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  1. J

    whats the worst thing that has happend to you as a carpet cleaner

    My pump up sprayer burst a line and squirted close to a gallon of prespray on the customers roof. and a tap fitting under a customers sink broke whilst i was bringing some equipment in, I was gone for about 10 minutes to find the customers kitchen floating.
  2. J

    need help with urine removal

    Hey Guys, I did a quote for a customer 3 weeks ago for some severe urine spots covering a 2m2 area, I have heard some of you guys let the product dwell overnight and come back for removal.? ive had bad luck with urine removal in the past, so i want to make sure its done right this time...
  3. J

    mist on neutraliser

    I am one that does not use any rinse agent, After doing my own house with ultrapac yesterday I can feel that there is a slight residue left in the fibre, My truckmount has problems with using a rinse so I have stopped alltogether and am just prespraying, I do have a few presprays that are ph...
  4. J

    Enough is enough

    Once upon a time the CC industry was filled with hard workers and entrepreneurs alike, they all shared their wisdom and enlightened other cleaners into this great industry. Though many of these people are still around and doing what they do best I still see hate and slanderous arguments within...
  5. J

    my new Logo

    hey guys in the last few months I have been toying with a new logo, its taken a long time and a lot of hard work.... hope you guys like it
  6. J

    spitfire 3.2 upgrades help needed

    Hey Guys, My spitfire 3.2 is feeling a little old and am wondering if anything is replacable on the TM, I know the first thing that will need to be upgraded is the engine to support the modifications so does anyone know if i can upgrade the engine, pump, or blower on the spitfire?
  7. J

    blank posts

    are any of you guys getting blank posts when you click on a thread? it seems that either the first post or last dont come up sometimes its just an empty boz, this has happend to me a few times ever since the new TMF forum has come out.
  8. J

    how did eveyone start carpet cleaning

    I ust thought I would make a thread on how everyone got to where they are today, cut and paste the questions with your answers next to them. what made you choose carpet cleaning? How long did it take for you to work full-time? How much money did you initially put into your business...
  9. J

    anyone looking for a new buz name?

    was just having a laugh with my girlfriend...we just thought a cool name for a carpet cleaning company is. CARPET CHAMELOEON. I have attached a song. carpet carpet carpet chameleon....the stains they go....its clean fo shoooooo. thats as far as I got. (and im really bored)
  10. J

    blocked vac hose?

    today I was doing a house when I noticed my vac was not very powerful, I disconnected my wand and heard a gurgling noise in the hose.....i connected the hose back up and continued cleaning until i noticed dirty crap coming out of the bottom of my wand asif it was on reverse??? any...
  11. J

    window cleaning

    I have decided that I will be implementing window cleaning to my list of services. Do any of you guys do window cleaning? It seems to be an easy service to add with little upfront costs, and if it doesnt work out...well 100 dollars down the drain is not a bad investment.
  12. J

    everyone working hard??

    It seems that TMF has been a bit slow this month is everyone working hard over the christmas season? I know I am :bigsmiley:
  13. J

    some custy's just wont listen

    I had a custy 2 days ago get me to clean his tennants house and he had used a supermarket spotter all over the carpet, I showed him how much residue was left in the carpet and he was amazed, unfortunately the tennant had left his dog inside and the tennant had been sent to jail......the guy...
  14. J

    hydroforce sprayer question

    hey guys, got my first sprayer today and have a question about the dilution ratio knob. it seems I can make the knob do a few revolutions and can go over the dilution number several times, does the knob need to be fully closed to get a 62:1 ratio or does it not matter how closed it is...
  15. J

    I need clients FAST!

    Alright heres the sitaution After being made redundant from my previous employer, I decided to start a carpet cleaning business. So everything is ready to go, I have my truckmount installed all chemicals, website, listed on every search engine, and 5000 flyers are going out next week...
  16. J

    Understanding my truckmount

    Now guys this is my first TM (spitfire 3.2) and have never had any experirence with tm's, all my research has been online, so im still a little baffled on what to do. things im fine with: bolting equipment down fuel tap. things im not so sure about: Fuel pump: i recieved an...
  17. J

    Hydrosonic Wand?

    I watched this video on ebay today, anyone seen or heard anything about these new pulsating wands?
  18. J

    Installing a TM

    After finding out my Truck Mount will cost just over 1000.00 to have it installed I am contemplating whether to install it myself. its a spitfire 3.2 so its not a big machine, what is involved?
  19. J

    Northland Products Nexus

    Have any of you guys used a northlands machine, its the only portable extractor i have found with the following *2-3 stage vacs * Auto Fill/Dump * adjustable 100/300/500/1200 psi pump * heater I see they are custom built to order...
  20. J

    king cobra 1200

    Hey Guys, Ive tried asking on the Australian boards but no one has used one of these portables, have any of you guys had any experiences or used this machine?