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    Truckmount 12v APO

    I am tired of replacing the impaler in my Jabsco pump, its casing is brass and now it leaks big time but I don’t want to get the same one. What are you guys using?
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    Is this cleanable?

    This building had a water flood, a heater pipe broke and flooded some areas in 6 floors, they had a water damage company dry the walls and carpets, they asked me if I can clean their these, how would you clean them? It looks like rust in some areas and also some areas look bleached?
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    Someone modified my invoice, fraud?

    We recently did a make-ready cleaning of a mobile home that was sold to some friends of my wife and I, I submitted the invoice to the real estate agent who sold it to them and who hired us. First time working with this agent. Today I received a check from an escrow company with a copy of one of...
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    20” Whittaker CRB for sale

    Hi all, I have a used 20” Whittaker CRB for sale. It’s in optimal working conditions, it’s got the blue brushes. It might benefit from having the gears lubricated, I never did it. It works as it should, scuff marks from many battles on the field. Make me a reasonable offer.
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    Floor ID, Stone or man made?

    A customer used this on his condo hard floor to “seal it”. He moved out of it and is gonna rent it, we were going to clean the condo and the carpet, hard flooring just mopped, he didn’t want us to do “deep clean” it and sealing. My wife and her crew are “make-ready” cleaning it today, she...
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    Swivel stair tools

    I am looking to get a nice, comfortable (easy on my back) stair tool, I saw a video of a modified PMF stair tool in use that looks like something I wanna have. What’s your preferred stair tool?
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    Versamatic 18”, any good?

    I have a Royal 18” that I love, it’s a beast. My wife needs vacuum machines with hose/wand, she uses proteam 1500xp, she wants to get a Versamatic 18” because of the extra coverage but we have no experience with that model, are they any good?
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    Add peroxide to encap juice?

    I ran out of encapuclean O2, I can’t get more soon enough. I have a comercial carpet cleaning job that has some pet stains, I will get some regular encap solution and I could get some liquid peroxide from Sally’s and add some to my mix. Volume 40 or volume 20? How much of it per gallon? TIA.
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    Best financing interest rate for new TM

    What is the best interest rate you have gotten for financing equipment and from whom? I know, it depends on a lot of factors but obviously those who have gotten great rates is because they have good credit scores, been in business a long time etc. I am interested to learn who gave you the best...
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    TMF acid rinse question

    How much powder would I have to mix to make a concentrated 1 gallon of liquid TMF acid rinse to be injected using a Nautilus portable with chemical injector with 256:1 metering tip? I prespray all of my carpet so I mainly use this rinse to balance PH, let’s say then that I don’t need the...
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    Tile issues

    I got an email from a construction contractor whom we do cleaning jobs for, they want me to evaluate this tile and advise if I can fix, I am setting an appointment to see it but, what do you guys think it is based on the photo below? Email: “Scope: Tile that is causing issue is in the tile...
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    Hard water deposits on granite

    We were asked to clean, just clean this deposits from granite, they don’t want polishing o anything else. This is a restroom in an office, they have a cleaning crew but apparently they don’t know how to handle this, evidently neither do I [emoji23]. Anyway, they want us to get those deposits...
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    Mold in shower

    We were asked to clean a shower that evidently has mold, is this job small enough that we can safely do? They only want us to clean it. We are not treating to avoid reoccurrence, or should we? What precautions should we take in case we indeed take this job? Should we even take this job? TIA.
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    Rust spots on shower metal grab bar

    We are cleaning an apartment for a construction contractor, they did some remodeling and we’re making it ready for the resident. Contractor wants to know if we can clean some metal in the shower that has some rust spots. Am thinking “Bars Keepers Friend”. Do you have a better suggestion as far...
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    $150 each for cleaning these two pieces too low?

    I don’t do much upholstery. Someone wants me to clean these and sent me photos, he wants it done today which I can do. $150 each too low? Any precautions on this type of material? As you can see those have been neglected.
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    JGB Eaglewash solution hose, any good?

    Anyone uses JGB solution hose? Is it any good?
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    First paid carpet patch, advice?

    I am cleaning this carpet next week and PM asked if I could patch it, I said yes. [emoji51] This will be my first paid patches work, any advice? Am thinking keeping it small, maybe round patches?
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    Cimex hose size and material?

    Does anyone know what the correct size of the cimex dispensing hose is? Is it latex? Mine damaged and had to cut it shorter, its barely long enough, I need to find a replacement.
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    Mytee t-Rex pad driver, anyone uses it?

    I have a 175 but wondering if I should just get a pad driver for my T-Rex and bring it into jobs with both extracting head and pad driver in case I need to bonnet after HWE as opposed to bringing two machines in. Anyone uses their t-Rex with the pad driver to either power scrub or to bonnet?
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    Best time of year to catch deals on new TM

    I have an old Hydramaster Maxx 450, it works good but am constantly fixing broken things on it, I want to get a new TM but I can wait until the time is “right”. What i mean is that I’d like to catch a good deal like when manufacturers or distributors have to move inventory. Looking at the Titan...
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    Little giant or similar heater rental?

    I have a commercial job coming up and would like to use my nautilus and heat the water but don’t have a heater [emoji51]. Does anyone know any tool rental companies that has them? Job is in Daly City California, near SF.
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    Is Bona Hardwood cleaner good to be used with compact scrubber?

    I need some hardwood cleaner on the fly for tomorrow morning and I can only get Bona from Home Depot. Would it do a good job at cleaning with a compact scrubber? I usually use Basic Coatings Squeaky but am out of it and can’t get some early enough. [emoji51] I also have a 175 and red and white...
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    Maxx 450 water temperature

    I have been noticing my maxx 450 is dumping too much fresh water into waste tank. I just serviced my dema valve. What thing or things might be causing water overheating? I know weather is hot but I have to stop in the middle of a job to dump water.
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    Carpet patching practicing, what tools should I get?

    I got a some carpet that was ripped off of an apartment to start practicing doing patches. What tools should I get? Also, when doing small patches, what shapes should I cut and patch,? what are the most difficult types of carpet to patch and make the patch blend in unnoticeable?
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    Glue footprints on carpet, how to remove?

    Am sure this has been discussed before but here I go, how would you approach this? I was asked if I can remove them, commercial carpet, I haven’t committed yet. This building has some offices being remodeled and am thinking this is some flooring glue.