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    Whos still here? From the ol days

    Da gum, can't even figure out how to post on here. haha been a while
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    Saphire Scientific Pro 1200 SE? We will see....

    Damn, been so long since I started a thread it took me a minute to figure it out! Anyway, here she is, gonna run it today and might make a few videos of it cleaning and let you all know how it works out.
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    Anyone into motocross has to see this one
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    Anyone Hungry?

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    Christmas comes early

    Im trying to look on the bright side here!!! 427 blower went to shit!! Ordered another Titan 575 boom take that 427!!!
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    Random Postcard/flyer ideas, the good the bad and the ugly

    I collect other businesses flyers/postcards and business cards, I kinda like to see others creative marketing and try to understand logic on some. Anyway if anyone else has a strange fascination with other peoples marketing ideas and youre a collector as well post em up, I will keep updating the...
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    This Week Will Mark The End Of My Second Year!!!

    This week I will be coming up on the end of year number 2! Crazy how fast things have gone and its been an awesome two years, got a lot of big goals for year number three. Learned a lot for sure but man its been fun
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    Holy poop! Truckmount for sale

    Gnarly link not valid
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    Choice of music?

    I'm kinda all over the place with my music choices, sometimes its hard, sometimes country, and sometimes Sinatra Here is one I am diggin right now
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    Best week so far!!!

    Just rolled up the last job of the week and it has been the best week so far. Pretty pumped, getting better and better! Time for a beer! Have a good weekend
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    Cimex? how many use it?

    I am debating getting it and really pushing commercial work, I have a prochem procaps machine but I don't think I like it, its not bad for scrubbing rugs but I like the cimex.
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    A real test with real numbers, lets see what happens

    There are a lot of numbers that get thrown around here on TMF, I would like to know whats real and whats pulled out of the bung hole. MOST of us are not marketing wizards, and a lot of us don't get crazy high response rates on our marketing efforts. I personally would like to see what the...
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    Postcards!!!!! 4x6 on the cheap

    My print guy just told me he is running specials on 4x6 postcards 5000 for $100 plus tax
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    To anyone with kids

    You ever catch yourself sit down on the couch after a long day and after 30 minutes pass you realize you are home alone and youre watching kids cartoons and the remote is sitting next to you? its been a long day!! that is all
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    Taking calls! What times are acceptable to you

    My damn phone has been going ape shit lately, I HATE missing calls with a passion but its kinda getting strange with the hours, the phone usually starts at about 6 am ish and goes kinda late, last night was late on a sunday but I made a quick $500 at 1am for an hour of work so I wont complain to...
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    Blood Call

    how many of you do blood clean up? kinda like crime scene clean up stuff? I know you are supposed to be certified and all but at what point do you not take a blood call?
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    With so many hits on my website from TMF how about a little feedback

    So just looking over my website stats over the last couple of days and it shows around 130 hits per day with the majority coming from..............................thats right TMF. So lets here what your thoughts are? what would you add or remove? what would make it better?
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    Im selling the Black Pearl

    1997 Ford 3/4 Van 185,000 Runs good, oil changed every 3000, Just tuned up, Tires are in great shape, Triton V8 Hydromaster Boxxer 427, 2600 hour ish (being used still), 250' of suction and solution, carpet wand, upholstery tool, chemical shelf, and a few other items. Runs great gets awesome...
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    What do you pay for Biz Cards and Post Cards?

    Just kinda curious what people pay for there print items? I pay $89 for 5000 biz cards front and back uv gloss 4x6 postcards I pay $120 front and back full color uv gloss for 5000 what do you pay or what have you paid?
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    Turd Client

    Cleaned a white berber today in a 95 year old fellas house today, his daughter set up the appointment, had terribly black traffic lanes, told her they would always see the traffic areas and they said they understood, also had wicked rust stains all over which came out just fine. Finished up took...
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    El Diablo question

    how much diesel does it burn for the heat system?
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    Wanna play a little marketing game?

    Lets all put our heads together and come up with a sweet postcard, lets take like a week and all put our ideas together and see what we come up with. I will cover the design cost and print and deliver 10000 of them and see how well it works and keep updated results. I know there is a lot of new...
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    Direct Mail EDDM I have had about 30000 of 4x6 post cards out

    Over the last 3 months, and the results have been kickin tail!!! Love it and I also dropped all my other turd marketing
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    Van Wraps Picking up the big truck from the wrap shop!

    I will be picking up the big girl from the wrap shop in a few hours and this guy is a little nervous! Ill post pics soon