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  1. Daniel -Luxu


    i hope everybody is reaching there daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals and yearly goals the year is almost over and i hope everybody is satisfied with themselves.i was wondering if any body on tmf can help me share this on facebook or re tweet so i can reach my goal it would be very very...
  2. Daniel -Luxu


    Whats up fellow TMF'ers its been a while since i posted reason being i got knocked the fudge out like ronda rousey on my journey to success but just like that sexy mma fighter i want to come back swinging.i lost my van then forced to sell my materials and forced to find a 9 to 5 and lost my nice...
  3. Daniel -Luxu

    the right way to use valpak

    any advice on the right way to use valpak to get new customers.??????? What type of discounts have worked the best????????? i would like to use valpak for new customers and try to retain them and push the refferal system as well since its my first year i feel it could get the ball rolling...
  4. Daniel -Luxu

    Whats your routine look like???

    when you had tough days and didn't have nothing booked for the rest of the week and it was totally up to you to get that money what did your routine look like????
  5. Daniel -Luxu

    check out my JUMBO door hangers!!!

    I STUDIED ALOT OF JOHN BRAUN VIDEOS AND CREATED THIS JUMBO DOOR HANGER TO GET ATTENTION THE SIZE IS 5 X11 ORDERED A THOUSAND AND PASSED OUT 600 IN HIGH END AREAS but..........i got no response from it is there something i failed in or should i have ordered more and should i pass the rest...
  6. Daniel -Luxu

    whats your minimum on a small janitorial cleaning

    wondering whats an average minimum on a small 1000 squar feet janitorial account...
  7. Daniel -Luxu

    creating a SALES TEAM

    would like to know any if anybody has past experiences in creating a sales team with cold calling and commercial face to face selling i would like to systematize a sales team in order to have a boost and grow. any body got some info dos and donts?????????
  8. Daniel -Luxu

    Howard Partridge or Joe Polish..whos advice helped out your businesss

    I would like to know whos advice helped out your business there both a little similar and I hear systems a lot and would like to know more about it but has any one on tmf learned anything valuable t????? and who do you recommend????
  9. Daniel -Luxu

    Succesful cleaners!!!!!

    Hi every body im on the tough road to success and just would like to see if anyone in this community can help out with a some pointers on getting more clients I know my marketing is off somewhere because Im not receiving enough jobs. Im berly getting by with the jobs I have. I have a wife and...