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    What’s the maximum temp for cleaning wool?

    I’ve cleaned wool rugs (by accident) at 240° and nothing happened. Is that ok?
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    How do you price furniture moving?

    The way I currently handle it is that my pricing is high enough to where I have time to move a few items of furniture. But if the customer wants a lot of furniture moved, I feel like I'm not raising my price enough. I've heard of people who charge 2 to 3 times more per room if they're moving all...
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    Effective POG that doesn’t smell bad?

    I’ve been using Breakdown by Matrix for years. It’s proved incredibly effective in getting out grease, oil, paint, tar, etc. However, it STINKS to high heaven and it bothers my customers sometimes. Can somebody recommend a product that has the same function without the awful smell? Thanks!
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    Tiered packages or one pricing structure?

    I’m new here, so thanks in advance for your help! I currently offer square foot/per job pricing for carpet, upholstery and tile. I’ve been told I need to do 3 packages (good, better and best style) but I’m having some issues trying to put that together. One struggle is that we offer [VERY]...