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    Using a hydroforce sprayer

    Can someone explain their process when using a hydroforce in large commercial? Do you run two lines, T off large commercial I'm usually going with one or two helpers, so my goal is to never stop extracting after getting started.
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    Riding vacuum

    Just wondering what may be out there as far as riding vacuums. I know the Windsor/Karcher Chariot. Are there any others?
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    Data Center / Server Room Chemicals

    Hello. Just checking to see are there any chemicals available from Interlink for cleaning data centers / Server rooms?
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    El Diablo in Northeast

    Hi. I'm looking for anybody who might have an El Diablo in the NY or tri-state area. I'm about an hour and a half north of NYC and just looking for someone who had one that I could take a look at. Thinking of buying one, but just wanted to get a look.
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    Encap Punch

    I have a large cgd account that I maintain. I mostly encap, but I'm doing a hwe to avoid any residue buildup and because the account wants hwe yearly. The carpet is in good shape, mostly office areas, minimum soiling. But for hwe it is requiring some pretty long hose runs. I'm thinking of using...
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    VLM frequencies

    Hi guys. I'm looking for information on frequencies of VLM vs HWE. I have areas (mainly office areas) that have 'clean' traffic that I maintain. These areas are encapped about every 4 months. I'm wondering how long I can go before needing to HWE. They appear clean and aren't having any...
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    Sapphire Scientific 870 and El Diablo

    Hey. I've been looking at the El Diablo and have been interested in possibly getting one. But I've also been getting advised to look at the SS 870. I like the El Diablo because it seems pretty similar to the old Steamway TMs, which is what I'm the most familiar with and I also like the heat of a...
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    What type of chemical with Kaivac

    Anyone use kaivacs or similar 'touchless' restroom cleaning systems? I'm trying to find out what people use chemical-wise. I'm going to be cleaning large restrooms/locker rooms with these. Should I be using some sort of germicide/quat or just a good all purpose cleaner since this type of system...
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    Viper Venom powder

    Just wondering if anyone has used the Viper Venom powder. I like Viper Venom, but some of the places I need it I can't really use it because if the strong smell (I'm assuming the butyl). Does the powder have the same strong smell? Is it as effective? I use it a lot on showers/tubs. So I'm...
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    Sapphire Scientfic Upholstery Pro (for portables)

    Anyone know anything SS upholstery pro tool for portables? They have one advertised specifically for portables. I'm wanted to get an upholstery tool for a 100psi machine.
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    Anyone know about Steamway chemicals?

    Hi. Just wondering if anyone is using or knows much about Steamway chemicals. In particular I'm wondering about their rinse (Fiber Refresh) and their fine fabric chemical (Formula O).