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    Who is the best in central northern new jersey?

    I am looking for the best carpet cleaner in somerset/ hunterdon county new jersey. This is for my personal home. I used to be an active member here when we did carpet cleaning but since we went in to the restoration buisness full time I have not been on so much. I still own a truck mount we use...

    Angie's List

    Who has or is advertising with angies's list? Are you happy with the return on investment? How much are you spending? They are offering me packages between $400-$1500 per month.

    Any storm chasers coming to nj?

    If this storm is a direct hit or even close to last years storm (Irene) NJ will be in serious trouble. Feel free to contact me for possible leads. We had between 200-300 calls a day the first few days last year.

    18 wheeler had fire in trailer need chemical options

    A moving company un loaded part of its load and someone left dropped a ciggarette on a moving blanket and the driver didn't know it and closed the door and went on his way. The trailer has light soot damage and a heavy odor of smoke. I am on a tight schedule for this one we are going to have to...

    What pad on wool carpet

    I am cleaning about 5000sf of wool carpet this weekend. I will be using a cimex with ds2. My question is what pad should I use? I have white, gray, and bonnets in stock. It is not heavily soiled just been sitting vacant for about 7 years.


    Does anyone know of a good place to purchase glycol?

    El Diablo Rant

    I have around 900 hrs in the El Diablo and enjoy the heat vac and overall reliability even though alot of components and parts do seem to be sub par. In the last 2 weeks i have blown 3 hoses on the TM itself and a good year pressure hose today that is only about 3 months old. I do not run the...

    Auquadry heat drying trailer

    I just picked up an aquadry mp6 heat drying trailer. I will be attending a heat drying school in the next month or 2 just have not committed yet since my lead tech just had a heart attack and need to be sure he is ok or replaced before I leave town. I know the basic sience of heat drying but do...

    pics for new brochure

    Does anyone have any hi res pics of flood extraction, mold remediation, fire damage, sewage cleanups? I am trying to put a new brochure together and have taken most of mine with the i phone and just not going to print well because of the camera quality. If you can help me out please send them...

    New box truck build

    My new truck was delivered about 2 weeks ago and wanted to show the progress of the build so far. The major things are done but still have to install more shelving, tool boxes, and tons of other stuff. Enjoy ask any questions you may have.

    Can I turn my non electric vac reel electric?

    I have a few vac hose reels laying around and thinking of making one electric if it is not to much trouble. If it is a pain I will just buy one. If anyone has a parts list of what is needed please send it to me. Also looking for a good low profile solution reel to hold 250-300 ft. I see jondon...

    selling my box truck and sewage extractor on ebay

    Starting bid is $4500 no reserve 99 e350 500 gallon tank check it out local pick up only. we finaly got our new isuzu deliverd and its time for this to go..

    odor from grease trap overflow?

    I am bidding a job that had a grease trap overflow. It is about 1000 sf in a concrete crawl space. What product would be the best for odor after the cleanup? I was thinking of using PRS Odor Control Biological Based Odor Treatment. please let me know your thoughts pics of grease and a pic...

    proof of new truck wrap

    Just got this proof for the new truck wrap. Still waiting on the art work for the back door. I like it but may want to change some of the pics. If anyone has any ideas to make it better or better pics please let me know.

    State Farm and mortgage companys

    In the last couple of weeks state farm has been putting morgage companys on checks that normally would not need be. Im talking small checks 1-3g's I am used to seeing it on larger claims but never the small stuff. I have gotten 2 like this one of them had 4 morgage companys listed. It is going...

    Extrenal gas tank on diesel truck for gas truck mount

    I just ordered a 2001 npr ecomax Diesel and looking for a gas tank option for the truck mount. I have looked at spun aluminum tanks on ebay...

    looking for pics of box trucks

    Looking into setting up a new box truck soon and would like to see pics of how everyone is setting them up. Also if anyone knows where to get some nice strong shelving to hold blowers. Im looking for the shelving to be up hi near the top of the box so not to waste any space below. I know their...

    best place for mold certification class's?

    I am looking for a good place to send a coupe of guys to get certified in mold inspection, and technican certification. I am located in NJ so would like somthiing on the east coast if possible. I see so many companys offering classes and can not decide were or what classes are needed. I have a...

    gymnasium matts?

    I will be giving an estimate on some matts in a gymnasium and never cleaned anything like this before. From what they have described to me is they are foam matts with carpet on top. Would this require and special cleaning or chemicals or do you think it can be pre sprayed and cleaned like...

    Finger print dust?

    I have a job in the morning that was a crime scene and they got finger print dust on the carpets. Looking for some advise on how to remove it. Thanks in advance

    water damage job I did today

    just a quick pic of a job we did today

    considering sale of 99 e350 and 500gallon extractor

    i am thinking of replacing my 99 e350 140,000 miles the extractor was built by a local company it has a 3cyl cabota diesel engine, 500 gallon tank 350 for waste 150 for fresh water. I use this truck for restoration and sewage. I am thinking of purchasing a new truck since a good deal has came my...

    E fax

    I'm in the market for a Internet based fax service sine I'm not always in the office and was looking a company called efax you get a regular phone number and the faxes are sent to you in your email so you can view them anywhere on the road, and cell phone. Not everything I recive needs to be...

    insurance coverage

    It is time to pay this years insurance premium for my general liability and wanted to talk to another broker to be shure I am covered properly. He is trying to clasify my buisness under enviromental services. I do carpet cleaning and water restoration and dont know what coverage I really need...


    The people at odorox have been trying to get me to try there units for a while now and they droped off 2 demo units for us to try. I decided to try one on a aprtment that had smokers in there for only 4 mounths. It had a heavy odor of smoke but thought that the odorox machine would clean it up...