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    Too many cords.......And NO HEAT!!!! TM's have more brute force to keep those numbers up when running 150 ft of hose, the electric vac motor stat will diminish with 150' of 2 inch hose hooked up. I'm Pretty sure the vac motors and pump would have to be replaced way before a TM blower and CAT...
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    The Recoil is NOT 300 cfm, Come on.. The Prochem Legend GT is only 330 cfm and it will eat the Recoils lunch day in and day out. No questions asked. Even the Little Blazer GT only has 270 CFM and it will destroy ANY portable@ 150 Feet.
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    How much money needed to start a carpet cleaning business?

    I started with 50k and sometime I feel that it is not enough. minimum 35k: 30-35k plus money to live on for 1 year. 20k for used van and a new TM. 10k for fans, HF sprayers, upholstery tool, water claw, rotovac or CRB, chems, hoses, wands, glides, reels etc. 5 k for advertising, shirts...
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    Cimex Cleaning vs HWE, honest opinions

    Does the CRB machine work as wells as a Cimex Scott?
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    Oxi Fresh every where! CRB's are on the list as a gold level SOA cleaning system. .
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    Oxi Fresh every where!

    I think it is a HOST machine with dry organic granules just like 1800 dry carpet.
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    New Jaguar Machine

    PORTY WARS next on Truck Mount forums I am going into this one with an unbiased opinion. Looking forward to the next generation of machine, This should be interesting. I think the 6.6 Vac is what Kleenrite is using in there Booster...
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    New Jaguar Machine

    I read it on a different board. The JAGUAR 6.6 is Fast; Real Fast! And, you can clean at 100',....and beyond (150') even without our exclusive Power Booster System capable of cleaning even further with ease! The internal design is so well balanced for weight distribution and the components...
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    New Jaguar Machine

    If That new JAGUAR 6.6 is all that they say it is then it will be a big win for Cross-American. 300 cfm and 250'' of lift with ONLY 2 CORDS. WOW That should be equal to a 36 blower. That should make a nice back up for a TM. looking forward to some video's... I wonder how this would...
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    Bentley stair tool

    It sounds like Mytee will finally release that Electric Truck Mount.....Sounds interesting.
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    Cleaning carpets with a 175. What is the best way?

    Nice video but I would be concerned with the swirl marks that were left in the carpet. I guess maybe it is not a big deal to some people.
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    What do you guys think about a Koblenz...

    Timothy, When a customer calls me to come clean their carpet they expect me to show up with professional carpet cleaning equipment not something that looks like they can rent from the grocery store, thats all. Sorry if I offended you.
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    What do you guys think about a Koblenz...

    Get a professional carpet cleaning machine like a whittaker or brush and clean. I personally would never bring that koblenz into a customers house, That machine will make you look like an amateur.
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    Forget the Eldiablo! Here's a more capable dual wand TM!

    Prochem is not on the way down, LOL I bet they sell more truck mounts in one week then TCS sells all year. The newer Prochems are all very easy to work on and have been stripped of most if not all of the complicated parts. Plus they hold their value better then any TM in the industry.
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    Steamin Demon going side by side with the Vortex Truckmount with Rotovacs video

    Please make a video of that Savage beast in action....
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    Steamin Demon going side by side with the Vortex Truckmount with Rotovacs video

    I would like to see the SD go against the Savage Beast. I wonder if all of that heat would make a difference? What cleans better high heat or high flow?
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    ProChem Peak/RX20 vs. Mytee M5/AirHog booster/ RV360i

    Deron , The M5 set up would have to be slower then the TM right? Could you clean as fast with the m5 and 360 as the peak with 360? I would think that the peak has more vacuum and a lot more heat so you would be able to move faster. That is a big factor.
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    Heaven's Are you kidding me right?

    Yup that confirms it, Most Carpet Cleaning companies are hacks. The average customers doesn't know any different until they get a good TM cleaning But some go their whole life excepting this as the standard.
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    New Protoype 360I Ulralight!

    They need to come out with a commercial carpet cleaning head. That would be a big seller. The swoop head doesn't work very good on CGD.
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    The Future of Carpet Cleaning?

    I see a lot more 15 per room porty hacks entering this business. " They advertise that ''you could pay more for the same quality service but why? we are simply the best" I have had to go clean up after them and educate the custy on what a true professional TM cleaning is like. They are blown...
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    Time for new porty!!

    How About a nice Savage beast TWIN-FLOW? You will then have the best of both worlds. Remember that it is all tax deductible.
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    looking forward to seeing some of these videos. Does Steamin Demon have anything new cooking for 2011?
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    Anti Rotovac 360 Ad

    We have one of those kind of guys on our local craigslist also. Wasn't the 360 created by the same guy who invented the RX-20?
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    What's the best stair tool and size for a 6' tall cleaning man?

    Great Video, A long handled stair tool makes it a PITA to clean the risers IMO.