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  1. DavidB

    How would you attack this?

    Got to quote a cleaning on this floor, seems just like its polished with no topical, looking at it in person this afternoon. How would you guys clean this and what would the rate be? I'm thinking I'll scrub with 175 and a pad and rinse with multiwash
  2. DavidB

    Brush, brush and brushes....

    Had a good friend ask if I can clean his apartment, hate doing apartments, but I recently picked up an old Host T6 and decided it be a good time to try out. Took Host machine and Oreck orbiter to do the small job. Turns out orbiter is not working, humming but not turning, maybe motor is dying...
  3. DavidB

    What's a Mytee Escape worth?

    Have an opportunity to pick one up for what seems like a good price, under 200 hrs all working. What should I look for? what it's worth?
  4. DavidB

    Diy sprayer pump Is that a suitable pump for a diy sprayer?
  5. DavidB

    Is this a good deal?

    Ultimately I'm after a 500psi dual vac portable But would also like a single cord upholstery and spot machine
  6. DavidB

    How do YOU measure break even?

    Do you include the tech (including you) salary as part of it? Do you account fixed expenses and operating costs in the equation? Do you factor a profit into your minimum? I have an idea how I factor mine but I'm interested in how others look at this.
  7. DavidB

    New old guy returning to the business

    A long time ago, seems like a lifetime now, I decided to open a carpet cleaning business after having worked at a successful company. Unfortunately my start up failed due to many reasons but mostly personal, now I'm ready to get started again. I've been around the boards for a while but I'm...