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  1. marco8

    3" marine hose from waste tank to Blower

    So I have a new 3" marine hose to put on but it doesn't have the reinforced wire in it. Will this hold up for awhile? before tearing crap out of old hose taking it off that needs replaced but is still doable should I hold off until I get a new hose that has the wire or put new one without...
  2. marco8

    What size v jet

    What size v jet are most using in their prochem quad jet wand?
  3. marco8

    best place and web link for replacement 20hp kohler for legend?

    with a few months before busy season thinking ahead. may spend a weekend swapping engine to my legend xl. new van and tm could be in the works as well but want this tm to carry on. anybody have a link to the specific engine that will be my best bet/price for this legend? I like the kohlers
  4. marco8

    how many hours have you heard these prochem legends go?

    wondering if im on borrowed time. sure I have had small issues here and there but machine is back to running solid. Have 5300 on this machine and cant help but think about how much longer. curious on what others have experienced with their Legends
  5. marco8

    ignition switch part # for legend xl

    Anybody know what part number or switch for replacement on Legend xl? thought I could pick up at half the cost from e bay,craigslist or local auto store.
  6. marco8

    update/engine shut off issue

    so..changed out fuel pump. I figured out I can hold engine over ride switch held over and can start and idle fast running good. as soon as I let go of over ride it dies. I can however get it to idle low w no over ride but as soon as I rev up it dies. could it be a fuel shut off solenoid or...
  7. marco8

    Engine shut off issue/ any ideas

    Have spark, fuel pump good turn engine on turns over runs for few seconds and shuts off. waste tank empty and floats not stuck up to kill engine, oil filled and in a pickle at the moment.. any ideas of any thing else that may be causing this? Kohler command 20hp legend xl
  8. marco8

    rear seal legend xl

    is this a easy replacement for do it yourselfer? what all needs to come off to get to and anyone have the replacement part number for this seal? thanks again guys!
  9. marco8

    2" I.D Marine hose

    Wheres the best place/deal to get this hose? To replace old hose from front plate vac hose hook up to waste tank.
  10. marco8

    flow jet pump switch keeps going out

    what would cause the switch to keep going out? ant ideas? thank you
  11. marco8

    Battery charging problem on legend

    I have put a new battery in and have changed the voltage regulator. keep having to run cables to van battery to legend battery. any suggestions?
  12. marco8

    5 qt jugs with side fill cap

    I have seen these jugs that have a fill cap on side of the 5 qt jugs for hydroforce sprayers somewhere. who sells these?
  13. marco8

    5 qt jugs with side fill cap

    I have seen these jugs that have a fill cap on side of the 5 qt jugs for hydroforce sprayers somewhere. who sells these?
  14. marco8

    pumpout switch question

    as earlier posted my pumpout switch is bad, do I need the whole switch assembly or just the switch magnet housing? don't want to buy what I don't need, thanks again guys!
  15. marco8

    pump out question/locked up?

    my waste tank float switch went bad. I bypassed switch to see if I had any other problems. been bad for almost a year and haven't used pumpout. so in process of bypassing to get juice to pump out all I got was a click kind of sound like it was locked. bein not used for so long and if this...
  16. marco8

    chemical pump leak

    when I turn my chemical on it leaks, the brass elbow seems to be tight that is connected to my line going to flowmeter and that's were I have my leak is by elbow. any thoughts?
  17. marco8

    shrinking wand grip

    Whats the best way to shrink the new grip on wand . Torch?
  18. marco8

    water box overflowing

    put new seal 0n piston end, put water valve back together and valve is still leaking. is it common for valves to need replaced? Would i need new piston also when getting new valve or does it come with the valve. water comin out of lid and its getting FRUSTRATING. thanks for any input.
  19. marco8

    changing blower oil

    Have a legend xl with #4 blower. is changing the oil in this simple? how much oil? thank you.
  20. marco8

    Do's and don'ts cleaning carpet tiles

    Being asked to clean few thousand ft of carpet for local hospital. They want to start maintenance program. 2/3rds of carpet are tiles. Should I be cleaning these tiles the same as my normal cleaning routine? Less water? Less heat? Any input is greatly appreciated? These carpets Are just...
  21. marco8

    installing blower silencer outlet hose

    posted earlier about silencer hose. Now time to replace. I loosened up blower and slid blower back to try to take hose off and that little hose is a stiff one and so is new one. I didnt go any further trying to take old off cause i was afraid i wouldnt be able to get new on. Whats the trick...
  22. marco8

    Blower to blower silencer hose

    is it necessary to use the marine grade hose to attatch the blower to blower silencer or is there an alternative hoe that can be used? any imformation on this will be greatly appriciated. thank you
  23. marco8

    Legend sounds louder

    I have 2400 hrs on my legend xl and it seems to be louder than it use to be to the point were customers are commenting on how loud it is. What are the common issues with this machine with it getting louder? Im sure its exaust issue but looking at exaust pipe I see no deteriation with it. any...
  24. marco8

    RX 20 & pad driver

    I have the Rx20 and also have pad driver. I have plenty of carpets that are not that trashed that I clean on quarterly bases. The last two years have been strickly hwe and clean on weekends. This contract is all related to hospital and dr. buildings and takes me several weekends to cycle...
  25. marco8

    Legend cuts out

    When I put a load on it or wand is locked down onto carpet while cleaning my motor cuts out. Starting to worry me. Schedule is full and need help trying to trouble shoot. Runs fine when just idleing. Thank you Marco