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  1. Blind Dr

    Performer 405 Waste Tank Microswitch

    Hey Ara, I have a 405 that will not shut off when the float vlave is up. I think there is a problem with the microswitch. I found one laying on the floor of the van. Is there a diagram any where you know of so I can see where a new microswitch goes in this float assembly. Does it have to be...
  2. Blind Dr

    Upholstery tool

    I decided to purchase a new upholstery tool and wanted to try on of the sapphire's. Well I did and I have to say, I really like it. It is a nice tool to work with and does a great job on upholstery. I have used it about half a dozen times now and I am convinced that this tool is right up there...
  3. Blind Dr

    Dry Slurry = big repair $$$$

    Allow me to share some words of wisdom. Never use Dry slurry or any similar product with your chemical injection system. Be warned, it will cost you major repair dollars. If prochem cares to challenge that, I would invite them to bring it on. I have the proof. I just had a truckmount repaired...
  4. Blind Dr

    Performer 405 high rpm shutdown

    I have a performer 405 that is shutting down with the alarm of "high rpm shutdown" I don't have much history with this unit as I purchased the company and this was one of the assets. I think it also needs a major tune up and was curious if the rpm settings were off. Any ideas???
  5. Blind Dr

    A few Encap questions

    I am considering the purchase of a Cimex machine for some upcoming jobs. We do lots of square feet of CGD carpet and I have been kicking around buying several machines. I personally have never used one, only watched a few demos in person. I have a couple of questions for those of you that have...
  6. Blind Dr

    Carpet stretcher

    I am looking at purchasing a stretcher. Any suggestions as to the type and brand. I see lots of variations.
  7. Blind Dr

    Heater replacement

    I need to replace 2 internal heaters on my ninjas. I am considering using the mytee 901 heater. Has anyone used these for this type of replacement? Frank....did you replace some of your heaters?
  8. Blind Dr

    Slam Traffic lane cleaner

    I have a sample of a product called "slam" they claim one half ounce of product in a hydroforce with the balance of hot water will work miracles. I thought there was some discussion on this some time back but have not been able to find any. Does anyone use this product? If so could you...
  9. Blind Dr

    Power Flite F6

    I have been looking for several months at some other types of air movers and wanted to try something a little different. So I purchased the PowerFlite F6. I was comparing it to the Dri- Eaz studebaker. Having used it for several days now, I actually like alot of things about it. it drys the...
  10. Blind Dr

    Powr flite F6

    Has anyone tried the F6 from Powr Flite instead on the drieaz? I have one ordered and am going to try it to see if it works as well. I was looking at replacement part costs and the drieaz stuff was more expensive. initial cost for the F6 was much less as well.
  11. Blind Dr

    Reebok Zigtech

    I just ordered a couple of pair of the zigs, has anyone been wearing any of these? Just curious how you like them as compared to a gel type of shoe
  12. Blind Dr

    Roto 360I Users

    I am considering purchasing 3 RV 360I's and want to get some additional input from those of you who have one and use it. How much water is used when you compare it to a wand? Glides, do you have them and do they help? WHat are dry times as compared to using a wand? Chemical use, more or...
  13. Blind Dr

    Locked up blower

    I wanted to toss in some information that I found to be very helpful. Recently after returning from a short vacation I pulled out one of the vans to use on a job. it was sitting for 8-9 days. I tried to start the truckmount and it would not start. After some diagnosing it appeared as though...
  14. Blind Dr

    New wands

    Today I picked up some new Prochem wands today from my distributor. Under the shipping label, the one coming to the distributor was a label from the manufacturer. It appears as though the boys at prochem simply slapped on their shipping label and did not remove the other. Can you guess who the...
  15. Blind Dr

    Musty smell

    I am doing a large commercial job the other night and the following morning the client calls to complain about a smell. I went in and I could smell a wet musty smell. The client tells me that it has happened the last two times. I had my guys reclean it and the same results. I had them use a...
  16. Blind Dr

    Ouch my bottom hurts.

    I had some break downs on my truck mounts early in the year. Just back after 2 days in Chicago with the latest repair. Doing a job last week and my water pump goes kaput. I have Jon don order it and schedule it in. I get up there Thursday Early and guess pump. Hypro said, "we will ship...
  17. Blind Dr

    booted out of chat

    What is up with chat? I kept getting booted out tonight. 4 times in less than 15 minutes.
  18. Blind Dr

    Grease Agressor

    Has anyone used this product? I have used grease eraser and had a rough time with a pizza joint using grease eraser. I was curious if grease aggressor would work any better?
  19. Blind Dr

    SX-12 jet size

    I am considering reducing the size of jets on my SX-12. The Blazer will not keep up with the current size of jet on the unit now. Has anyone reduced the jet size? What was your results?
  20. Blind Dr

    Racing Action

    I am pretty Stoked up. I just had a phone call from a promoter asking me to race at an upcoming event. There will be 25 racers from across the country competing in this event. We all will be racing RZR's or a similar style machine. The event is January 30th at the Lucas oil Stadium in...
  21. Blind Dr

    Freezing solution lines

    I should really say freezing QD's since it seems that is what is going on. How do you guys keep lines from freezing? Yesterday I went tried all 450 ft of my solution lines to make a 150 ft run. They all froze. I took off the qd's and tried to drain the lines but this still did not work. The...
  22. Blind Dr

    Cute video

    Check out this creative wedding video.
  23. Blind Dr

    New Prototype titanium Wand

    Here is a 14 inch 6 jet titanium wand. It is only a prototype. What do you think? YouTube- Broadcast Yourself.
  24. Blind Dr

    News Flash Secret Sauce revealed

    That's right, if you act right now you will be the first to get the famous " secret sauce" no pop ups, no banner ads, no seminars to attend. No spam emails, no letters in the mail, no calls to your wife. Just send me a self addressed stamp envelope along with your entire earnings this year and I...
  25. Blind Dr

    Has this happened to you?

    I thought I would share a real Kodak moment with you. I was out on a job yesterday morning and my 9 year old son wanted to come along and help. I enjoy having him along and he is a really big help to me. He has a habit of putting a small white towel in his back pocket so it hangs out. He then...