship. You were good back in the day but it is time for me to move on. I know your feelings will be hurt but please try to remember the good times we had...
  14. rob allen

    Featured Super private profit group

    Super private, super profitable and super cool. Check it out!
  15. rob allen

    Here we grow again

    Picked up this Nissan just now. Going hi top for the 1st time. Going to put the new TMF dual wand Truckmount in it. Hope you all having a great year and watch for the new release coming soon!
  16. rob allen

    Sneaky and lying clients

    Receptionist and I are going over the schedule for tomorrow. She has an appointment for 2 rooms. He let her know he “spilled some water” in one room and it needs microbial. She asked where did it come from. He said “I just spilled some water”. Cough cough...year right. What would you do from here?
  17. rob allen

    Oddly shaped bathroom estimate

    Went and did an estimate for this oddly shaped bathroom & shower yesterday. I have worked up an estimate to clean all walls and floor, clear seal all walls and color seal floor. Let’s compare pricing. First, what do you think my estimate was? And would you “package deal” it all to help close the...
  18. rob allen

    Running new Sapphire/Prochem on high voids warranty?

    There is a member on TMF FB page that says “his warranty is voided if he runs his machine on high unless using dual wands”. That seems incredulous. Anyone have a copy of the warranty? He says “it won’t outperform his old 870” and “they won’t say the CFM’s”. Is this all true?
  19. rob allen

    Dangers of referring others

    Went did an estimate high end home for all carpets, tile and furniture and landed it. She needed tub work so I referred it out to a long time acquaintance who owns large tub refinishing company. In past he’d sent his employees and everything worked out fine. This time he lost his estimator and...
  20. rob allen

    TMF platform & Admin respect

    Please show respect for TMF platform and admins. Any "public disrespect" will result in 24 hour ban. If have an issue with anyone including admins, private message an admin. If "digs" persist may result in permanent ban. Thank you.
  21. rob allen

    Buying turn key Truckmount & Van

    What does everyone think of us building out 100% turn key van and TMF truck mounts? From rhino liner to reels to shelves and all tools? A one wand system and two wand system, just fly in and drive away. Also what vans? I love my Nissans and would prefer a 2500 or 3500 low top for one wand and a...
  22. rob allen

    Others perceptions of you

    In early elementary school I had to have a speech therapist for years. I overheard her tell a colleague that I would never speak properly. In high school I wanted to date a cheerleader, they said she’s out of your league. I was also voted least likely to succeed. I didn’t graduate. I was told by...
  23. rob allen

    Immigrant carpet cleaning start up

    TMF member Dmytriy Patalakha stopped by our TMF location. He has been following me and learning for a year. He just got a new machine and getting his business going. Earned his citizenship and now going for the American dream. Let’s all wish him well.
  24. rob allen

    Law of reciprocation

    Fascinating back story about Carlos Junior Gomez just now. He is a roofer who had a small portable for roof leaks. Looked on YouTube to learn carpet cleaning and found me. Then the forum and now here on FB group. Took my course and now is a carpet cleaner with some great before and afters. Funny...