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  1. Dust-Go

    How to clean dirty restaurant

    The carpet in the first and last photos I posted had already been cleaned with a truckmount by another company. I own truckmounts as well and I'll let you in on a little secret, they don't take all the soils out either.
  2. Dust-Go

    How to clean dirty restaurant

    Spray, scrub, bonnet, collect check.[emoji41]
  3. Dust-Go

    Tile job browning

    Judging by those pics alone, the first thing I'd look into would be the mopping habits used to maintain the floor. It appears from your pics that the soil is traveling a few inches up the base of the wall. Generally, no one is walking on the wall, and dirt doesn't climb. Soil on the base of the...
  4. Dust-Go

    Choices of encap

    I'd recommend using an absorbent bonnet in place of, or after the fiber pad.
  5. Dust-Go

    Tile job browning

    Are you referring to the tiles themselves, or the grout? Floor only, or walls as well? Do you have any before and after pics, or anything to help show the darkening you're referring to? Sorry for the 20 questions! Just hard to provide even an educated guess without a little more details.
  6. Dust-Go

    I'm getting more commercial office jobs, Should I start encapsulation?

    I vlm clean all of my commercial accounts. Just finished up cleaning a mayor's office plus 2 other floors a little while ago. Yes, it will deliver results that you and your clients will be satisfied with. I always work away from where I'm plugging the machine in, but usually still starting at...
  7. Dust-Go

    Need advice please...

    I had the same problem with an aluminum tank. After several patches and repairs with waterweld epoxy(that all failed after a few weeks), we replaced the tank with a Mytee rotomolded tank. The Mytee tank has worked flawlessly.
  8. Dust-Go

    Have you ever used this floor wax?

    Have you ever used their untouchable finish?
  9. Dust-Go

    Have you ever used this floor wax?

    This floor was finished with 4 coats of BetcoBest LM. Fully dried with no buffing.
  10. Dust-Go

    Have you ever used this floor wax?

    It's a great finish, but seems to take forever to dry and cure. The slow drying seems to somewhat negate the labor savings that you gain from needing less coats. Make sure to apply the thinnest coats you can, using a flat mop applicator. Aside from all that, it is a great floor finish that I...
  11. Dust-Go

    Sapphire upholstery tool

    How long have you had it? Periodically, you should open it up and clean it out. Hair and lint can collect inside the head and block vacuum flow.
  12. Dust-Go

    ASO Leper spots on grout lines

    Come on, Rob. It's wet, let it dry and watch the dark spots go away. Also, are you 100% sure that porcelain is 100% non-porous?
  13. Dust-Go

    Anyone know what want this is?

    Have you called Magic Wand to ask them about it?
  14. Dust-Go

    Rv furnace

    Got a link?
  15. Dust-Go

    Crusted dirt under pile

    Scott, do you have a link to the renovators with the vac port?
  16. Dust-Go

    Does anyone know where to purchase fuel tap kits?

    Transfer flow is the manufacturer of DOT compliant fuel taps.
  17. Dust-Go

    VCT Floor Finish Problems

    How many coats of finish did you apply?
  18. Dust-Go

    Waste Tank problems

    My tank was 20 years old when it developed holes, so you're good for another year.
  19. Dust-Go

    Waste Tank problems

    I had the same problem with my tank. I plugged it with waterweld also. It got me through a few weeks then it gave out in another spot. I replaced the tank with the mytee waste tank and I love it.
  20. Dust-Go

    Inline filter

    I would say that the bag after the hydro force is a little redundant. Make sure your vacuum relief valve is functioning properly and adjusted properly. That and making sure your blower and engine are aligned correctly is the best way to get the most life from your coupler.
  21. Dust-Go

    Inline filter

    If it gets clogged, you will lose vacuum performance before you damage your machine. Your vacuum relief should allow the blower to breathe if the filter gets full. And if you aren't catching the debris in an inline filter, than your blower filter will catch it and it's much easier to clean out...
  22. Dust-Go

    175/300 Part , Need Help .