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  1. Raul Villalobos

    Marijuana stain?

    Hey all! We''re cleaning a residents home and they say that the son smokes weed in the closet and there's a few burn spots and a large gray discolored spot that we can't get out. Any idea how to get rid of the stain?
  2. Raul Villalobos

    Redirecting vacuum line?

    Wondering if anyone's redirected there vacuum line hookup from the blower to the back of the van. I run a Prochem Apex and the water and solution lines are live and and thought it would be much more efficient to hook up the vacuum hose at the rear of the vehicle, next to the reel, instead of...
  3. Raul Villalobos

    Northern California?

    Anybody on the forum cleaning out here? I'm new to the game and currently cleaning carpet and upholstery for a construction services company in Chico/surrounding areas and would love to meet some locals!