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  1. Ambassador Carpet Cleaning-MT

    Network Group 1 Minute Commercial Ideas

    Good morning cleaning pros. I am in a business network group. We have the opportunity to give a 1 minute commercial each week concerning our business. Just curious if anyone else is in a group like this and if so what kind of things do you share in your 1 minute commercials? Thanks everyone!
  2. Ambassador Carpet Cleaning-MT

    Pizza Chain restaurant concrete floor HELP PLEASE!!

    Good morning everyone! I am working up a bid for a pizza chain restaurant concrete floor cleaning. It is just plain old sealed concrete that has not been cleaned in many years. Greasy, greasy, sticky, and greasy. Will Groutmaster do the trick? Also there is galvanized metal on the lower half of...
  3. Ambassador Carpet Cleaning-MT

    Feel embarrassed..... but my business is struggling and I don't know where to go from here.

    Last year I purchased an existing business, one that has been around since 1989. It had changed hands once previous to me. The originator of the company has been awesome at marketing. The next owner did his best but was unable to be effective at growing the business, and discovered a new passion...
  4. Ambassador Carpet Cleaning-MT

    The Experience in Atlanta

    I'm really considering attending The Experience in Atlanta next year. Anyone have any thoughts on why it is a good idea for me as a new cleaning business owner or if you think it wouldn't be good share your thoughts on that.