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  1. Deco

    Out of the cleaning business, still doing repairs...

    I know gas is low and the season is heating up, especially here in Dallas, I have decided to sell my van and operate from a personal vehicle and only do repairs. While I can only be so busy doing that, I have hit a wall in cleaning and just don't want to be an O/O out there by myself or with a...
  2. Deco

    Too much heat and vacuum on this couch!

    Old "velvet/corduroy" couch left with vacuum streaks likely set deeper by heat: cleaned 5 years ago. I informed the lady the streaks may be permanent and set out to get rid of them. 1. Brushed with the Handi Brush to get rid of pet hair. 2. Vacuum and another brush to remove remaining...
  3. Deco

    Cat Scratch Fever...

    Custy has cats tearing up her carpeted bar. Last guy who "repaired" the damaged area essentially had 10% of the seam tape bonded. And was now clear, the guy used a few nails and a bunch of staples. So the cats shredded the edges pretty good and snapped one of the tack strips which had two nails...
  4. Deco

    Fresh water tank plug...

    Looking at the fresh water tank plug and then back at my tool chest. I got nothing... it is 9/16 in square. Where can I find/buy the tool for the job? Sent from my SGH-M919 using TMF Forums mobile app
  5. Deco

    My logo...

    I designed it, so it is harder to critique than if I had it done by someone else. I have variations where is says carpet care etc. underneath. Changed some things for cards, shirts etc but have a good hold on the continuity. Everything is still subject to change. Any input is welcome.
  6. Deco

    Cell Phone Wars!

    The newest AppleSamsungLG phone has a retinal scanner, can turn on my blender and raise the kids but I just want a phone with great reception! :D All the cell phone wars have degraded the basic principal of manufacturers and providers making voice calls clear and reliable. The tech guys say...
  7. Deco

    Does it matter? .com .net .biz

    Does google, and the like, rank .com's as being superior to .us .biz etc? Does a .com matter to the consumer?
  8. Deco

    What is the ROI on a wrap?

    So we intend to know the ROI on our purchases and marketing efforts in order to maximize revenue and minimize capital loss. Well wraps just don't seem that cut and dry, it is hard to measure the professional appearance it may convey, the attention it may garner and bottom line the business...
  9. Deco

    Free Website for Texans!

    Not sure if this for Texas only right now, I was prompted to a link and it seems google and intuit are offering Texas businesses a free website and free hosting for one year. Intuit will auto bill after 12 months, but this should be a great way for those without a web presence to jump in for...
  10. Deco

    Chem distribution

    One thing I am currently working on is chem distribution. New company run by cleaning vets, I pitch myself and layout an area I want. Exclusivity agreement with the corp before any work is done, the B2B agreement between the corp and I is no prob. My question to anyone, especially chem...
  11. Deco

    Wordpress theme for service industry?

    I have been browsing themes for wordpress to launch a new site, so many too choose from. The over saturation is killing me. Any TMFers that designed their own site or played a part, I need some input. Clean and simple, maybe a cool slider for pics.
  12. Deco

    Todd the Cleaner meets The Dirty Army??

    Just fooling with some ideas for flyers hitting target rich environments... Military angle for the base, Christian design for the church etc etc. I checked Todd's site and didn't notice any military discount, so if you want this graphic destroyed or thread locked because it doesn't represent...
  13. Deco

    Cheap Chinese Air Movers?

    Just picked up 3 air movers, new in the box from China. :eek: 3/4 horse, three speed up to 1600rpm. They all work well, for now. I'll post pics below, just wondering if anyone uad any experience with lower grade equip. Sent from my SGH-M919 using TMF Forums mobile app