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  1. bigchuckie

    Dental office

    We picked up a dental office as a weekly janitorial account. 70/30 VCT carpet. I mopped about 1500 sq ft of VCT and noticed these little black spots. scraped up a few and figured it was wax from dental impressions. The more i mopped the more I found. I ended up scraping them up with a razor. Is...
  2. bigchuckie

    Looking for a good floor finish

    Got a call from a local high end clothin store. They want us to strip/refinish almost 2k of VCT We usaully use just whatever wax most of our VCT accounts are SR centers that dont have a real maintenance plan they say just wax it. This store wants a maint plan. I dont have a Burnisher I do have a...
  3. bigchuckie

    Pullman Holt ?

    Looking at a Pullman holt 20" dual speed I dont have a clue about them Can I use it both for carpet and VCT?
  4. bigchuckie


    I know its a shot in the dark but I am looking for a used Orbot I have cash in hand I will also consider another "wheels on the floor model" PM me if you might have one I have a small Challenger that is the cats meow for residential but a wheels down model will help on my bigger commercial accounts
  5. bigchuckie

    175vs 300

    I need to be faster at encapping. I cant afford a new Orbot (yet) So what are the advantages of a 300 over a 175 if any? I plan to use tuway thin bonnets on this account Not just a scrub and run like a few others I do. I normally use a Challenger but it is too small for a 10,000 sq ft Sr center...
  6. bigchuckie


    My 175 S.T.B today I use it primarily for stripping floors. I saw a Truvox Orbis on Ebay before Does anyone know anything about them? At 66 pounds and 1.5 horse power It looks really nice thanks in advance