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  1. Jpais

    Cobb Carpet Supply

    So last week I had ordered a bottle of Stain Solv and a gallon of ultra seal (Tuesday or Wednesday) it's typically a one day ship. I figured it was just a delay due to Christmas. Well today I decided to call up and figure out what was going on. Apparently the order had been shipped to my old...
  2. Jpais

    Sapphire 570 Opinions

    Hey guys. I'm looking to buy a new truck mount. I've owned Rages and Chemspec units in the past. Now I'm looking to move on to a larger unit. But I am wondering if the unit might be a little too large. The dual wand feature seems like a time saver in residential settings when you are doing...
  3. Jpais

    My New Encap Go To Juice

    Ive tried Vacaway, Releasit, Bonnetpro, and Interlink.... But my new go to juice is Matrix Double Strength Plus. It has a wonderful Lavender scent! The product works exceptionally well and is very similar to Releasit. It pulls out spots and spills relatively easily. It leaves a nice layer of...
  4. Jpais

    Price Increase Objections

    I recently upped my job minimum from $109 to $119. I got a call in the morning from a past customer who we have cleaned for twice this year. His job is always right at the minimum. I told him that the cost would be $119. He tells me he was really wanting to stick to $109 and below and hat he...
  5. Jpais

    Direct Mail EDDM Commercial Carpet Cleaning Marketing Group

    Ok guys I'm wanting to put together a private group for commercial marketing. I've already got the sales letters needed for us to get moving. What will be required of everyone is... A) To get a list of commercial buildings such as doctors, banks, general offices, and churches. This will only...
  6. Jpais

    Lindhaus vs Powr-Scrub

    I've decided to get into doing wood floor cleaning. I've got a couple options and none of which will involve a 175. As of now I'm looking at the Lindhaus LW38 and the Powr-Scrub 16” Cylindrical Brush Scrubber. My issues with the Lindhaus is perception. If you're going to charge $1 per sqft...
  7. Jpais

    Tile Installation

    So how many of you guys do Tile Installation? Today we are working on a new install of wood ceramic in a small bathroom. It's approximately 30sqft ~ I'm really enjoying this type of work! Tomorrow we go in to do the Grout, Install The Transitions, Reset the toilet, and install the Quarter...
  8. Jpais

    Looking for 5 Guinea Pigs

    I have a marketing campaign I am wanting to test. Would like 5 Guinea Pigs. Please Stand Up 212 Ryan Kettering It is a direct marketing piece that I am wanting to share and test. If you're interested let me know. Test will involve 5,000 pieces. You must be able to pay for printing and...
  9. Jpais

    Bait and switchers do not compare to...

    The friggin dentist! Long story short I lost a filling yesterday and went to the dentist today... This dentist says I must have a root canal and can cut me a deal if he does it today.,. I left... Went to this dentist who says I don't need a root canal there is nothing there to remotely...
  10. Jpais

    Google+ Group

    Does anybody have a Google Plus profile? Lets share the +'s! Sound good?
  11. Jpais

    No Extraction... No Residue..?

    How is it possible to not extract a product and have zero residue? Here's my story... This guy was going door to door. Well I answered... Nice dude was showing me how his Product worked on car rims was really good for spots on the drive way and even carpet... He explained that all that needed...
  12. Jpais

    How To Use Angie's List

    I've seen many questions and comments about Angie's List on the board lately, so I decided to fill in some blanks for you guys and hopefully help give you a firm grasp of it. Angie's List can be a very good tool for your marketing tool box if used properly. Angie's List is that marketing venue...
  13. Jpais

    Anyone use this? Prochem ProCaps Encapsulation Machine

    Is anyone using Prochem ProCaps Encapsulation Machine Deluxe? I'm curious about cleaning residential with the encapsulation method... Anyone out there do this?
  14. Jpais

    Time to cut the cord on Angie's List

    Angie's List was a good site for a little while... Then things got weird. Felt like I was starting to get nothing but cheapos. Now I feel that I'm just paying too much. Considering when I first started to advertise there were only 5 on the list and now there's 10 advertisers. To me this is...
  15. Jpais

    Funny Chinese Restaurant Names

    What's the funniest Chinese restaurant name you can come up with or have ever seen? How about... PHAT DONG CHINESE FOOD
  16. Jpais

    I think it's time to hire someone...

    Or maybe find someone to fill in for me when I'm sick. I had a pretty full schedule today but I had to cancel / reschedule because I somehow caught a stomach bug or something. It really made me think thati needed to bring someone in just in case something like this happens. I really don't know...
  17. Jpais

    Upholstery Question

    So I've scrubbed and scrubbed and got it a lot lighter but still not all the way... I went ahead and sprayed with liquid brite to see if that will help. The lady was very happy with it but I'm a little dissappointed that I couldn't pull it all out. I'm not the very best at upholstery but I do...
  18. Jpais

    Angie's List Honor Roll

    So my Houston branch has been chosen to be apart of the Angie's List Honor Roll. Is this worth while or a waste of $$$ to be featured in Angie's List Magazine as a top service member?
  19. Jpais

    Carpet Buckling?

    Lady contacts my office saying that her carpet is buckling after we steam cleaned for her. She is trying to blame us for the problem when our technician told her it needed to be stretched. This lady moved all of the furniture out of every room and had us clean... I'm thinking it was either not...
  20. Jpais

    First BNI Meeting

    Today was my first BNI meeting and I've gotta say man was I impressed. The chapter I went to has 37 members and in 8 months time have done $1M in referrals. While I was at the meeting there were sooooo many referral slips being handed out. It was just like jeez why advertise anywhere else! You...
  21. Jpais

    The Bad Customer Review Site

    Have you ever thought that customer complaints were lopsided... Imagine if there was a site where you could review customers just like they can review your business... Just something I thought would be hilarious. Thoughts?
  22. Jpais

    Color Seal for Shower Stall

    So I've got a shower stall cleaning and sealing to do this Saturday. It's in a residential home. I'm looking for a good color sealer for epoxy grout. Will just using Color Clad be alright?
  23. Jpais

    Looking for a foaming tip or a foaming pump up need help

    Hey guys I'm looking for something make my chemicals foam up for tile shower cleaning. Please help.
  24. Jpais

    Finally completed!!!

    Fresh out the bay from being completely reengineered.
  25. Jpais

    Is it sexy?

    Carpet cleaning isn't a "sexy" item like an iPad or a new car... So many people out there tha actually believe they clean just as well with a rug doctor or a home shampooer... What are you doing to help prospects know that a little rug doctor (residue crazy!) is no where near the service you...