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  1. drift56

    Adding Wood Floors to Services

    I have two Questions Poll; Which machine is best? I prefer a machine that has many purposes but wood specifically. also; what products and procedures do you use to TEST clean. I have test cleaned floors before just to find that the area i tested had no heavy coating and other areas started to...
  2. drift56

    Mold - Legal Requirements / Certification?

    Okay So I was a Tech at a franchise for years before venturing out to start my own Carpet Cleaning business. I had done Response work witch entailed treatment & containment on mold jobs (spray n cover). Now I am Starting to transition into restoration (been buying up used dehus @$400 & fans...
  3. drift56

    Need fresh eyes on my market

    In the last 5 years my market has been flooded by "Work-Force Refuges". Ive been Cleaning for 8 years and on my own for the last 5 (which I guess makes me one of them) except I had experience and a love for the work. as a Sole Owner/Operator I find myself going around in circles about what I...
  4. drift56

    Customers asking Owner/Operator if we do side work.

    This month Ive had 5 people ask me if I do side work or tell me theyd give me $100 if Id clean there house on the side. lol. How often do other O/Os get this?
  5. drift56

    Whats Your Best Cheap Trick (carpet related)

    Whats your best cheap trick regarding carpet cleaning? No mom jokes. Ive found that Pros choice Air Fresh sprayed in thresholds makes customers insanely happy. Smells clean so it must be... I hated using it cause I know its just fluff but has gotten more positive feed back than any other single...
  6. drift56

    Real Estate/PM company uses me for Offices only?

    A relatively new Real Estate & PM company has taken my area by storm. They have for Sale/Rent Signs all over my county. I pretended that they had referred us to a client and sent them a gift basket with wine cheese and pastry to thank them... a long with 10 biz cards. Two months later they...
  7. drift56

    Whats your Marketing mix? Best ROI?

    The trial and error in Marketing has cost me a small fortune... But im still here so I know Im doing a few things right. I think most would agree that REFERRALS are the best marketing period. Great ROI, better Clients and margins and someone remembered your name. Aside from that and the Free...
  8. drift56

    Shock Value?

    What do you guys think of this ad? Too gross?
  9. drift56

    What are your 8 key Chems?

    So there are dozens of each Type of Chemical. I grew up on all Pros Choice when I worked for a coit franchise. After using many other pet products Ive found that for 90% of issues OSR stain magic 2 part and red relief 2 part are the best Ive come across. However, some of the products like...
  10. drift56

    Silt, Loam & Clay Soil

    Are there any Mountain Cleaners on here? I live and work in the valley but I had a job in the Mountains. I tried to clean their Red Clay-like Soil the same as I do our valley dirt (more silt and loam). The Clay soil did not respond well to the same process and/or chemical. The clay seemed to...
  11. drift56

    Whats your Average Cleaning Time & Best Time Savers?

    Just curious to see what time saving tricks you guys have for each service. my average times (including set up) are; 500 sf hr Residential (normal Conditions) 350 sf hammered 700-1000 sf Hr Commercial D>O>C 2-6 hr drytimes D>O>C - I run a small TM 250 sf Hour Tile 4 seats Hr Upholstery best...
  12. drift56

    Overheating & Bypass work arounds?

    Ok so I have an old HM spitfire 3.2. had a 50 gal tank that filled up after 3 rooms. and was weak in heat. swaped out tank for a 100 gal and noticed the by pass pumping @ 1/2 gal per minute into jug Set bypass to flow out of vehicle for now (cap it when I need more heat)... can clean 2, 2story...
  13. drift56

    panther 18

    I just bought a 96' Panther 18 for $400! 546 hrs. guy bought it for the van and sold the unit on CL asking $850. Been sitting in a back yard for 2 years. they broke the motor plastic with a forklift and cut about 5 expensive lines to pull it outa van. but other than that looked good. came with...
  14. drift56

    96' Panther 18... I picked it up for $400!

    I just bought a 96' Panther 18 for $400! 546 hrs. guy bought it for the van and sold the unit on CL asking $850. Been sitting in a back yard for 2 years. they broke the motor plastic with a forklift and cut about 5 expensive lines to pull it outa van. but other than that looked good. came with...
  15. drift56

    What are the 3 most frequently asked Questions?

    So often we forget how little our clients know. We get caught up in tools, technique, advertising and other stuff that our clients do not know or care about. So what do they care about? They tell us when they call for "Prices" / Service. Here are the top 3 questions I am asked my carpet...
  16. drift56

    Trade Shows and Associations?

    I have been told by a relative that trade shows and associations are the life blood of his pest control business. Does anyone here do Realtor/Home Owner Associations? If so, what can I expect and how should I approach it if at all?
  17. drift56

    Where the money goes

    My experience.. 15% Variable Expenses - Fuel, Chemical, ect.. things that go up the more work you do 15% Fixed Expenses - Phones, Insurance ect... things you have to pay regardless of how many jobs you do. 10% Marketing - print, post cards, internet... getting new clients 10% Equipment Dredge -...
  18. drift56

    Why Certification Matters

    I had cleaned all types of carpets, upholstery and tile for about 7 years for a franchise that never sent me for certification. Although they advertised "Certified Technicians" only 4/23 were. I assumed that because I trained a month with a Master Textile Cleaner on the job that I was as good...
  19. drift56

    Direct Mail EDDM EDDM tracked results over last 3 months

    Not working well for me at all. on 6k of 10k of my EDDMs... half the neighborhoods didnt receive one call from. ( now aware that carriers hate delivering EDDM ) 3k fliers wasted. have broken even on money tho but now I just feel like i worked for free. $1600 into it=1560 cash only 4k fliers left...
  20. drift56

    Start ups "Flooding" my Market

    Any one else noticing the amount of carpet cleaning companies doubling in the last 2 years?
  21. drift56

    I love Realtors & Professional Moms! How do I get em?

    ok.. so property management seams like too much hassle. Just residential is not stable enough and need to much ad $. Anyone have cost effective approach to landing realtors & professional moms? btw realtors for the most part are professional moms i think.
  22. drift56

    Client perception of portys

    I started with a $4600 package . ninja 500psi heated and rotovac 360i. In my first 2 years i only lost 4 jobs because i didnt have a TM. I rolled up and set up with complete confidence in myself and my equipment. Because I had confidence so did my clients. When asked about the difference...
  23. drift56

    ASA Logos

    hey what do you guys think of my logo? is it too cartoon-like or abstract for a client to get. someone told me they thought it was a cup of coffee logo! made it myself so its Hard to be impartial and family is either one extreme or the other. critique machine scrub feature image too pls.
  24. drift56

    ASA 1st year struggling biz.... seeking mentor

    Hi this is my 1st year in biz for myself & partner. Started on a $6k shoestring budget. 500psi heated porty & rotovac 360i. 97' f150 van with 133k miles. 33 years old, 2 years carpet sales, 4 years carpet cleaning (national Franchise) & 12 years misc & janitorial. I clean Carpets Well...
  25. drift56

    ASA Service Area.... How far do you travel for a job? Adverise?

    I have a 20 mile service Area. 10 mile radius from my home. luckily for me that covers my whole county & I am going to advertise in the YPages. I only do special promos (fliers) in a small affluent town to the east of me (2 miles) that has no local Carpet guy. I have dominated this town (...