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  1. joshua noonan

    another "how much should I charge" post?

    I got called to do an estimate for a regular service at a retail locaion for 11789 sf of vct. I have done some vct in the past but usually don't get calls on this stuff, mostly do carpet cleaning. 2x a month they want a general floor cleaning Dust mop autoscrub burnish dust mop 2x a year...
  2. joshua noonan

    Tile sealing.

    What is everyone using for sealing tile and grout after cleaning?
  3. joshua noonan

    Static electricity

    I did an estimate today for an older couple that live out in a rural area on a gravel road. The problem we're having is static electricity and then think it's coming from the dust in the carpet, they vacuum regularly and the carpet looks almost brand-new even though it's about 10 years old...
  4. joshua noonan

    First time..

    How much would you charge for the windows inside and out?
  5. joshua noonan

    Maintenance plan.

    I have a commercial customer who wants to get on a maintenance plan for regular cleaning of their carpets. She wants me to write up a plan and also give me a key to the building. Question, is there anyone or anywhere I could see examples or get a template of one that's written up. Also, do I...
  6. joshua noonan

    Certification wanted

    I'm needing to get some certifications but having some trust issues. I have been carpet cleaning for almost a year and desperately wanting to get into fire and water restoration. I need to get my certifications, just not sure about it. When I took my cc tech class through the iicrc I waited...
  7. joshua noonan

    Holding tank?

    Steamway guys, what's the best way to seal off the holding tank. I use this weather stripping but have to change it all the time. Suggestions?
  8. joshua noonan

    Quoting this job. Advice please.

    Have 3191 sf strip and wax customer wants. Floors are in bad shape, the pictures show the worst areas, also appears to be a lot of yellow staining in bathrooms. I have only done two small strip and wax jobs, but nothing like this. What would you charge, how much material you think. Jane...
  9. joshua noonan

    Vct quote ?

    Do you guys include the cost of material in your square footage price on large strip and wax jobs?
  10. joshua noonan

    Tile ?

    Is this just regular vinyl ? The reason I ask is the seams or all open like theres no wax in them, like normal vinyl tile i have stripped before (once). Anyways do I treat this like a regular strip and wax? I just want to make sure it'll be my second one
  11. joshua noonan

    Google.... why?????

    There are four carpet cleaners in the town I live in. None have a website, or google + page, or a google review, or a yelp review, or much web activity at all. I in the other hand do have but I still come up fourth on the Google search engine. Can someone explain this?
  12. joshua noonan

    Dump valve setup

    I have a trailer mounted unit with the waste tank that sits in the middle of the trailer. there is a gate valve with a 2 inch hose directly off of the tank that's a real pain to get to to in order to clean out. I would like to have an outlet at the back of the trailer on one of the sides on...
  13. joshua noonan

    Stain wins.

    I tried everything I know. No idea what it is. Any ideas on getting it out
  14. joshua noonan

    Terrible vacume pressure

    Still pretty new to the game here. Steamway galaxy with the 3700 blower has lost a lot of vacuum compared to normal. Need advise
  15. joshua noonan

    Wand ?????

    Looking for a wand.... I use a rx20 90% of the time but still use a wand for edges and small areas. I have a old steamway single jet wand that weighs at least 900lbs. I want something light weight and inexpensive. $$$ is tight being a startup and in winter so might have to wait a while...
  16. joshua noonan

    Question.. Do you charge a different rate for empty rental houses??

    Been tossing this one back and forth. Should a regular residential rate that you charge be the same for a empty home like a rental.
  17. joshua noonan

    Raining, Clean or reschedule?

    clean carpets when raining or reschedule? thoughts...
  18. joshua noonan

    41 hotel rooms, each 150 sq./ft.= $8.00 a room. IS THIS REAL?

    Hotel owner asked me to give him a quote for 41 rooms at 150 sq./ft. Well I was way off....... He tells me since i am local he would let me come in and give him a quote. Turns out he brings a company from out of town that will do it for $8 a room, and I was way to expensive. Does commercial...
  19. joshua noonan

    Tennant 2510

    I came across a tenant 2510 for $200 wandering if I should buy? I primarily do carpet cleaning but was wondering if there is money to be made with that machine or if its worth anything?
  20. joshua noonan

    First rug cleaning

    Ok. This will be the first time cleaning a arearug in my garage. The person that I purchased equipment from always did it on site so he doesn't have a whole lot info for me. This lady wanted me to pick it up and deliver so I figure I would do it in my garage. I'm thinking of just laying down...
  21. joshua noonan

    First weekend in business

    Here it is ladies and gentlemen. Got my equipment purchased three days ago and have done a 1600 sq.ft. church and a 500 sq.ft. office for my first two gigs. Thanks to TMF and everyone who has offered advice, it's greatly appreciated. More pics and questions to come as we progress. Josh Noonan...
  22. joshua noonan


    Hello every one, I have been reading tmf for a couple of weeks now and find it to be very informative and also entertaining at times. In about two weeks I'll be purchasing my equipment and and starting a carpet cleaning business. This is something I plan on starting part time while I work...