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    Yorba Linda ca

    Who is a good cleaner near Yorba Linda that has an opening early tomorrow morning
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    Cleaned this. Had a lot of yellow spots/spills. Lady wasn't sure if it was coffee it urine don't smell like urine but the placement seemed like urine. I pre sprayed with Hattian cotton shampoo and acid extracted. Sum dry. Still yellow. Hit with USR. Still yellow. Do I go stain magic or go strong...
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    Can I mess up porcelain?

    I did a tile job yesterday. Lady said this shine shouldn't be on here. Couldn't really tell if it was porc or ceramic but she said porc. It looked like maybe some mop and glow or something but didn't really bubble up or scratch. I cleaned as usual but still had this shine on it. It was the...
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    My stone pros

    I have about 20' x 3' of blackish granite counter top to clean this week. It's in nice condition, I have the Makita and a few stone pro products. It's there an middle of the road type job I can do, not total restorative like on the Stone Pro video. Was thinking the cleaning compound then the...
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    Allergic to carpet?

    Got a call from a lady who had some new carpet installed in November, says she is have some allergic reaction (respiratory). She want me to come in and clean it to see if will help. Anyone heard of this? I mean November install and still having issues in late March? I was thinking just and acid...
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    Does anyone still even go here?

    Or has it all went to Facebook? Brand new cgd, olefin. Cabinet guy got some epoxy something on it, went and bought so "tall can with a brush and foam stuff" and then they called me. I rinsed, then spotted then rinsed w Endzone. Still saw a shade. Hit with Fels then rinsed. Let dry. Still a...
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    What are your guys his procedures and go to cams on a vomit callout say a kid has the flu throws up a few times on the carpet what is your procedure and steps for cleaning this mess
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    Translation please?

    I'm i Trippn or do Mexicans get to use less chem than me? This is the label the n my CTI prozyme Looks like in Spanish 16 oz 8 scoops English 18 oz 9 scoops
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    Let's see you Valentine

    Almost 10 years with this lovely
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    She wants me to bleach it

    Her cotton sofa was pretty dirty, after I cleaned it 2 times with Haitian cotton, most of the sofa is super white but one arm and some of the back is still a little tinged, I tried HC, reducer, acid, brown treat etc. She asked if I could bleach it, I heard someone once used cotton fringe...
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    Boxing ring

    Cleaning a boxing ring. Already sprayed with fine fab and rinsed with acid but blood stains still there. Hit with stain magic for wool but didn't get blood out. I think it's cotton duck? Someone said? Should I used Haitian cotton Shampoo on this?? What for the blood?
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    Do I screw up?

    On job now. Cleaned this sofa. Pre sprayed with fine fab pre spray with a dab of citrus solve. Horse hair brush in, used my SS continuous flow with all fiber deep clean rinse. Looks worse than when I started. I know cotton/linen can do this. I have fans on it now but still looks yellowed. Tag...
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    Is this possible in 2015?

    I have a buddy who used to be a phone salesman for the infamous Z Best carpet cleaning, he said in the mid 80s he would take the white pages and call 500 people a day and scheduling around 180 of those. I'm not sure the accuracy but he is retired now and offered to do same for me if I get him a...
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    I need to diversify

    Putting floods out of the question, and I can't afford a rug spa, plus a guy just beet me to it, where do you think the highest profit is in? Wood or Stone. There's a lot of stone in my area, was looking at honing and some repair. Thoughts
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    New Chems?

    I hear Chemspec is coming out with a new line. New labels and adding citrus to their pre spray. Anyone tried them yet?
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    Worth the upgrade?

    I've been so torn the last few months on when and what to upgrade. My van, 1994, 102k, blue line champ 1600 hours. Makes me money. I have fixed a lot of stuff on van and machine in the past few months. I have it on CL for $8,250 but is prolly take the first $7500. I want to make an upgrade...
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    On. The job vct

    Doing this 15 year old vct. Upped the stripper to 2x strength. Dirt is coming off but this glue like grime isn't. It was an old Ace HW store the lines are where the shelves were. Spraying on stripper, 175 w black pad them sx at 800 psi rinse
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    Is this a good deal/guess the price

    2005 Chevy 2500 122k miles Prochem Peak 2,200 hrs One owner Van ready to go, always maintained, hoses,reals, Chem rack. Prochem wand and stair tool. Clean Guess the price then I will reveal later
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    who owns a new 570?

    my buddy just bought one but he is having a few issues, fresh water tank (120 gal) no float, just and adjustment, cant seem to adjust between too much income and water over flow to not enough has a lock nut to regulate vac power, has it wide open but still not enough vac after doing Uph, water...
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    my connectors always leak

    seems like my solution and fresh water hose connectors (male/female) only last a motn or 2 and the start leaking, where can I get some quality parts? are the stainless worth the extra $$
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    I didn't know my butt from a hot rock

    My 2014 year in review. I joined TMF in Nov of 2012 when I bought my van and TM, I carried a porty with me in the back because I had no idea how to run my TM, much less if something went wrong. You guys might snicker at all of the which pre sprays do I use or what wand works best posts but I ate...
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    I want to up grade!

    Running my blue line champ. 1500 hours. Just dropped about $1000 in it fixing leaks and other stuff. 3 weeks later it's starting to leak again. Was looking at the 570. My buddy just installed his. Says its a difference maker! I'm looking to finance it. 9% 60 mos. 2k down. Machine is 24,500...
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    older couple just bought a nice sized 2 story house, all empty, I went in and cleaned 750 sqft of trav, it was like the MGM Grand in there, both smoked in the house, she says, we have a 3 story that we are moving out of, its getting cleaned and the ducts cleaned out ("me and my husband both...
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    Can I even do this?

    "Do you clean hardwood floors? Have a customer with about 400 square feet of oak floor. The cleaning woman has been using orange gold. It is now starting haze up and look waxy" Can I do this with pads and solution? Price? Thanks!