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  1. Clean-n-mean

    CRB VS.............HEAT!!!

    Watched a Truman Steamers video earlier this evening. He professed with the proper chemistry he did NOT need to use a CRB machine. He said his heat would take the place of a CRB. I did notice he really had to slow the wand down. Slower then what I run my wand at after using my CRB...
  2. Clean-n-mean

    Whats your fav quick release fittings??

    I have mostly brass ones and I hate em. A few of them just dont want to go together even when theres no pressure!! I know their probably Chinese fittings. I purchased a stainless set and what a difference!!! Talk about precision compares to the brass 1/4 fittings! Was at the new JonDon...
  3. Clean-n-mean

    Anyone using silicone??

    Are any of you guys using silicone to secure your thread on fittings to your vac hoses?? Mine tend to back off at times and I need to thread them back down. I use the hydroforce fittings and like them alot. Seems silicone may really help!
  4. Clean-n-mean

    Best hose reels for my set up?

    What do you guys recommend for my 2" vac hoses and solution lines?? I dont know anything about them but am going to need to purchase one for each. Is electric the way to go??? Any one brand over another?? Size?? Thank you
  5. Clean-n-mean

    Differenced between Robs deluxe wand and a devastator wand???

    So been looking at Robs wands. Look pretty nice. Anyway compare the two? What's your opinions?? I currently run a PMF mach 12 titanium. Pretty sweet wand. But would love to have or try a swivel and have a sight window. Thanks
  6. Clean-n-mean

    Buying some of robs unchained....

    Hi guys, Getting ready to do a house. The owner has a very old partially blind little dog. The owner told me the carpets are soiled and there are a few areas where he frequently pisses on. How do I use the unchained to get a good fresh nice smell??? So you spray it on and let it set...
  7. Clean-n-mean

    Spray scotchgaurd???

    Hi guys, I recently cleaned some furniture for a lady and she called me and wants me to scotchgaurd the couch and 8 chairs. Can I use the spray on this furniture??? I'm afraid of going to get the spray on the wood!! Can I brush scotchgaurd on the fabric with some sort of applicator...
  8. Clean-n-mean

    Mytee o-rings cracking

    I have not had my mytee booster very long. I take really good care of it. I noticed the outside o-rings on the caps are cracking up badly and apparently drying out. Do you guys use any aftermarket o rings?? I have access to Caterpillar o ring sets and may try them if the size is compatible...
  9. Clean-n-mean

    Best carpet edging tool

    I have been doing light colored carpets lately for some reason. The edges are dark!! I need to buy one of those tall edging tools. I need to save more time. What do you guys recommend? I see there are taller ones and shorter ones. I'm interested in a taller one where we can stand and...
  10. Clean-n-mean

    Upholster tool with my porty

    So i have a PMF aluminum upholstery tool with internal jet and window. It works good but I have a few questions. With my air hog, it's too much suction for the water spraying out(internal jet in pmf hand tool) so I just run one vac motor when using the airhog. Since the jets inside, it's...
  11. Clean-n-mean

    Best valve to stop rinse??

    Hi guys, You guys install a valve on your rinse line so you can cut the pressure right there instead of walking back to the machine to do it?? So you can take the line off and attach it to your hydroforce or other tool?? Wondering if there a good lightweight one out there. Thank you
  12. Clean-n-mean

    Anyone take robs rug cleaning class??

    Has anyone taken this class or seen it?? Would love to take it instead of driving far in traffic!!! Thank you
  13. Clean-n-mean

    I got my ass handed to me yesterday!!

    So my mom calls me and says to call my aunt. Her sister. They want their carpets cleaned. So I go by there. Two rooms and a hallway. Basically the rooms are hallways as well. Each side of bed and the foot of the bed leading out to the hallway. Hallway 20 feet long. Rooms are say 15x12 each...
  14. Clean-n-mean

    Mytee bentley stair tool or PMF swivel stair tool?

    Which one do you prefer and why? I'm thinking the PMF will last longer as the head is all metal. But the mytee Bentley looks really nice with the clear swivel head. I always do stairs by hand with a upholstery tool. But its very labor intensive and takes time. Eill the 30 inch long...
  15. Clean-n-mean

    Jaguar 8.4 VS Bissell crosswave VS. Rug Doctor.......

  16. Clean-n-mean


    It's not that I dont love my little oreck orbital scrubber because I do. Its scrubs well. However if I can cut the scrubbing time in half that would be a real time saver for me. Does the CRB scrub better then a orbital scrubber? Maybe. A 15-20" wide CRB machine may cut the scrubbing...
  17. Clean-n-mean

    small JOB TODAY

    Just a little bachelor apartment job today. Perfect to practice and try out some new things!! Dark brown polyester carpet. Not rat nasty but dirty. A few burn marks in carpet. Used hot water from the tub. Super close easy job. Hardest part was lugging all the equipment up to the second...
  18. Clean-n-mean

    Please school me on gum

    Ok first encounter with gum today on small bachelor apartment. Poly carpet. Brown and dirty. Not rat nasty, but dirty. I used grease eater and a boost of their citrus cleaner. Worked great. PSI at 400 with my PMF wand. Agitated probably more then I should have. Came out great, until i...
  19. Clean-n-mean

    Is it just me, or....................

    Do I see tons of guys on you tube moving their wands too fast over the carpet.?????? My perception is this: 1. You vacuum well 2. You prespray well where needed. 3. You OReck or 175 or CRB if it warrants it. 4. You extract at the correct speed. The speed to rinse well and extract ALL the dirty...
  20. Clean-n-mean

    "THIS" does not sound bad!!!

    So Donald at steambrights Volcano 3600 watt heater will raise my water temp 56 degrees on average. If I add water at 90 degrees that puts me at 146 degrees!!! Thats fairly conservative too. Plus my 2000 watt EDIC heater as well! Would I be pushing 170 degrees plus?? Sounds...
  21. Clean-n-mean

    BIO PRO 10K................BOOSTED???

    Anyone ever boost bio pro 10k??? If so, what did you boost it with and why??? COULD YOU BOOST IT WITH GROUTMASTER??? Just curious. I know rob has a cleaner that's already spiked with groutmaster. Is it stronger then the bio pro 10k?? Thanks
  22. Clean-n-mean

    Ever cut your own sight glass window?

    Just curious if anyone has cut their own hole in their wand head and installed their own sight glass window? I have the PMF titanium wand and was thinking I could cut a square dead center on top in the middle and install a piece of acrylic. Better yet, if a company building wands could do...
  23. Clean-n-mean

    Best auto top up for porty???

    I'm not going through that crap again!! Bucketing water with low pressure. Probably cost me a hour on saturday. What do you pros recommend?? Is there one where indont have to drill through my tank? Thank you
  24. Clean-n-mean

    CRB vs. ORECK XL

    How much better is a crb at scrubbing carpets then the oreck xl can do??? Just curious and wondering if the over inflated price for one is worth it. I know someone out there has so have both and knows the major differences between the two. Thank you